Tufty Tail Tuesday

You are probably wondering about the strange title. As you know whee guinea pigs don’t have tails as whee have evolved to not need them. BUT our friend Tufty has one. Tufty is a squirrel who visits places round us quite often. He needs his tail for balance but whee are furry jealous. Whee wish whee had tails. So whee got Mummy to take pigtures of Tufty for us to look at.

Mummy says whee are adorable just the way whee are but sometimes you cannot help the green eyed monster!

What are you jealous of? Is there something or someone that you wish you were like?

Have a Thursday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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  1. mollieandalfie

    Youz don’t wanna bee’z jelouz..wez chaze thoze Squiggles 🙂 xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Squirrels are cheeky little chappies!

  3. Aaaaw Meez sowwy yous wish yous had tails. Meez got kwite a fluffy one and meez will tell yous is no big deal. Meez happy just bein’ meez. So me guess meez not weally jealous of anypawdy. Hav a Pawsum Fuwsday!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  4. We’d so be on the chase. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. squirrel chase the squirrel woof, bark bark, ruff, woof

  6. That tail IS magnificent. Mom says my tail is long and strong like a monkey tail. I am a little jealous of monkey tails. I want to swing through trees and taste birds and squirrels with magnificent tails…..

    Love and licks,

  7. I think to be a guinea pig is much better, that long fluffy tail is always like a flag to start the hunt.

  8. We don’t have squirrels here but if we did, I’d chase them.


    We have more than enough squirrels here. We have a great life. There is nothing or no one to jealous of.

  10. If you were a squiggle I’d have to chase you up a tree. I’d stay a piggie if I were you lol
    I’m jealous of the doggies that get to go to work with their peeps – and of those whose peeps don’t work at all 🙂

  11. doodz…ya gotta watch out for squirrelz…they bee vizshuz !!! N heerz a link….we hope…two de live streem for findin out de blog winners


    lookz like de winnerz will bee announced on May 10th sum time bee tween 7 pm and 9 pm PST….we dunno what time that meenz for ewe guys….probablee WAY earl lee sunday am


  12. OMGosh, you’re so right, Tufty is totally adorable. Mum got really nice photo’s too. I looked at them bigger in a slideshow. I love the ones with his widdle paw on his chest. It looks like he’s saying, “oh hello, I didn’t see you there, you surprised me”.

    I don’t know if jealous is the right word, but I do feel envious of people who live where there is more summer and less winter. 😀

  13. I’m right there with you – I think having a tail would be nice too.

  14. Whee pigs really did draw the short straw when it comes to rodent tails. Squirrels look pawesome!
    The Pigs xx

  15. Tufty is pretty adorable and that tail is luscious. But you guys are looking at it all wrong! Your sleek and shapely rears aren’t hindered by silly tails. Instead your buns shine in uninterrupted glory. I say shake those tailless rumps with pride!
    XOXO Scarlett O’Hare, Resident Rabbit at The Wigglesworth Connection

  16. I would like a tail. Maybe your ancestors had tails?

  17. sunsetdragon

    Tuffy is adorable and you sweet piggies are more adorable.

  18. Tufty iz so cute!! me can see why ya iz a bit jelluss of hiz tail…me too!!!
    Me haz a slender Siamese tail n me wuud like a floofy plume like Birman tail but Mum sayz me front end iz Birman n me back end iz Siamese, MOL/WOL!!!
    Guess we just haz to bee cat-tented wif what we have, rite???
    Lub to da sweetest G-Piggiez in da werld frum me Nylalbue ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. So true..Mum tellz me me tail iz purrfect butt me wantz a floofy one…Mum sayz she wantz to bee 5 foot 5 tall…MOL/WOL…silly Mum iz purrfect as she iz….
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx

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