Lazy Monday


It’s too early to be awake hooman! Let me sleep!




Hello Blogosphere, 

It’s the hooman here. The boys are certainly having a lazy day today and couldn’t think what to write on the blog! But in the coming days you’ve got a Pigmas Gift Guide, some pet friendly recipes and a wildlife update to look forward to!

We’re just wondering is there anything you particularly want to see more of? Any burning questions you have about guinea pigs?

Also, I’m thinking of getting the boys to do some book reviews, is that something you’d be interested in.

Anyway, I’m going to have to be quiet, they’re trying to sleep now.

Hope you have a great Monday

Squeak soon



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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. Sleep well guys. We love your blog, but anything new would always be appreciated 😀

  2. We just love seeing pix of the boys – especially playing and having fun – snacking on veggies…..just being boys!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. Book reviews? Do the boys like to eat paperbacks or hardcovers more?

  4. Photos of the piggies are wonderful. I know I don’t visit everyday as I used to, but that isn’t about your blog, but my lack of organization!:)

  5. “More handsome pigtures” Cocoa says, I reckon she fancies your boys. I’ll have to ask her which one she thinks is the fittest, lol! Book reviews would be pretty great ^.^ The Redwall series is a favourite of my guys, it follows their rodent mouse cousins you see!
    Another hooman xx

  6. Love your posts! Any chance you could answer how you can help get scared or stubborn guineas to get to know you even after months?
    Isabelle xx

  7. This is Fern & Rosebud’s very first Xmas so they have asked me to ask you if you could do a piggy Xmas gift guide so I know what to buy them! Oh, and keep up the cute piggy pictures please! X🐹x

  8. I’m just curious about how often you clean the guinea pig cages and spaces and how long it takes : )

  9. Lots to look forward to, great stuff. Would be interested to read book excerpts and read the piggies funny comments about them.

  10. Thank you! It always helps to know such things and if we get guinea pigs at the animal shelter where I volunteer sometimes, it helps to be able that question!

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