It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Pigmas

Well it feels it at least! Brrrr.

Whee are just glad that whee are nice and warm in the house. Though the grass Mummy brings in for us could do with warming up a little! But that’s beside the point. Pigmas is coming fast. Whee need to wrap the prezzies and deck the halls this wheekend so it’s all systems go.


With being so busy and so many things happening whee were surprised when Mummy stopped and told us about things outdoors which remind her it’s nearly Pigmas. The frost on the roof and spiderwebs, breath misting as you speak. All simple things but magical too.

Whee know it’s nearly Pigmas when Mummy says it’s too cold to run outside.

What reminds you it’s nearly Pigmas?

Have a fab Friday!


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  1. Our tree is going up next weekend, whee’z so excited. keep warm Buddies as it sure is getting cold xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. How exciting indeed guys…i’s cold here too …go figure ?? maybe your Pigmas is spreading winter joy to us!! for us we know it’s getting closer when the shops start getting thicker with peeps…and the car parking becomes every hooman for themselves !! hugs Fozziemum xxx

    • Mummy says she thinks the parking if furry funny. Last year a lady got really cross about a parking space and got out of her car and started yelling at them. Mummy started laughing and said if it bothered the poor lady so much she was welcome to the space and they would go up a bit and make the entire family walk a bit further. The woman saw sense and moved grumpily off but Mummy couldn’t stop laughing. It was so silly. It wasn’t even that far to the other spaces.


  3. Hi Guys! I can tell it’s getting close to Pigmas because Mom keeps bringing packages and bags into the house and stashing them in her closet. Mysterous bags = surprises! Also when she starts getting all that Pigmas stuff out of the basement and decorating the house I know Santa Paws is gonna come and see me. I love Pigmas…..

    Kitty Hugs, sammy

  4. 4 of us are under a year old, so we have no idea what Pigmas… er… Ratmas (?) is all about. But mommy has exploited our gorgeous faces for photos, so we better be compensated! Merry Pigmas, guys!

  5. We did our tree yesterday and it is starting to feel a lot pupmas here.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. When we have a wonderful street illumination, that we can read books by night – then christmas is coming. (and when we get more letter from the bank-guy LOL)

  7. Peek A Boo little Santa Pigee…

  8. Snow! We have had snow 3 times so far. Mom likes snow up to and for Christmas. After Christmas she hates snow and complains about it. Our tree is up and we like to lay underneath it because the lights are nice and warm. Hope you have fun decorating the tree and wrapping prezzies. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  9. OMP (oh my pig) Buddy. You look absolutely adorable in your Santa hat. I gotta get me one this weekend! I know it’s almost Pigmas when Nana makes mommy her special butterscotch candy. She got her a HUGE can of it this past weekend. AND, we are decorating the Hotel Thompson this weekend. I gotta make a runway in the back yard so Santa can land his sleigh. πŸ™‚ Have an awesome Friday pal! XOXO – Bacon

  10. I know because the tree goes up. It’s the same tree every year and was up when I came here in 2002.

  11. I hope it snows soon!!

  12. when my count down starts,don’t for get to send in your pigtures!xx Speedy

  13. That wee little hat! :3 For me it’s the little lights all over!

  14. We don’t really get to have much Pigmas at home, but sometimes ohers are kind to give presents and things (a new home we can all go to is the prayer this year). It’s what happens at church that makes it “real,” but there’s so much awful “BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!” stuff and cheesy “holiday” music it an sometimes be too much everywhere else. No Pigmas for us this year.

  15. Hello Buddy! The twinkling lights, Christmas music on the radio and the snow that has fallen since last night. These things help me stay in the spirit. I can hardly believe it’s almost here! xoxo

  16. hello buddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay heer in the sandy eggo areea we no it is gitting klose to krismas wen it starts rayning!!! plus lites appeer on evryuns howse but owrs of korse!!! ha ha ok bye

  17. Yow when me seez da Winter display stuff come out n Mum n me put it up me nose our Birfdayz is comin soon…we Jewish/Mewish so we not sellybrate Catmess/Pigmass as such butt we do sellybrate our birfdayz so da litez n purrty stuff makez us feel speshell (me iz a bit of a Deva too..)
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

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