Complaining To The Management

IMG_6050It’s just not good enough. As whee showed on our wordless wednesday, Miss ‘Diva Dog’ Willow was unhappy about the lack of treats but whee have something worse.

Something whee are less than impressed with and whee would like to lodge a complaint with the management.

Here is our letter *ahem*

To whom it should very much concern,

Whee have been concerned for the last wheek that the food whee have has been receiving is substandard. For one whee have not had curly kale in a furry long time. So what if it’s not in season and the supermarkets don’t have it? You should be arranging imports and calling all the local farmers to order they grow it.

Next onto the time it take for veggies to reach us. There have been accusations that mischief has occurred in these times. The hoomans have been loudly complaining about the fact whee ate February from their new calender. For one, all the evidence was circumstantial. The teeth marks? Easily faked. The shredded pieces in the cage? Could be planted! The position of the calender by the cage? Circumstantial. It’s terrible that you can make these accusations without evidence.

And thirdly, the main point of our letter. The carrots. You have run out? What is the meaning of this? No carrots? What sort of an establishment are you running here?! So you are shopping tomorrow and will be getting more, what about veggie time tomorrow? What if whee had wanted carrots then?! Ok, spinach, red pepper and celery sounds good for tomorrow but what if whee had wanted carrots?! Next time keep them in stock.

Whee are watching you!



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  1. Love this- Made me smile! My bunnies would make a similar letter of complaint Im sure!

  2. Annabelle says excellent letter Basil.

  3. The state of things today! If this doesn’t get results you may have to get new management 😉

  4. WHAT NO CARROTS?????? You can’t get good staff these days. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh Basil….you poor deprived piggies…..the letter of protest to the management should certainly make a point and I’m SURE there will be changes instituted as a result of your complaints! If not, you could go on strike….that’s right….form a picket line and allow no cuddling until your demands are met! (tee hee)

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. Sounds like a very poor situation! Hope things for you straighten up!

  7. You can come to my house. I have my human trained. If she doesn’t do what I want, I just bite her toes. Come over guys! – Alfalfa

  8. Basil, I concur! Management needs to fix these dilemmas ASAP. Running out of carrots – the nerve! I get very moody when management runs out of carrots here at the Hotel Thompson. Unheard of my friend – tsk snort tsk. And the calendar – who is to say that a human didn’t do that and like you said – planted it in your home. You never know. It could happen. You put your little feet down. I’ll start making you picket signs 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  9. No curly kale? No carrots? I think you need to begin intensive training courses for your staff, you’ve been too patient with them!

  10. If it doesn’t improve, call the authorities. Animal abuse is a crime. You don’t even have to visit her in jail because she was so mean to you.

  11. Gulp! Heavens-to-bitsy’s that does sound terse. They shall clearly be on the ball now. Maybe the market manager should be posted a copy too? No Kale? Such cheeky nerve. PS, February is over rated 😀

  12. Good luck, Basil ! I hope you get some relief-er kale or carrots- soon!

  13. OMD you should strike until you get better veggies!!

  14. You guys should have your own little piggie hobbit house and grow veggies on the lawn around it! Don’t forget the pretty little handkerchief on your head against the sun! Hehe.

  15. Basil, what kind of piggie prison are you living in?!? No veggies? NO CARROTS?!? Even I would have to write a strongly worded letter regarding no carrots. Unexcusable! I sure hope “management” gets their act together and quick.

  16. da tabbies o trout towne

    basil….tell yur food serviss peepulz unless kale iz on yur plates in de next 17 minuts, ewe will take them ta court N file charges… a loud for piggies… under section :o90-GHH#778,o022FGTWESA coz itz de LAW peepulz HAFTA give piggies, puppz, kittehs…all oh uz…what we dee mand or suffer consee quences….

  17. Sometimes you have to put your tiny paw down with these humans. A house without carrots is like….. Well, it’s like nothing else in the world!! I hope your letter of complaint works.
    Love and licks,

  18. Poor Piggies! Don’t your humans understand that they are supposed to give you whatever you want whenever you want it? We are glad that they found a package of Kale. Maybe there are not so bad? Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  19. Basil..i smell an curly Kale…good grief..what are piggies supposed to do!! and as for the calendar,well if the foods not coming then it’s open season on paperworks 😉 hugs Fozziemum xxxx

  20. Basil…you poor, poor piggie! How do you put up with this! And the accusations…un-ac-ceptable!!! Wally & Sammy

  21. yep mummy has stopped my carrots she says I need to lose a little wait!”Thump!”xx Speedy

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