Whee have been trying lots of new things. Unfortunately, some aren’t as tasty as others!

This is my reaction to my first taste of broccoli! Yuck!

What things have you tried that you didn’t like?




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  1. Broccoli is one of those things that you either LOVE or HATE…..there’s no “in between” !! I don’t like meat myself…..I like stuff like chicken, turkey, seafood but not meat. YUCK. Hope your Sunday is full of stuff you DO like to eat!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Once, Mom dropped some shredded cabbage on the floor when she was making cole slaw. I brought it to the rug, chewed it and spit it out. Yuck is yuck. Your face says it all. At least we tried…..

    Love and licks,

  3. Aw…..look at that tiny little tongue! Cute picture, Nacho. Maybe you’ll have something extra yummy to make up for it!
    Love, Sundae

  4. You’re so cute if you dislike something. I don’t like broccoli much but I don’t really dislike it either.

  5. Mom says that broccoli is a tough veggie to like but it grew on her.

  6. Anything green for us….we don’t like veggies. Have a serene Sunday and enjoy your big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. You’re a smart piggy, Nacho. Stuff in the cabbage family (cruciferous vegetables) can make piggy tummies very sick. Also, it is my personal opinion that anything that smells like dirty socks when cooked cannot possibly be edible. How much palate-cleansing parsley did you have to eat to get the taste out of your mouth? You should demand carrot compensation.

    • It did take a lot of parsley! Mummy said as the hoomans were having some for their tea whee could all have some too. Apparently it used to be a favourite with Nibbles but he wasn’t allowed it often. The others liked it but I pulled such a face!


      • Again…smells like dirty socks. Your judgment is SOUND.

        It’s fall…why can’t she give you something better like apples or pears? I am no fan of pumpkin (allergic anyway), not sure if piggies like pumpkins. The pie ones can be prepped and cooked down though. If you’ve got any bakers in the hooman clan, could be fun to try — yummier than the canned stuff for soup and tarts and muffins. Does the UK go nuts for “pumpkin spice” everything the way they do in the US?

      • None of us really like pears but whee do enjoy apple occassionally. Mummy said she cut down on how much she was giving us because her furfriend’s piggy got a sore on his lip from too much apple! Ouch!

        Mummy said she is going to check but she thinks whee are allowed pumpkin ^_^


      • Pumpkin is like squash and melons and such, and the pie pumpkins are meant for eating. I’ve never given any to my set because all I’d want would be a few raw slices, not the whole thing. Can’t cook the rest down, I’m allergic — to eating or if my skin even touches it. But if someone you know can help cook down the rest for use, why not?

  8. hahahaha my mom makes the same face when she has to eat broccoli! Maybe that’s the common broccoli-face? I don’t like any vegetables and fruits – except carrots.

  9. Aww you are so cute! My mum says she could just eat you up! Don’t worry I’ll stop her! I don’t think I would like broccoli either =^.^=

  10. I love broccoli but I like your reaction to broccoli better. Teeny tongue.. 🙂
    Things I have tried and didn’t like~anchovies!!!!

  11. Hehehe,Not some thing I’ve tried but then mummy doesn’t like it so I doubt I’ll get to trie that one,xx Speedy

  12. Yow Nacho…broccoli iz bery odd izn’t it?? As fer me…COD! YUCK! Shrimp…meh! Me iz a tuna-tuna sort of kitteh. Me doez like salmon butt it iz so rich it givez me tummy ache…so no salmon fer me 😦
    Me haz tried dem fancy Feest’z wif da veggiez in it….YUCK!! It iz hard to like veggiez when one iz a carneevore!!! 😉
    Fussy aren’t we Nacho??
    ~~head rubz~~ frum Nylalbue xo

    • Whee are super fussy! Keeps those hoomans on their toes.

      I always look at new foods as if to say, this is not the meal I ordered hooman. Fetch something else and don’t come back without parsley compensation for your incompetence. It’s a very easy to read look!


      • Mum tried to give me furresh parsley…me wuud not eat it but me did lick it a bit!!! Me drivez Mum cwazy orderin food 4, 5, 6 timez durin da day….she will put out 4 bowlz of food n me just laffz n laffz….den me choosez what me wantz to eat!!! 😉
        keepin Hu’Manz on dere toesiez iz our job fer shure!!! 😉
        Lub Nylablue xoxoxoxo

  13. We don’t blame u for not liking yucky broccoli. Our Momma likes broccoli but we think it smellz nasty. (Our Dad agreez with us.) We dont like any veggibles. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

  14. I basically eat anything that won’t eat ME but the only thing I tasted recently that I DON’T like is my antibiotic I was on last week. Also, guess what? Mom is making BROCCOLI tonight! BOL! You will have to come over (wink) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  15. He’s allergic to broccoli-it’s an instant laxative in a big way. We get it sometimes from Her when He’s away.

  16. Lerttuce…momz sez it’s good but I just can’t see it…

  17. Henry hates Whiskers cat food lol 🙂

  18. princess guinea and ariel

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Guinea pig tongue! 👅

  19. Annabelle and MollySue did not like broccoli at first either and now they do, although they do not have it very often. This morning they had a taste of pair and loved it.
    They would not touch cucumber and buried it in their bowl.

    • I have been known to throw bits of food I don’t like out of the cage and the hoomans don’t find it until it starts smelling and it’s down the back of the sofa or bookshelf!


  20. maybe it will grow on you 😛

  21. Oh dude! I’m with you on that broccoli stuffs!! Yuk indeed! I tried some white mushrooms that Ma dropped on the floor…didn’t care for those much
    Ruby ♥

  22. The mom says that just because we like broccoli doesn’t mean it likes us; so we’ve only had it once. We got a good long walk out of it that one time though. She said she needed a LOT of fresh air after that.

  23. Gorgeous 🙂 I have tried Windows 8 and dislike it hehehheheheehe hugs Fozziemum xx

  24. That second photo is brilliant – you look so lovely and cute and unimpressed!!

  25. Bawahwhahhwha I thought you little furball would love broccoli, I love it but Alf thinks it’s YUCK..BOL xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. I don’t think I’d like it either. But I LOVE your new header!

  27. Cinnamon and Daisy love broccoli, Snuggles prefers just the stalk, although she loved the whole thing when she was pregnant.

  28. Hey Nacho – my Nibblet was also not a fan of broccoli!

  29. My hubby ordered a Pickled Asparagus Spear for his Gin Caesur instead of the usual Celery Stick. So I thought I’d try one too. Yuck, really really horrible. The moral of this story is, “don’t aways listen to your husband if you have one, stick with what you know”. 😀

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