Tiny Tootsies Trouble

Yesterday something terrible happened. It wasn’t that the veggies were late! It wasn’t that the hay portion wasn’t big enough. It wasn’t even anything to do with the amount of cuddles. No, it was actually my foot and an adventure it went on.

Mummy spotted a little sore on my foot when cuddling me yesterday morning and went straight into neurotic, over protective pawrent mode. I knew what was coming even if I tried to hide under Noah. A vet trip.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected. I squeaked the place down in the waiting room and was louder than any of the other animals which embarrassed Mummy as efurryone kept staring at her. The vet said I was fit and healthy other than the little sore which he suspects is early stages bumblefoot even though he cannot work out a cause.

I’ve got to take some icky medicine called baytril and some probiotics which I like, as well as a cream Mummy is going to get from Gorgeous Guinea Pigs which is supposed to help a lot with this.

With a combined effort of all these things, whee should beat this soon. Until then, I am still popcorning and playing and causing trouble like no bodies business. Plus, I get to work the sympathy vote!

Happy Tuesday




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  1. Poor Nacho! Well at least it doesn’t hurt. Any it gives you an excuse to get away with more cheeky things. And you can always ask for more veggies to ‘build up your strength’ 😀 I hope you get better xx

  2. Aww so sorry you had to go to the vet but sounds like your Mama and the vet have got you on the right road to good health again.

  3. Oh poor you. Hope it clears up soon. And in the meantime I think you need some treats for being so brave:-)

  4. Oh, how bad. I hope your little foot is as good as new in zilch. I send you an extra big hug for a fast recovery.

  5. You just make the most of this neurotic mummy moment Nacho….mummies fold like a cheap pair of pants when their babies are unwell!! get better soon little guy 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    • Mummy says she is calmer now but she was furry upset at first and feeling furry guilty. The vet can’t find a cause so he says not to blame herself but she still is.


      • Mummies can’t help but feel guilty..thing is things happen and mummies can’t know why or how and because they love you so much they feel awful!! Forrest and Doc always had big marrow bones..when Doc got pancreatitis I felt horrid..i didn’t know he couldn’t tolerate them anymore…three nights in emergency and the guilt I felt,or when poor Forrest ripped his thigh on some corrugated iron I forgot was lying around, a huge operation on Doc when we thought he had cancer was a grass seed …so mummy is not alone in the guilty department..it’s sadly life my sweet friend xxxx

  6. Hope it clears up quickly Nacho but make the most of the sympathy while you can 😉

  7. Drats Nacho a trip to the blood stealers and then to be told it is bumblefoot which we have never heard of. Sending POTP and healing vibes. Get well soon.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh dearie me Nacho…poor baby….well, at least the vet said it should clear up with all that medicine so let’s hope so! Bumblefoot sounds scary……Sending some healing huggies from me and my Mom!

    Your Friend Sammy

    • It sounds scarier than it is. The vet explained that it is like slightly worse blisters that hoomans get on their feet.

      Mummy is happy that I seem happy but she was furry worried.


  9. Is Bumblefoot a piggie tootsie issue?
    Hope you’re better soon, Nacho. Your mommy loves you very much to take such good care of you!
    Love, Sundae

  10. The bad place turned into a good place yesterday 🙂 get well soon my friend if you want to chill with another recovery fur ball then I have space xx Oscar

  11. Get better soon Nacho! (But hey milk it for all you can from the humans – snorts). XOXO – Bacon

  12. What about the football game you’re playing this wheekend?

  13. I don’t know what bumblefoot is, but hopefully you will get better real quick.

  14. Bunmblefoot is a NIGHTMARE! Switch to the softest, cleanest bedding possible. I’d even go so crazy as to remove hay stems. I would also get some of that iodine. It does sting for a few seconds but then numbs everything beautifully. I hold it on their paw for a minute or two, depending on the deepness of the wound to make sure everything is pretty and clean before I dress it. Then I would fuss little Nacho dude for as long as he’d stand it — either foot in the air or creamy foot on a slightly creamy pad of cotton. I’ve had two pigs wuth bumblefoot, avoid it at all costs.

    • Luckily it’s very early and the vet expects it to heal quickly. I’m using tubes of saline (the vet gave me loads!) to clean it and a cream from Gorgeous Guineas to promote healing with the AB. The sore scabbed over, over night and this evening the swelling is down and the foot is normal shaped. There is just a small scab on it. I’m really surprised how fast this stuff is all working. Three doses of AB’s and the cleaning three times a day.

      I’m taking pigtures now to record the effectiveness of it all together but I am already seeing differences.

      Hopefully it will be over soon and I won’t need to worry.

      ~ Amy

      ps, by dress it, do you mean bandage it? My vet told me not to do that as he said too many germs would get on the bandage and therefore be held in the wound. I thought bandaging would be good to keep it clean but he was sure I shouldn’t

  15. I had to google bumblefoot, didn’t know what it was.
    Now when I see pigeons with that I’ll say “Oh! Poor pigeon, it’s suffering of a bad case of bumblefoot” and look smart.
    Glad is nothing serious.

  16. Becareful with your foot!

  17. Work it little Nacho, work it. Glad you’re going to be ok, the vet trips are misery but better safe than sorry.

  18. Oh Nacho, I hope your little footsie is all better soon! Woooowooooooo!

  19. da tabbies o trout towne

    nacho….sorree ya had two go two de ewe noe wear palce we will knot menshun…heerz hopin yur foot iz doin way better two day N bee glad yur mum iz a worree kinda gal…just meenz her loves ewe bunches !!!!! get well soon 🙂

  20. Nacho, this is your chance to bask in attention and soak up all sorts of love. Oh, and the treats. You must put your sad face on so your human gives you lots of special treats. It’s good you went to see the doctor person, even though it’s not our idea of a fun trip either! Get better soon. 🙂

  21. Hi sweet Nacho! Hope your foot is better soon. Glad to hear you are still a happy baby. You have a great mummy that takes such good care of all you piggies! 🙂

  22. What a bummer for your gorgeous, tiny little foot! I hope you’re better soon – for your sake and your Mom’s as well. Once Mom stepped on my foot and I screamed. I didn’t need to go to the vet, but Mom kissed it a hundred times to make it better.

    Love and licks,

  23. Poor sweet little Nacho.. I’m sorry you had an ouchie on your foot. I hope it gets better and you get lots of veggies and snuggles.

  24. Hope it clears up soon!!

  25. Get well soon sweet Nacho!!!!

  26. Oh Nacho your poor little toesie but it sounds like it will be fine. Get better pronto! Milking it for all your worth is a smart thing to do!

  27. We have no idea what Bumblefoot is so we’ll be heading to Google when we leave here. We think it sounds funny and more like what your mom has when she types your names all crazy on the computer. But if you got rushed to the VETS (good job with the singing, by the way), is must be something serious. We’ll keep you in our purrayers, Nacho. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  28. Oh shame, Nacho! Poor you, having to take that yucky Baytril! Hope you get treats to make up for it!

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