All You Need To Know About Foot Spurs In Guinea Pigs

So as promised whee are going to explain Noah’s foot problem with a cautionary warning for other piggy owners. Whee apologise for not getting any pigtures but because he has dark feet it was difficult to see anyway.

Noah had what is know as a foot spur.

So what is a foot spur?

Some guinea pigs develop flaps of tough skin that protrude from their front feet. These spurs can be carefully removed with a nail clipper to prevent accidental tearing. Avoid clipping too closely and causing bleeding. (Reference – Guinea Lynx)

What does a foot spur look like?

As whee already confessed, Mummy forgot to take any pigtures of Noah’s foot but here is a good example of one. Please click on the image to go to the website whee found it on.


Why is this a problem?

Normally foot spurs aren’t a problem and can easily be snipped off. Noah’s were unfortunately the exception in the fact that they kept getting caught on things. If left they can also lead to infections in the paw – such as bumblefoot – and become extremely painful.

What can you do?

These do need to be dealt with by trimming them off. If you don’t feel confident to do this – as our Mummy didn’t – then you can either soak the foot and soften it to make it easier to remove or you can go and get a vet to do this for you.

Noah’s foot was pretty sore for a few days after and he has been feeling a little bit sorry for himself. While he was healing whee have had extra cage clean outs to keep things super duper clean for him and he has had lots of snuggles and fuss to cheer him up.

Can they be prevented?

Unfortunately it is not known why some piggies develop these and others don’t. The bedding used and cleanliness don’t seem to correlate to them at all. Some piggies will never develop them but roughly 1 in 4 do. To prevent them from becoming anything serious you should regularly check your piggies paws and trim their claws. Watch out for any tell tale behaviour of foot problems such as; limping, licking the foot, biting the foot, crying when using the foot etc. If in doubt you should always seek veterinary advice.


Whee hope this helps someone out with their piggy. And please remember to check piggy paws regularly.

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil




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  1. I wonder how piggies in the wild took care of this.

  2. Ty for explaining more about this. Our vet tech check for these every time Gus and MollySue go in for their nails to get trimmed.

  3. that was interesting, many thanks! and I had no clue how your foot really looks, I never saw it so close (it’s cute, like little hands)

  4. such great advice,hope you feeling more comfortable now Noah,xx Speedy

  5. Noah, hang in there and you’ll be feeling wonderful soon. Just let the humans know you need extra treats now! 🙂

  6. Poor Noah. I would probably go to a vet too, to let him cut the foot spurs. The feet really look like little hands.

  7. Poor Noah, that had to be ouchie! I wouldn’t have been able to take care of it myself either!
    Marty’s Mom

  8. oh dear. We hope Noah’s paw feels better soon. Goodness aren’t your paws just the cutest, little things!!
    Wally & Sammy

  9. Good job your mummy was on top of it! She is so good at looking after you all!

  10. I hope Noah doesn’t get the problem again. What cute little paws you piggies have!

  11. Little Noah I am so sorry you have/had a nasty foot spur…I had NO idea Guinea Pigs could have such problems.
    I will say a ‘whee’ prayer for you ok??
    *kisses* Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  12. I like this post! – F&L

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