Yule Get Used To It!

Mummy kept saying it but I wasn’t so sure. “Yule get used to the tree.” she insisted. I didn’t believe her but here I am, accepting the fact; Mister Tinsel Twist isn’t going anywhere.

Mummy and me have agreed that he will be leaving soon after Pigmas. No furry likes a guest that over stays their welcome! Buddy has been trying to pull that tree down whenever he gets the chance but the rest of us have made peace with him. Mummy says Pigmas is about coming together and forgiving and forgetting. So I am forgiving the tree for being here and forgetting the fact that Mummy didn’t ask permission! (As the boss pig of the house I am furry impawtent and all decisions should go through me)

*sigh* I'm so forgiving

*sigh* I’m so forgiving

What are you forgiving and forgetting for Pigmas? Another furry impawtent thing at Pigmas is giving. Whee sent off our Secret Santa Paws presents to our assigned rescue piggies and saw on facebook pigtures of them enjoying the gifts. Our two piggies have had a furry unfortunate time before they came into the rescue and one has long term health issues. It made our tummies all warm and fuzzy to know whee helped them and whee all smiled a lot. Giving is the best feeling.

Have a super Sunday efurryone



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  1. Knocking the tree down is tougher than it looks. Trust me. I am a little bigger than you, and I can’t make it happen. Forgiving and forgetting is easy for me. Especially the forgetting. Mom says it’s because of my tiny brain. If that’s the case, I wish everybody had a tiny brain!!

    Love and licks,

  2. I don’t know what to forgive or forget, I just hope that even though there is no home for me in a week, that I can find three people who care enough to foster my wonderful and sweet guinea pigs.

  3. Nacho good for you boys sending a wonderful package off to the little rescue piggies who had such a tough time in their short lives…that was sweet and yes – THAT my friend is the true spirit of Pigmas!! Forgiving? I’ll forgive my Mom for NOT letting me open my Secret Paws box up until Christmas – I think it’s mean of her but I forgive her…..(mostly!).

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  4. I agree, pigmas is about coming together (including the tree). That was so nice to send a gift to this piggies, think that means “being together” too. Not in pawson but with our heart and our thoughts.

  5. Note to Buddy-solve your problem by eating the tree.

  6. Lovely thing to send pressies to the less fortunate piggies.Remarkable how you can get used to a monster in the sitting room 😉

  7. Well done to you spreading pigmas joy to the poor piggies in need. Nice one.
    Have a serene Sunday and enjoy the big easy.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Nacho what a lovely thing to see your rescue piggies having joy from your thoughtfulness.,this indeed is what Christmas is about..we wish you all a wonderful Christmas with love and happiness around you all 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  9. Oh my that tinsel tree does take up a lot of room doesn”t it and it is very pretty.

  10. Apawz Nacho fer sendin giftiez!!! Tiz dda seeson to bee kind!
    Mum helped me Aunti Ruth do a kitteh resckue n she gave her all sortz of stuff me not need fer da gurl…she just a 6 month ld kitt named Purrsia…
    As fer da tree yerz iz huge!! We haz a small table top tree here so me not bee bad ’cause me wuud climb a big tree!!!
    HHMMM fergiving…..okayz me fergivez Docktur Dave fer havin to give me injeckshunz ebery week n stickin hiz big fat thumb down me throat wif me Mirtazipine (den again me not let him do it easy like!)
    Me fergivez Mum fer eatin sum of me tuna-tuna too when me not lookin!!!
    Happy Boxin Day to all of ya ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  11. MOL/Wheek…me haz not much choice..n Docktur Dave iz doin hiz best fer me!!
    Much Lub to all of ya frum me Nylablue xxxxxx

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