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Paperchain Making With The Hoomans

Of all the Pigmas crafts and things we help out with, paperchain making is by far the most fun! Afterall, what’s more exciting than running through the neatly cut strips of paper and flicking them into the air?

Last night I helped Mummy and littlest hooman creating these festive decorations. I think I have a real eye for interior design (I’m always moving things around my cage!) so I was obviously very helpful and made lots of helpful mess!

How are you helping your hoomans with Pigmas preparations?

Happy Thursday


Wordless Wednesday – How Many Sleeps?!


Whee can’t wait for Pigmas!

Happy Wednesday


Nacho & Noah

Dear Santa Paws

I wish . . .

I wish . . .

Dear Mister Santa Paws,

Whee have noticed some of our furfriends writing their letters to you so I thought whee should too. This year, whee were not too sure what to ask for.

Buddy would love some herb treats and wooden chews to destroy.

Basil, a new cardboard box to rip to shreds and bash around.

Nacho would like a new pigloo to hide in when he gets scared.

I thought long and hard about what I want until I realised I already have it.

The thing I want most of all is to be happy, healthy and loved in my furever castle. There are so many less fortunate pets who won’t have that this year.

So Santa Paws, I know I haven’t always been good and I can’t promise to be much better, but this year I really hope you will consider helping all the homeless animals and hoomans to find a furever home where they will be loved. I want every animal to feel love this year and to know what it feels to be safe. I know it’s a big thing Santa Paws but I think with all the elves and furfriends across the blogosphere, together whee can do our best.

Hoping you and Mrs Santa Paws are well



~ Please consider rescuing a pet instead of buying this Christmas. And remember, whee are for life (however long that might be) not just for Christmas ~

Coping With The Loss of a Pet

Normally whee would come up with a different sort of post but today whee want to share with you a chat whee have been having within the comments on one of our most popular blog posts which is about dealing with grief in guinea pigs.


This comment was a little different and really touched our Mummy as she has little hoomans brothers who are a similar age as the reader.

I am 13 and I lost one of my piggies yesterday and I am finding it really hard to cope and I am just crying all the time. Pleas can someone give me some tips how to get over my piggie teddy thanx

Whee had a long think about it before replying:

Losing a pet is never easy.

It can sometimes be hard for others to understand how much the loss of your pet may get to you and it is not uncommon to hear ‘it was only a guinea pig’ , ‘you can easily get another one’ etc. As with any loss it is important for you to have someone to talk to who understands how you are feeling and what the loss of your pet has meant to you. This could be a parent or guardian or a friend or school teacher. Whoever you feel comfortable speaking to.

However, just as when we lose a person we love they would ultimately want us to move on with our lives and be as happy as we can – it is the same for the pet we have lost – they too would want us to move on, be happy. Remember the good times and keep them in your heart. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it was just a piggy.

Please don’t feel alone, so many of us are out there who know what you are going through. You are welcome to comment here any time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I am so sorry for your loss and me and the boys are thinking of you at this sad time.

~ Amy

What advice would you give to someone dealing with losing a pet? For little hoomans it can be extremely upseting as for many it is their first bereavement. Loss is such a personal and difficult thing to deal with and it effects everyone in different ways. Whee have seen lots of sad posts about losing some blogosphere personalities from Angel Kitty Nylablue to Will and Eko’s brother’s Dog Dutch. How would you advise someone who has lost a much loved pet?

Though they may pass, they live on in our hearts and play in Summerland over the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free furfriends, whee will never forget you

In loving memory of Nugget, Bingo, Nibbles, Nutty, Nylablue, Mingflower, Dutch and all the other furfriends who have passed away.

Buddy, Basil, Nacho & Noah


Do Squirrels Squeak And Other Questions From The Garden!

As you may or may not know whee have a whole host of visiting wildlife to our garden. With the arrival of Winter a certain few furry friends have been visiting more and more frequently and destroying out birdfeeders. With each visit Mummy has been capturing more and more shots of them playing and exploring.

Yes, whee are talking about our three resident squirrels!

Something funny whee have noticed is they make funny little chattering noises like clicking their tongues and saying “cha” a lot! Whee tried squeaking at them and they seemed to listen but whee don’t know if they can squeak back.

Now whee have a few questions for you furfriends. Firstly, can squirrels squeak? Whee really want to know!

Secondly, how can whee convince the squirrels to stop trying to smash the bird feeders?

And finally whee need three names for them. Do you have any ideas? One is a little chubby and always eating. Another has a raggedy ear and the other one is just very average and squirrel like! ^_^

Have a great day efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Wordless Wednesday – Rainy Day So We Can’t Play


Rain rain go away . . .

Happy Wednesday


And Stretch! Pigmas Prep!

In his determination to get into his little black dress this Pigmas, Buddy is exercising.


Whee are pleased to announce that he is now the top end of the normal weight range for his size so all our efforts have worked!

He’s not happy about the diet he’s been on but it’s better and he is much healthier and more energetic!

How are you preparing for Pigmas?

Happy Tuesday


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