Stop Giving Me Choices!!

IMG_6715Well Mummy has been unhappy with the quality of our current hay supplier and after having two batches that just weren’t good enough she went on the hunt for a new supplier. (The hay was dusty and had lots of sticks and UFO’s – Unidentified funny objects!)

There are lots of options and suppliers out there but following recommendations Mummy looked at Hay For Pets.

They did a special little thing where they send you testers of all three types of hay that they do. Meadow Hay, Timothy and Rye and Ings Hay. After a little thought she sent off for it.

Here is what happened when whee taste tested:

There was lots of Basil and Nacho climbing around but each eventually settled to eating the Ings Hay. Nacho was the most thoughtful about it and wandered along checking each one and sniffing it, then went back and ate strands from each. He hovered between the Timothy and Rye and the Ings for a little while but eventually settled on Ings. Probably because I was at that one but oh well! The Ings was the only hay that both pairs of us finished so Mummy has decided to order that one!

Did your hoomans have to get you to taste test lots of different foods to find the perfect one for you? Are you a fussy eater? Do you do a Buddy and sit in your food to make sure no one steals any?!!

Happy Saturday efurryone, and remember stay safe tonight with the firework displays.



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  1. We aren’t real fussy…didn’t know that hay was different!

    • There are lots of types of hay which makes it interesting. Thick hay, thin hay, hard hay, soft hay, short hay, long strands hay, green hay, brittle hay, meadow hay with wild herbs and flowers. The list goes on! Whee are super fussy so its good Mummy checked which whee liked first!


  2. LOVE your video as usual. Mum is oohing and awwring over you all! You’re so professional which your product testing and I’m very happy the ings seems to be so tasty! I eat science plan biscuits because they’re the best healthy food for me but I love my treats and little tidbits of salmon and chicken too! =^.^=

  3. Well that was fun to see – and obviously everybody came to agree that the Ings was the bestest hay EVER! As for fireworks – thankfully we don’t have any fireworks celebrations until New Year’s Eve……YAY! Hope you all can find a nice quiet place to be tonight though….. 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Fussy…. not us we like all kinds of chow except green things. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We had the hay problem too as we bought it for Hell-mut. We bought a bag and as we opened that bag the whole hay was crumbly and had a bad smell… I’m not fussy, I eat all, even uneatable things :o)

  6. That’s sounds pretty unanimous then. Glad you’re all going to have good munchies 😉

    • It did take awhile. Basil wanted to check them all the make sure he wasn’t missing anything and Nacho put a lot of thought into his decision too. Plenty of hay flicking around was involved so it was pretty good fun!


  7. If you had 4 terriers and did this, 3 terriers would each like a different one. The fourth wouldn’t like any of them and want you to try a fourth type.

    • Hehehe when it comes to hay whee are pretty similar but veggies and herbs are another matter. Mummy has to do four different bowls for our different tastes. Whee just like keeping her busy!


  8. I’m glad the new hay is yummy for you guys. I am not a picky eater at all. I will eat a bowl of dirt if Mom would let me. I think my boy, Buddy has a great plan – sitting in his bowl. I sat in a bowl of water once. Not on purpose.

    Love and licks,

  9. How thoughtful of the supplier to allow you to taste test first…choice can be confusing but it is definitely a “nice to have” 😉
    Wally & Sammy

  10. Donna has a sniff test, and then she has a licking taste. If it’s something new and does not smell like meat… she probably will lick it but leave it on the floor. You have to mix it with her regular food until she gets used to anything strange that we are giving her… like fruits and vegetables haha.

  11. Not surprised at the one you boys picked, it was all leaves. I was sorry that — despite being good hay from a reputable dealer — my hay is so very obviously from a bale of first-cut. First-cut means — unlike the bales you might get in spring or early summer, there’s less brown stuff and dust because it is this year’s hay and hasn’t had to overwinter. Only my girls — most specifically Annie — will eat the stems, but all prefer leaves and flowers first if they can get them. The big disadvantage with first-cut is that it’s got more stems than second and third cut. That’s also something to ask about, because the quality difference for when in the season hay was grown and cut can cause a very slight variance.

    • Whee defintely prefer hay that looks like that though Nacho is partial to some meadow hay too. None of us really ate much of the timothy which surprised Mummy as she said it smelt the nicest of the three.


