5 Things You Should Never Say To A Guinea Pig Pawrent

Whee have seen a few of these around the blogosphere so last wheek whee started putting together a list of things some hoomans say that annoy Mummy.


1. “So how are your hamsters?” You know it’s sweet that they care but seriously how hard is it to remember the animal?! Our Mummy doesn’t say so ‘How is your dog’ about your cat!

2. “Why take them to the vet, you could buy a new one for that amount.” This one actually ticks Mummy off the most.  Why do you take YOUR pet to the vet?  Because they are part of your family and they can’t be replaced. Just because they are smaller doesn’t make them less worthy of care when sick.

3. “Guinea pigs are such boring pets.” Like anything else in life you get out what you put in. Leave them in a cage 24/7 and they are not going to be inclined to play and be trained.  If your piggy doesn’t do anything it’s because you aren’t stimulating them.

4. “Guinea pigs are children’s pets.” Alright, yes they do make great kids pets (as long as a parent takes responsibility for their care) but they didn’t reach being one of the top five owned pets just because of that.  They are fun, engaging pets with lots of pigsonality. Why wouldn’t everyone want them?!

5. “It’s just a guinea pig.” Is your dog just a dog? Your cat just a cat? Your child just a kid? Our hooman would never dream of being so insulting but some people have no filter!


What things do people say about your pet that annoy you?

Have a fab Friday


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  1. Imagine people have to duck quickly if they say such crass things to your mommy 😀

  2. Mummy was very pertubed when she first took Nellie to our local vet. The first thing the vet nurse said to mummy was “oh you have one of those dangerous dog. She will have to be muzzled”. This was the first mummy heard about Me and Nellie being “dangerous”. We might bark at bit, but as far as We know We are not a danger to humans or other animals.. Needless to say the vet nurse could not find any muzzle for Nelle and she behavioured perfectly for the vet and the nurse and no more was said about muzzles or any kind of restraints. From Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  3. Boy people are not really smart sometimes are they….assuming things or not really educated properly…Basil we have silly things said to us too..usually about our pet sheep..they aren’t stupid they follow each other for security…people are stupid they walk dark streets alone…and sheep can recognise up to 100 people..and remember them..they know the vets car even though she has only been here at the house a few times..they know the shearers car!! they kiss you..they follow you and they miss you when they don’t see you…so yes I do get angry when people say sheep are dumb! clearly they haven’t tried to catch one who has spotted the shearers car!! hugs Fozziemum xxx

  4. Some of those things are really disrespectful! Mom thinks it’s funny when we visit the VA to cheer up the old soldiers, and I’m wearing a pink sundress with 2 rows of ruffles, and some of the old guys say, “What’s his name?” GAH! I’m a girl! In a pink ruffled sundress! They don’t do it on purpose, but it gives mom a giggle.

    Love and licks,

  5. one more Dogs and Cats think you are tasty woof!

  6. Those things are only said by people who never met or was a friend to a guinea pig. We love our guinea pig , Cinnamon. He is quite entertaining and brings much joy to our family. Nothing like seeing a guinea pig chase a cat or standard poodle around the house . Love when he sees us in the morning and wheeks to say good morning and those piggie cheeks are so sweet to kiss.

  7. I had an estate agent who said he also kept guinea pigs…but in the freezer for snake food. He thought it was hilarious. I found it quite hurtful, just because they are small doesn’t mean I love them any less than a large animal owner.

  8. People can be so darned insensitive. It just makes my hair stand up. Pigs are NOT boring. Not in the least. Ya’ll are the cutest most entertaining friends. XOXO – Bacon

  9. You’ve got them to a ‘T’ Basil. The ‘it’s just a guinea-pig’ is really the worst one. Whee pigs have pigsonality, don’t whee?!
    The Pigs xx

  10. Those people are the ones that end up in divorce court (maybe multiple times) because they can only relate to themselves.

  11. how are your hamsters? wow that’s hard candy… but therefore you know that this person has no clue about anipals and you shouldn’t call him oder her when you get your phone-joker in the millionairs-game.

  12. Some humans are just silly! Of course your Mom cares about you and would want to give her babies the best care. Sizs and price don’t equal up to the value pets have in true pet parents heart. You guys are cute. Good for your Mom.

  13. I LOVE Your post!! I have all the same reaction like you (except for number 1 because they don’t get confuse with mine). the one that I hate the most is why take them to the vet? they are quite cheap. It’s not the price that matter, it’s the personality.

  14. How true. I am so awesome. My mom goes nuts on people when they say this… I’ve offered to bite people for her but no luck. – A

  15. OMC Meez can’t ‘magine why sumpawdy wuld du dat tu yous. Meez suwe hopes meez nevew sed anyfin’ like dat tu upset yous. Meez mommy lived nex doow tu a mini guinea pig a long time ago, and hims walked wound outside on hims leash and luved tu play wiff mommy and hers kitty (hoo has gone tu heaven). Hers fawt hims wus adowable, just like wees fink yous guys awe pawsum. 🙂 Hav a wunnewful weekend.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


    • You had never efur upset us, don’t worry! It’s hoomans that Mummy squeaks too at work mostly!


