I Solemnly Swear I am Up To No Good

If you haven’t heard the quote at the title it’s from Harry Potter. If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter have you been living under a rock?! The quote is a phrase you have to say to get a magical map to show up and when you want it to vanish a change back into normal paper you say “Mischief Managed”

According to the hooman I have managed quite a lot of mischief lately. So today is Friday and I can tell you that this wheekend, I solemnly swear, I shall be up to no good!

What’s the naughtiest thing you have ever done or tried to do?



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  1. You must start early Basil! Start as you mean to go on and you’ll have created mayhem 😀

  2. We can’t wait to read about your mischief. I am always up to no good. Keeps the peeps on her toes. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Surely not mischief – you need to remarket it as helping!

  4. I can’t believe there’s any mischief from you adorable kids. Hee. Hee. Hee. The naughtiest thing I ever did was jump on a chair, jump on the table, and take Mom’s medicine. She had to call Poison Control and they told her how to induce vomiting. It was gnarly!!

    Love and licks,

  5. Naughty? Me?? Well, honestly it wasn’t all THAT naughty but my parents though it was rather scary……we were all sitting in the backyard one summer day when a fox came up out of the woods and I ran after him and chased him down into the woods. Not a smart thing for me to do – he could have had me in an instant had he been a bit more brave! Mom almost had a heart attack and Dad came chasing after me in time to see the fox disappear and me heading back into our yard with my tail all puffed up like I was “King of the World” !!! DUMB…….NAUGHTY…….(but fun).

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. I can’t say what’s the naughtiest things I’ve ever done. I’m sure I’d be forced to pay time in jail.

  7. I think I accidentally swallowed this marauders map once, because there is no day without mischief here.

  8. I’m a serial counter surfer, but my sister Bailie is the naughtiest one! She is a counter surfer, but last night at nose work class when it was my turn and I was in the course working with Mom, Bailie opened her kennel door and escaped! That was naughty!

  9. My everyday activities are called mischief here. What’s with that?

  10. Hehe good luck with the naughtiness. I’ve been too tired lately for any mischief, but will see what i can manage:-)

  11. Susan Weinstein and her Scotties, Sidney and Shelby.

    it is the nature of Scottish Terriers to be up to no good. We can’t make a promise that we could possibly not keep.

  12. Tater is responsible for the worst feat of mischief in this house. A few years ago Mom and Dad hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. We had relatives from both sides of the family. Mom put the turkey on the table and Tater jumped up on the table and went straight for the turkey. Our Dad’s family was horrified. Mom and Dad thought it was funny. Tater was the runt of the litter. Even though she is an adult cat she is tiny and cute. Usually when she is up to mischief Mom just tells her how cute she is. When she went after the turkey in front of everyone she got put in the basement until dinner was over and food was put away. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  13. Oh sounds like fun, hehe

    The naughtiest thing…..mmmmm !! oh, my girlfriend and I had a knock down house party when we were 16 or so. Her parents went away for the weekend. Lot’s of people slept over (including the boys) and we made pancakes in the morning. This was back in the day of records players and it took me a month to carry my albums over to her house two at a time….hehehe.

  14. Hehehe I’ve been sneeking off upstairs to play!xx Speedy

  15. You??? Mischief??? NO!!! I don’t believes it for a second!!!! BOL
    Me??? Oh, it’s gotta be when I pulled Ma’s sweatpants down in front of the techopeep!! hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  16. Oh I like to beat up my water bottle holder when it is empty and my human is getting me fresh water. Some times I bang my head on it so hard it knocks it down and MollySue has to run out of the way.
    My human tells me no, Annabelle.

  17. We keep things interesting for our people when we do mischief; that’s the only reason we do it, right? The most mischievous thing I ever did – and it’s a real contest among so many things – was to use the bottom of the wood coffee table as a chew toy. That didn’t go over so well…..

  18. It will take Veritiserum to make me tell.

  19. HHMM da nottiest??? Umm puttin a poo in Mum’z shoe…dat waz purrty guud!
    Den opinin cupboard door n pullin out cat grass n nokin it on da floor.
    Umm sneekin beehind Mum n eatin da Feral kittehz kibble..it waz notty butt wif me Bowelz me got bery sick so dat one waz not so guud…
    me BESTEST notty iz magickally gettin out of da Condo outside n walkin round on da patio n given Mum a 1,000 fitz!
    Did I do guud G-Piggiez??
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  20. We shuud get together n plan sum more fun…oh oh Mum just gave me da ‘stink eye’, MOL/Sol…never mind 😉
    Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  21. Dat iz us 4 leggedz #1 pryore-itee rite G-Piggiez??
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  22. 😉 Misschief iz our middle namez, rofwm/rofww!!
    Lub Nylablue =^..^=

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