      • Did Mummy eat it then? Good hay should never be neglected — my Mama might find it (and she eats everything). Best to be very, very, very safe and eat everything right now.

        If it’s food, if it’s food anywhere, my Mama will find it.

        And eat it.

        And you won’t get any.


        Never ever — *poof* (gone).

        Making food disappear? It’s, like, her super power.

        Happy Sunday nice boy pigs!

        Sophie Wigglewhiskers

  12. princess guinea and ariel

    he he,whee hope that new caramel here likes the hay and pellets!
    Princess guinea

  13. Mr. Bean wil only eat orchard grass hay – but not just any orchard grass hay, but just a certain brand. Sometimes the batch of hay has too many brown leaves so I have to pick out as many as I can or else he will only eat if he is starving. Spoiled bunny – just like your guinea pigs : )

  14. Whoa! What fun! Did anybody poop in the hay? *giggles*

    • Basil did but he says he didn’t! Seeing as Buddy didn’t move from his spot the whole time it was out it couldn’t have been him. Basil claims there is a poop fairy trying to frame him!


  15. Both of our piggies were picky eaters and we always had a problem with finding good hay. But we just kept switching places to get it which was not exactly fun but we did it to keep the piggies getting quality hay. Love the video you all just look so sweeeet. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hehehe Mummy tries to change it up every six months or so to keep it interesting but our previous supplier whee had used for a year and loved. It just went downhill in quality recently which was a shame.


  16. Guess what horrible stuff was in our hay and got stuck in my bottom fur!
    We are going to order testers from the same place as you now, I’m excited about testing it!
    No more teasels in my fur for me! It really hurt when mummy had to tease them out 😦
    Peppi xxxxxxxx

  17. I’m pretty easy going with my foods but treats are another story…some i love and some i just lay there on the floor and never go back to…Momz thinks your taste test made a lot of sense and we both loved the video

    • Mummy says testing is furry impawtent so whee can work out exactly what whee like. If it had been up to Mummy whee would have got the timothy and rye because it smelt nicest but none of us ate it so it’s a good job whee set her straight on which was best!


  18. Hello again!
    Whee were just wondering how you get so popular, and how you do things like ‘Wordless Wednesday’. Wheee believe people ‘host’ them, and then people do them, whee wondered why are whether you have to sign up to do them or anything?
    Whee want to get a few more likes and followers, so whee were wondering how you got so many. How long have you been doing this for, hutchagoodlife clan?
    Whee all love your posts, and think you are all furry handsome. 🙂

    Piggy kisses
    Peppi, Toffee, Willow, Bumble and Skye
    xxxxx 🙂

    • With regard to wordless wednesday they are run by a pet blogging community called blogpaws which whee are part of. Pretty much all of our knowledge with regard to blogging comes from there too. If you read through the articles they give great advice.

      However our best advice it network. Follow and comment on other blogs and if someone follows you, follow them back. It is time consuming work running the blog and Mummy spends around two hours every day visiting other blogs and commenting in addition to creating daily posts and replying to efurry comment whee get. This in turn encourages traffic to your site. Whee have been blogging for a year and a half now and things only really improved traffic wise about six months ago when whee came across as more established.

      It is slow work, and tough work but if you keep at it you get there. The more you put in. the more you get back!

      Good luck


  19. Judy & C.A.T.S.

    Your Mummy made another cute video! We iz glad you were able to choose a new type of hay. We iz also glad that you don’t have to eat hay with Unidentified Funny Objects. Sounds super yucky. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  20. Munching on new hay :-). Mmmmm you need meat like us moggies lol xx

  21. Have you ever bred your boys? ^_^ xxx

    • I haven’t for a couple of reasons.

      I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to be able to know how to care for baby piggies or deal with potential complications.
      The majority of my boys are rescue piggies and actually from unwanted litters with unknown heritage so I couldn’t be sure of breeding healthy piggies.
      And finally, I do feel that if you have space for more piggies, there are piggies in rescues who need the second chance at life that you can give them.

      I hope that answers your question ^_^


  22. That was so fun, you all eat hay like I eat long red liquorice..HA. Nibble, Nibble, Nibble…to the very end. I don’t tend to sit ON my food but I am a rather picky eater. I don’t like to be fussy, but I always give the server all kinds of extra things to think about….Like dark toast, lightly buttered or easy on the cheese, dressing on the side…well, you get the idea 😀

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