      • Meez just don’t unnewstand people sumtimes. Maybe ifin deys not educated meez kuld see it, but once deys been told it shuld nevew hapun again. Da little one mommy lived next doow tu dat time, hers had nevew saw or even heawd of a guinea pig den, but soon as dey ‘splained all ’bout it tu mommy hers nevew made da mistake of callin’ it a big hamstew again. Couwse hers usually just called hims by hims name. Wees like leawnin’ all ’bout new fings. Lifestyles awe diffewent and what makes a good companion fuw sum dusn’t fuw anuddew. Wees glad yous got such a pawsum furmily. 🙂 Hav a Pawsum Day!!

        Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  16. Guinea pigs are soooooooooo different than hamsters. I had both for my ‘kid’ when she was a kid. I like guinea pigs so much better and they were part of our family. Any pet is part of the family, no matter what kind. The love in your heart is still the same. 🙂

  17. I can’t imagine people being so callus. That’s really rotten. I haven’t had anyone say anything bad about our cats. Some people might think black cats are bad luck, or something nonsense like that, but they’ve never said it to me. Oh, they might says something like, “I’m more of a dog person”. Then I just smile and say, “I love dogs too”. Because I love all animals, so it’s easy to agree.

  18. I’ve heard “Do rabbits have a personality?” and “Does your rabbit actually know its name?” too many times to count. I try to enlighten them, but some of them don’t want to learn anything sometimes.

  19. Oh I have had the same rubbish about my previous rabbits,xx Rachel

  20. Ohh well, this is a brilliant post! I don’t own piggies as you know but I have definitely heard all of these things said about them before and it is SO rude! Your mummy would be well within her rights to say any of this to the people that said it. RUDE
    Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

  21. I agree with all of the above. I especially get cheesed off when people talk about (eating them) I can barely get those words out of my mouth. After seeing Philip Schofield from This Morning with a cooked guineapig on one of his trips abroad – Shown on the Jonathan Ross show, I have never been able to get the image out of my head, nor the shame on him for doing that. Yuk!

    • Whee hate the talk of eating us too. In some countries people eat doggies and horses but it doesn’t make it culturally right for us. Whee respect other countries but whee don’t want to hear about it


      • Yes, I agree. One of my so called English ‘friends’ on Facebook, was saying about using all of the dogs in the homes around the UK for meat to eat, when I said it was disgusting, he then went into a full on argument. Despite the fact that I said we would have to agree to disagree, and another lady saying it wasn’t our culture to do that, and he was talking about dogs in the UK, he still carried on and made it personal. In the end I had to tell him I was defriending him and block him as there was no mutual friendship feelings left at that point. He used to be my boss years ago, and although I don’t like blocking people, there was no way we would be able to benefit each other by continuing to be “friends”.

  22. Our mommy was told that we were rats with personality. She did not find that funny so, she told them that when they were not looking she was going to take their rottweiler and switch it with a guinea pig.

  23. The same thing can be said about hamsters which are even smaller.

  24. Yow Basil pawsum bloggie n we totallee afreez wif yer Mum about dem 5 stoopid fingz!!! Da stoopid stuff peeple say to Mum are 1) Just put Nylablue to sleep n get a new kitteh 2) Why do ya bother wif Nylablue cause she costz so much money (funny dey iz NOTT payin da Vet bill) 3) Nylablue iz old no wunder she iz sick (me bin sick fer yeerz) 4) Next time buy a ‘propurr’ kitteh (what da KAT do dey meen by dat??) 5) Nylablue iz JUST a kitteh why do ya lub her so much Sherriellen?
    How’z DAT fer 5 stoopid fingz peeple say to me Mum?? 😉
    Much lub to ya G-Piggiez..n since me can tell da dirrerence ya fink peeple cuud too!!!
    Nylablue out!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  25. Kudos!!! Great post. I miss our little piggies, they are sweet, adorable, fun pets. Hugs and nose kisses

  26. Joy Ellingford

    A friend of mine once said of my piggies “Aaah, they’re your babies, aren’t they?” I told her “No.They’re just my guinea pigs.” Just because I don’t have kids does not mean that my pets are substitutes. Who’d have kids when they can have piggies instead?!

  27. Very well said Basil! My mum used to have little piggies like you and she said they were pawesome and used to have proper conversations with her! She also had pet rats and had some silly human say the same thing you mentioned… They asked why my mum would spend £20 to put them down when they got sick and to just bang them on the head instead….She was shocked and no longer friends with the nasty human. I think you guys are fab and lucky o have such a grrreat mum!

  28. There are just some people that can’t understand the importance of our pet in our life, or possibly they really don’t want to understand. Maybe their pets can’t make them happy and satisfied, but it is sometimes depends on the human’s attitude.

  29. spotmagicsolis

    “My kids want to (play with or) pick them up 😦

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