Basil Does A Bieber

Again, without the camera Mummy has no evidence but she alleges I did some furry naughty things. Number one was eating the new rug and apparently the threaded corner has something to do with me.

Second was running around under the influence (of parsley!) and causing a pile up by the sofa. I was fine but the other casualty who doesn’t wish to be named Buddy was treated at the scene for injuries to his pride. I then resisted arrest by popcorning off to hide behind my cage but was subsequently captured later. Luckily I got off with a warning but next time, if Mummy has a camera you might see my mugshot!!


Smiling mugshot?!

Mummy says I’m a teenage tearaway and thats before she even notices my stash of poops near the radiator (keeps them warm and fresh!)

Were you naughtier as a teenager? What was the best/worst naughty thing you did?

I’ve got that Friday feeling!


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  1. Bawahwhhhwha stashing your poop near the radiator 🙂 Have a super weekend and be really naughty BOL xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Back when I still had a car, summer 2012, I needed to leave but the son of the least-liked tenant in the building had blocked me into a staced space. I was trying to do a 7,893,652-point turn to get out of the space basically sideways (while avoiding a large concrete pillar).

    At some point I accidentally tapped the bumper of the car behind me.

    I thought it moved…

    I tried tapping it again — it had moved (and it moved again!). The parking brake was off!!!!

    I then carefully backed into the bumper, gave it some real gas, and pushed the car behind me in reverse. I got out of the space and pulled to the side…

    Then my roommate’s husband and I pushed the car (by hand) back to its original place (now blocking an empty parking space).

    Absolutely true story…

  3. Basil you just keeping looking that cute and innocent.
    I knocked down the water bottle holder while Mommy was filling the bottles with fresh water and blamed it on MollySue.
    From Annabelle

  4. We won’t sign any petition to have you deported Basil 😀

  5. Basil! Stashing your poops? Oh no my friend – THAT crosses the line! Seriously, I’m sure the fact that you’re totally adorable keeps you from getting into TOO much trouble…..I had that working for me too when I was a teenager – I’d give Mom sad eyes and NEVER was put into “time out” !!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. Wow you really are rebelling aren’t you?! Be careful pal or you’ll end up in time out!

  7. Doesn’t you mom have a cell camera or something she could use?

  8. Basil BOL funny under the influence of parsley. I was so naughty peeps shudders to remember my puppy years. I took a whole year to house train and so you can imagine all the problems I caused. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. I’m not even 12 yet so I have yet to find out.

  10. I like the fact you like to keep your poos warm. Such a naughty but nice boy.

  11. Of course I was norty! How do ya think I got the name Rump-y?????


    Be nice to your mom. Just remember who feeds you.

  13. WOL Basil ya iz bery notty, butt eber so cute n me finkz yer Hu”mum will furgive ya…maybee share yer Parsley wif her… 😉
    Lbu Nylablue xx

  14. Hehehehe you are so cheeky hehehe just like me!xx SPeedy

  15. Oh Basil..that’s not too badz…at xmas time when mum waz outside an the whole family waz eatin i came inside..coz they waz too noisy….mum had carved the ham she baked (sorry Bacon) and i kinda sorta saw it fall off the cooktopz…daddy ran inside and was furry cross..i waz covered in maple syrupz and mustardz from the glaze…i never found out who dun it….hugs Forrest 😉

  16. You must have a smelly room lol

  17. We MOL’d that Basil was under the influence of Parsley. Basil, every naughty piggie (and hooman) needs a good attorney. You are way to cute to have done anything wrong. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  18. Hahaha…the title of this post is priceless! The naughtiest thing Heather has done is pull a full bag of trash at a friend’s house and tear it open, dragging the contents across the floor. The naughtiest thing Mr. K has done (also at that same friend’s house) was chew on soap, a blue highlighter and even attempted to get in the bag of human cookies. Needless to say, this person isn’t a Dog Mom so she didn’t realize the importance of Scottie-proofing the house before leaving! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

    • Hehehe whee thought it was pretty good too, it came from Mummy accidentally yelling “Stop it Bieber” while watching the news story about him and trying to get me to stop chewing the rug!


  19. Hahaa xD do you wave at your fans too when you get released out of the pawison Basil? I can’t stand Bieber though :/ he puts so many people in danger when speeding drunk like that, and lots of young people still support him no matter what.

    • Mummy is the same. He may be able to sing again but there are plenty of people dead because of driving like his who won’t. Maybe he needs to think on that and attempt to grow up?!


  20. I think I was a good teenager but OF Course I did a couple of naughty things, that’s half the fun. I fell off a giant haystack and split my chin open on a guys eye socket when I was 16. I had to get stitches. But I told my dad I tripped on a curb instead. He believed me because I’m pretty clumsy. At least I didn’t save stinky stuff by at rad…hehe, so funny.

    • Wow, that must have hurt! I once cut my nose chewing the bars and tried to blame Buddy who was asleep at the time and Mummy had seen anyway, oopsie!


      • hehe, quick thinking but I guess your mum is quicker. xo I think falling out of a haystack probably did hurt but I got knocked-out and by the time I came too I was on my way to get stitches…oh boy, I sure have a lot of scars and a lot of stories :/

  21. 😉 Me hearz ya on doin *cute face* Basil…me haz a pouty face me doez when Mum upset wif me n den she just laffz n tellz me she lubz me!!!
    We werkin it Basil; we werkin it!!!
    Lub Nylablue xxx

  22. I don’t quite know why you want to keep your poop, Basil!

  23. 😉 Cute face werkz eberytime here too Basil =^,,^=

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