Fuss Me Friday

I don’t ask for much but I do like a good snuggle in the morning. Yesterday morning I wheeked and wheeked and Mummy . . . didn’t come straight away. Of course, this just won’t do, so I chewed my cage clip in just the right way that it popped open, squeezed passed the food bowl and out of the cage. On the floor now, I gave myself a little shake down.

Now to find the hoomans. “I’m just coming piggies.” Mummy’s sing song voice called from the kitchen. Bother! She was not going to be happy to see me out of my cage . . . again. I am the reason there is stuff propped against the cage all night and only moved to give us breakfast in the morning.

I climbed the cage and peeked in. Buddy sat at the breakfast bowl sniggering. “Not funny, you’ve gotta let me in!” I hissed.

“Basil!” said Mummy’s shocked voice behind me.

Without waiting to hear what she had to say, I made a mad dash for behind the cage and ducked under the pile of newspapers.  “He let himself out.” said my little hoomans voice from the sofa, “I don’t think he even noticed I was in here!”

I peered up and saw him leaning over the edge of the sofa and smiling at me. Busted!

“Basil.” Mummy called sternly. There was nothing else for it. I strolled round the cage and to where she stood, looking up with my biggest innocent eyes.

As if I would do anything naughty Mummy! Really, I’m shocked you’d even suggest such a thing.



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  1. GAH! Basil! That was very naughty…. But when you need some cuddles and some morning dinner, you sometimes have to take matters into your own paws. Your humans will need a Plan B to keep you inside. Actually, they’re probably up to Plan W by now.

    Love and licks,

  2. OMD Basil you are a Houdini. Pawsome pal. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I can’t imagine you doing anything naughty!

  4. Basil I believe you..i am sure it was all a misunderstanding……..hahahah hugs Fozziemum xxx

  5. Basil and naughty? never. That are the eyes of an innocent angel :o)

  6. Whee can’t get our cage because our mommy has a top latch so, if we wheek she’ll come but, we have to wait. I wish we could convince her to give us a cage that we can freely walk in and out of but, there is the dog so, I guess she is doing it for our safety.

    Cookiebear and Piglet

  7. Basil you are a little escape artist.MOL I guess you just want to have some adventures on your own. Shame on the hooman for not coming the instant you wheeked. You do an excellent job with the sweet and innocent face. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    We just came from Nylablue’s site. We saw the link to your lullaby. We listened to your lullaby and thought it was beautiful; It touched our hearts. I am sure Sherri-Ellen will be touched by it too. You are very kind.

    • I’m so glad you liked the song whee left for Nylablue. It took a few attempts to record it because Mummy kept crying. She has hardly sung it since whee lost Nutty so it means a lot. Whee are all thinking of dear Nylablue


  8. You were just keeping the little human entertained!

  9. I have an escape-proof cage my friend, you’re lucky they put up with you.

    Incidentally, I have a little stuffed Juarez on my bed from G-force. Every time I snuggle with her I think of you.

    Glad you got your cuddles, you sem like a sweet guy under all that mischief.

    Oh, right, and you should go to alfafa’s house next time he Maintenance Guy is over…free grass! Think you could manage an escape across the Atlantic little spy pig?

    • Hehehe I might be able to! You never know. Mummy says she is just glad I haven’t yet mastered stair climbing as I’d be unstoppable then! Mummy says I’m always sweet with my little hooman and a troublemaker for her. I’m sure I don’t know what she means! ^_^

      All our love to the Wigglewhiskers


  10. Hope that teaches mommy a lesson that when a piggy wants cuddling, she best cuddle the piggy. Have a great Wheekend my piggy friends.

  11. You guys are toooo cute!! Love the Halloween theme right now 🙂

  12. You were just exercising your rights as a free piggy. Slaves get locked up. Criminals,also. What was your crime? I can get you off.

  13. Uhoh……Basil you little adventure seeking boy – couldn’t wait for your Mummy to come to you so you snuck out of the cage huh? Sounds like you didn’t get in TOO much trouble though!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. Now how smart is THAT, Basil, that you could outsmart all the “experts” that develop these cages? We think the little hooman that was watching you escape should have been providing some cuddles instead of watching though! Maybe your mummy should talk to the littles?

  15. Woa Basil you’re just a shield agent aren’t you! 😮 Highly trained in specialist missions! And above all it sounds like you’re the perfect alarm clock >_<

  16. princess guinea and ariel

    I do not have clips on my cage so i don’t even have a chance of escaping!!

  17. Good gosh, good thing your little cage isn’t perched up too high !!! You might have fallen down. You sure know how to get those snuggles though, cause youz too irresistible.

  18. HAHAHAHA!!! Basil you are such a wee scoundrel for escaping…I bet the Humans can’t stay upset with you for too long can they?? I know I couldn’t…Nylablue & you must be related! Today after I brought her in I saw the litter condo needed to be secured on the patio. I went outside & had left the heavy glass door only open an inch or so…After securing the condo I stood up & turned around & there was Nylablue sauntering along thru the wet grass!!!!!!!!!!!!! It did not register at first & then I realized ‘Miss Houdini’ had somehow gotten thru the slightly open door. I scooped her up gently & brought her back inside…I am SURE she was smiling!
    You & she keep us on our toes! I thought it a bit of good that she even had the energy to think of sneaking out for a stroll….
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (right beside me where I can see her)

  19. BOL!!! Oh Basil! You skamp! Well, you almost had a most marvelous adventure to be sure!!
    Now, how comes the shrunken peep just let you go? See, I thinks you should have blamed them!! hehehe
    Yups!! With YOUR innocent eyes, your Moms would have NEVER thoughts you gots out (again) all by yourself….never.
    Nevermind. It never worked for me either….
    Ruby ♥

  20. Aww Basil you charmer you<:)

  21. hehehehe Basil you’re just a cheeky rascal just like me,great job on you Houdini act,xx Speedy

  22. Hey…Taylor does the innocent eyes technique, too!! Is there a “How to Manipulate Your Hoomans” manual that I am not aware of? 😉

  23. Did the innocent eyes work??

  24. Whee do love a naughtee piggie – Well done Basil. Snuggles, Snow, Daisy and Cinnamon.xxxx

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