But Buddy It’s Cold Outside – 5 Top Tips For Cold Weather Care

It’s been getting colder outside and I’ve decided I want to hibernate!
Buddy disagrees and claims he would waste away if he slept all Winter and couldn’t eat the fatty

Like most animals, whee piggies do not deal well with extremes of temperature.

In hot weather whee are at risk of heat stroke so whee advise you check this page whee wrote to see how you can avoid that.

In cold weather whee are equally susceptible to suffering. You can see our full article on cold weather care here.

Here are our top 5 tips to caring for your piggy during a cold spell.

  1. If it’s too cold for you outside then it is too cold for your piggies. You have the option to put a coat or jumper on to keep warm. Whee don’t!
  2. Bring outdoor piggies indoors during cold spells. Not only does this protect them from the fluctuating and extreme temperatures but you will also be able to spot illness or reactions to the weather more easily. If you cannot bring them into your home they should at least be moved into a shed, garage or porch where they can avoid the worst of a frost.
  3. The best tool you can have is a snugglesafe heat pad. Our hooman swears by them. For older piggies, arthritic piggies or piggies recovering from illness these are the perfect way to keep them warm. Alternatively if you don’t have one and need something to warm a piggy urgently – don’t risk using a hot water bottle – you can warm a small cold animal, by putting them on your bare warm abdomen. This transfers heat and if you put a blanket over the top of them too, should help warm them. If a piggy or any animal is seriously cold and showing signs of listlessness, weakness, or anything abnormal you should always call your vet for advice.
  4. Extra hay. Though they need lots of hay all year round with it being 70% of their diet putting extra in for bedding is a great way for them to hide and keep warm. Hay nests!
  5. Hutch snugs or bottle snugs. Whee have not used these but they are good for piggies kept in sheds or garages during cold weather. An extra layer of insulation to protect them! Alternatively you can put a layer sheet of radiator reflector foil (available from most DIY shops) over the hutch. This helps to insulate the hutch and reflects any heat back inside.

Most of what whee have said is transferable to other species, hamsters, cats, dog, rabbits etc.

So please remember to keep your pets warm this Winter!

What are your top tips for staying warm in cold weather?



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  1. Great advice Basil and, as you say, applicable to many animals.

  2. I so agree, hope all will have a warm place when it is cold outside. I would like to hibernate in my bed-cave, winter is not my favorite season :o(

  3. I bet you all have to be extra careful about getting cold!

  4. Excellent advice my friends. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Why would you keep piggies outside?

  6. Pawesome advice, but I am never cold! Woooohooowoooooo! 🙂

  7. The Scotties are indoor animals. These seem to love the cooler weather and don’t mind the hot weather since they have limited time outdoors.

  8. Great tips, B. Mom puts my coat on if it’s below freezing outside. If I shiver, we come inside quickly. …as soon as I finish sniffing every blade of grass….

    Love and licks,

  9. Great advice and w use hutch snuggles and little sleeping bags.
    Gus and Molly Sue are indoor piggies only and also have their own blankets when the electric goes off that keep them snug and warm.

  10. Great advice. I love the cold weather, but there’s nothing like a good snuggle afterwards to help warm the peeps up 🙂

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