Do You Love Piggies?!

Do you love/have/want piggies? Then whee have a site that might be useful to you! One of our hoomans favourite online hangouts The Guinea Pig Forum!

The background should be green but wordpress has decided they don’t like green today!

If you love piggies they have the Your Stories and Photos Section Where you can post about your own piggies or follow other piggies antics. (You wouldn’t believe some of the things whee have read on there!)

If you have piggies then the Guinea Pig Care Discussion Section is an absolute godsend in times of need. The Health and Illness Section has great resource ‘sticky’ pages and a wealth of members knowledge to advise you. (To quote our most recent time, was when Basil hurt his claw it was previous advice on there that helped us) The Behaviour Section really helps you understand the needs of your piggies and the stickies there include how to introduce piggies and read signs of dominance. It was where Mummy learnt all she knows about introducing us and whee have turned out alright! (ish!)

If you want piggies then you can learn everything you need to know beforehand and ask questions which piggy owners, including our hooman, will answer. The General Chat and Other Pet sections mean piggies aren’t the only focus and you can introduce all your other pets!

They also do great fundraising events for guinea pig rescues including the newly started monthly photo contest and one of the highlights of our hoomans year, Secret Santa for rescue piggies. A great idea that has been done there for a few years now. You sign up and then are sent the details of a piggy that is stuck in a rescue of Pigmass. You then put together a bundle of gifts which can be toys, treats, or anything else you might want to give to the piggy to make their Pigmass special. Whee are definitely doing it again, though somefurry needs two talk Buddy out of wanting to send pigtures of himself to the ladypigs! It took a lot to stop him last year!

So why not sign up, introduce yourself whether you are a bit interested and just starting out or have years of knowledge, whee know you would enjoy being part of such a great community. Whee hope to see you there! Our username is *Nibbles&Nugget* named after Mummy’s first two piggies!

Have a great Thursday

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


Disclaimer – Although TheGuineaPigForum requested a mention on the blog all views and opinions expressed are our own and whee were not paid in any way for this. Not even any parsley *hint hint Mummy*


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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. Good Morning guys……..nice of you to pass on this info to those interested in the wonderful world of piggies…….as you well know, I LOVE piggies of all sizes and types! That parsley looks quite nommy – I hope that was on the breakfast menu at your house today!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • It was but Mummy says she thinks whee might need an indoor parsley soon because the outdoor one is dying off over the autumn and winter and won’t be back till Spring. Whee can’t wait till Spring!


  2. We have no piggies but lots of piggy friends and we think they are darn cute. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I think that my guinea pig would actually kill for parsley with not even blinking! 🙂

  4. Guinea pigs can be the best friends ever. You can tell them all your sorrows and secrets (they never tell it) and they are always there for you. It’s sooo cool that they have their own forum!

  5. Yow dere iz a site bout n fer G-Piggiez?? Pawsum!!! Me never knew G-Piggiez cuud bee so furendly n nice…..Mum sayz she shuud have read diz sitte befur she brought Pookie home….butt she did not nose what she waz doing…she waz just takin him frum a bery sick Hu’man she knew. At leest she found Pookie a guud home befur me did sumfing stoopid!! Now dat we iz furendz me wishez me guud say SOWWY yo Pookie butt he livez outta toen now wif a big family…..
    G-PIGGIEZ ROCK!!! (Now me knowz!!!)
    Lub Nylablue xo

    • Well your hooman and you can consider us your g-pigs now, teaching you all there is to know about us. Rule number one, no eating the teacher. Rule number two, always obey rule number one. ^_^


  6. You posed for a picture. So you deserve some parsley! It’s only fair…

    Love and licks,

  7. Ahh a place for piggie lovers to unite 😀 and you’re the spokespiggie heehee!

  8. Do not work for free dude! Bite some toes! – A

  9. Oh, I loves piggies, thou I have never met on in the furs! That is soooo cool that there is a forum just for piggies and their peeps!! FABulous!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. I think you deserve some parsley!

  11. We think piggies are so cute, but with eight of us kitties, we don’t think the humans will be getting any. But we sure loved that final photo. Our mommy says that is a kissable face in her opinion. Purrs and hugs, lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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