Pigoween Partners? Four Eligible Bachelors!

Have you heard? Mollie and Misaki are throwing a Howl-o-ween ball! Hooray!

But whee need partners so if anyfurry else is thinking of going whee would love to find perfect partners for all four of us!

Somefurry to dance the night away with the babe magnet Buddy!
Somefurry to keep Basil out of the parsley punch and on the straight and narrow, or let him run wild if you prefer!


Buddy (left) Basil (right)

Somefurry to let little Nacho practice his flirting on (he’s getting good with the whiffles and innocent eyes!)
And somefurry to babysit little Noah and keep him out of trouble!


Nacho (left) Noah (right)

If you want to go with any of us please comment below with who you would like to go with and why! Mummy is The little hoomans are quite good with editing pigtures so whee are happy for whoever decides to go with each of us, to send us a pigture of them dressed up or not dressed up and she can edit us together.

Whee hope you will consider coming with one of us ^_^

Have a great Monday efurryone!

Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


ps. Also for dressing up Sammy the Cat is having a costume pawty! Are you dressing up for Sam-o-ween?


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  1. Oh you guys are all so adorable I can’t imagine that you won’t find dates for the Halloween Ball! If I run into any girls lookin’ for a handsome guy to dance the night away with I’ll send them your way!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Alfie’s looking for a date šŸ™‚ BOL xxoxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Good luck in finding the perfect partners dear boys!

  4. We can’t wait to see your dates and you both all dressed up. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You’re adorable. They’ll be lining up!

  6. Kismet needs a date. She’s very good and doesn’t squawk too much or drop too many feathers on the floor.

  7. Oh how exciting! There are four of us here, and we’d love to be your dates! There’s Me, Nalle, Apollo, and Zoe (http://swamizoe.blogspot.com)! Wooooooowoooooooo!

  8. Annie’s taken, but the funny bit is she’d eat ALL the food and keep Basil in line. The only one calm enough for Sophie was Nutty. If you need party crashers, I’ve got four boars who could bring the place down to a pile of wet streamers.

  9. I’m sure you guys won’t have any trouble getting dates!

  10. With this hats you will get 87 dates (within a minute) I’m sure. Maybe I should wear a hat too?

  11. Ya’ll are so handsome my friends! You will most definitely find dates… hot dates at that. XOXO – Bacon

  12. You will find some pretty dates guys,xx Speedy

  13. da tabbies o trout towne

    doodz…handsome az ewe all R…dates will be a piece oh cake…N speekin oh pie…happee mackerull monday šŸ™‚

  14. Have a fun time, can’t wait to see who you go with!

  15. Aw…if I hadn’t already promised Sammy, I’d be delighted to accompany one of you to the ball. I’m sure you all will find lovely ladies for dates!
    Love, Sundae

  16. princess guinea and ariel

    i can’t wait to show off my hat!

  17. If Buddy is still available, I’d be happy to get photoshopped with him!

    Love and licks,

  18. Doggy would be happy to go with any of you guys, but this year he’s going with me.

  19. Oh Boys you look adorable…I am sure if you can’t rustle up a chicky babe that three of the girls here would be happy to escorts you…Dinnermintz will take Apollo so she’s the only one with a date! but Pickles (great at escapes) Cleo (great at climbing ) and Marbles (very mature ) are free šŸ˜‰ Hugs Fozziemum xx

  20. You all just look very handsome and can’t wait to see your dance dates!
    Nom Nom would like to go as well — dance and meet efurrryone. But not many of your furrfriends know him and I am not that good at photo editing šŸ˜¦ You guys think your mummy can help Nom Nom find a date and get him a halloween makeover?

  21. Hey guys – Nibblet is going and doesn’t technically have a date yet if Noah is still looking for a lady!

    • I would be honored! Hooray! ^_^ Would you like to edit a pigture, or would you like our hooman too? Whee aren’t sure if you get messages from the blog so whee will post this over there too, apologies if you are reading it twice!


      • Cool! Hmmm it doesn’t matter to me, you guys make some pretty nice photoshop type stuff. Do you mind if I let you make it? You can email me or leave me a comment or tweet me lol. Let me know if you need a pigture – I can tweet you or email you, otherwise feel free to use any pigtures of Nibblet you want!

  22. Hey were those stars here before when I read the squeek post…? They’re so sparkly and magical.. oehhh.. I can’t wait to see your little princesses!

  23. Annabelle and MollySue say you all looks so handsome. They are still thinking over their costumes.

  24. I can’t imagine you will be single for long!

  25. Yow G-Piggiez did ya get datez yet??
    Mum n me submitted me pigture fer Sam-O-Ween n we are bringin snackz too!!
    Me not shure me up to 2 pawtiez…..sowwy….me would go wif all of ya….how cuud anykat make a choice wif *4* hansum G-Piggiez to choose frum šŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue ā¤

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