Because Buddy Is Nice

I am nice. There’s no two ways about it! With Basil having a poorly paw I felt sorry for him and let him sit in my the tent when Mummy let us wander in the garden. She put down fleece blankets efurrywhere for us to walk on so Basil didn’t hurt his paw more which was nice. Carpet! Hehehe

Basil wasn’t all that grateful about my tent sacrifice and spent most of his time pulling threads out of it but Mummy says she is proud of me. I didn’t try to chase, scare, sneakily get him out or any other naughtiness. I just sat in the doorway of it and squeaked at him. Mummy got these pigtures when whee were excited because a little hooman was bringing some grass over!

I have been taking good care of Basil too. Fetching him pieces of food and being extra snuggly. The hoomans had nicknamed me Dr Bud Bud. Here is a pigture of Basil’s toe today. It looks pretty strange but it is clean, a healthy pink colour and Mummy is happy with how it look. The vet-man will have a look at it to make sure it’s alright too but as an expert Dr piggy I think he is on the mend!


Have you had to make allowances for sick or hurt furfriends?

Have a terrific Tuesday efurryone

Dr Buddy


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  1. Dr Buddy to the pigscue! that looks really good that tootsie..nice and pink good circulation,not puffy or red no infection soo I am tipping the Vet (with almost as much knowledge as yourself Buddy ) will be pleased with mums care and diligence lovely pigtures too what a pair of cutie patooties hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. Nice work, Dr. Bud Bud. You are a good brother. We think the paw looks good. I only take care of Mom. When she had knee surgery, I laid my head on her sore knee. She said the word, “Ouch! Move your bony head off my stitches.” That means it felt better….. Right??

    Love and licks,
    Dr. Cupcake

    • That is definitely how it works. Like when they say be nice to your Mummy because she has a headache and you squeak reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally loudly in her ear. Ear isn’t the same as head so it’s fine.

      Dr Bud Bud

  3. Dr Bud Bud you are a pawsome furend. We know you are looking after Basil really well. Yes we have to make allowances all the time for ancient Pip but we don’t mind as we love her. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Dear Dr. Bud Bud……you and your Mummy did an EXCELLENT job with Basil’s recent mishap. We were quite concerned when we heard about his “accident” but with Mummy taking care of it when she discovered it and YOU keeping an eye on him when he’s running about, I’d say Basil is one lucky piggy!! Let’s hope the vet says “good job Buddy and Mummy” when he sees Basil’s little piggy paw. Well done!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Mummy was really worried as it did look pretty bad but thankfully it seems to be healing well. Mummy is glad she didn’t take any pigtures when it was really bad, that would have scared efurryone a lot. This is pretty neat and clean looking!

      My patient is currently jumping on and off the pigloo. Whee are going to be having words about that!

      Dr Bud Bud

  5. I bet you will get extra treats for that!!

  6. My mum’s mum has a dog called Otto who had a toe removed last week as it kept weeping. We are waiting for lab results and praying not cancer 😦 xxx You look after yourself

  7. Love the nickname, Dr. Bud Bud! You are so sweet to take care of Basil. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  8. So cute. The good thing is that claws heal fast.

  9. I’m glad Basil is in best paws. Who needs Dr. House, when you have Dr. Bud Bud? Good luck for the vet-guy-visit Basil!

  10. kuddos to you dr. bud bud!
    basi, hope your paw recovers soon.

    dr. bud bud, i have a quick question… nom nom baby’s not letting me clip his nails… and i am starting to get worried that he might get hurt. can you suggest how i can have this process over with smoothly and quickly?

    disclaimer: i got to know much later about having to clip piggy nails and had only done it once and at that time it was rather easier… but now he just runs off seeing the clipper…


    • The best advice whee can give is check out these videos.

      I’m very naughty so Mummy has to get the vet to do mine. Maybe if you get a vet to do it and show you how it will be much easier.

      Hope this helps


    • Patience.

      I’ve been doing this for 23 years. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and get them used to the idea that if you sit like that with their back against your legs they aren’t going to DIE, as everything in their brain says being flipped over is a bad thing. Work that until you can get them relatively calm, then start handling their feet until they are more comfortable with that. I don’t use animal clippers, I use regular human fingernail clippers. Nail clipping isn’t a one-shot-you’re-done that way. I sculpt down tiny bits from the side. I’ve had pigs who would only stay flipped for one tiny snip at a time. Whenever a pig starts fussing, I flip them back over and pet them and cuddle for a minute or two, then flip & clip again. It can sometimes take a long time for very fussy pigs, but it gets the job done. The very fussy ones never like it done, but they do get progressively less hostile about it over time.

      • Great tips there. I’ve already started practising holding Noah and Nacho like that occassionally to get them used to the position. Nacho likes to have his belly rubbed (he’s weird like that!) so doesn’t mind it at all. Noah squeaks blue murder!

      • I start at 2 weeks or as young as possible. It’s also the easiest way to medicate and force feed, and makes vet trips easier. Liking tummy rubs isn’t so weird, but it is silly and cute. 🙂

      • We started Noah on his first little trim yesterday. He was so shocked he just stayed absolutely still. Thankfully I don’t think we have another diva!


      • Thanks Val and Dr. Bud Bud and Mummy for the tips. At first I used the human nail clippers and he let me clip them the first time with less trouble. But the next time when I sat down he immediately knew the reason. He did the same for baths and refused to come to me to get his favorite treats. For baths, I gave him just a quick water bath last month and plan to do it few more times just so that he gets used to the idea and fusses less during his actual bath. For nail clipping, he lets me hold him and look at his nails (when he’s bee-z eating) but I become his enemy the minute he sees the clippers.
        Dr. Bud Bud can you show me videos or photos of your Mummy holding you and your brothers on the back. Nom Nom gets tickle y when I rub his belly.

      • Refused to come? You give him a choice? Probably the first mistake. 😉

  11. Buddy you are taking great care of Basil and his paw looks good to me! I have had to make concessions this entire week because my Sheltie brother has been sick. He is on antibiotics and eating special fuds and seems to be much better now. Love, Cody

  12. Y’all are so cute….. glad Basil is on the mend! You’re a good furriend, Buddy!

  13. Oh Dr Bud Bud – you are so kind as to take care of Basil like you’re doing. I’m so glad to see that things are looking better for his little paw. Ya’ll take care my friends! XOXO – Bacon

  14. Good job being a great friend, and good to hear Basil is doing well. You wouldn’t have the luxury of a vet trip for those claws with me dude, we’d be doing battle. You’re a big little dude, but we’ve had three pounders before, so I’m ready for that kind of boar brawn.

    • I am very chubby and pretty strong which I use against the hoomans a lot. Eventually it just became easier to get them done once a month at the vet than fight. Mummy always says loudly how she doesn’t have to do this with the others. I’m always a diva at the vets. Hitting them, pulling and chewing on things I shouldn’t. They don’t look forward to my visits much!


  15. da tabbies o trout towne

    buddy…way awesum oh ewe ta take care oh basil….N hay, can ewe guys eat cat grass ? ya grow it inside in a small container N itz free frum pesticides N all that kinda junk…takes bout ten days frum seed…!!

  16. Glad you’re on the mend! Woooooowoooooooo!

  17. You are such a sweetie!

  18. Aw you are such a good brother Buddy – we’re sure you being kind is helping with the healing.
    Wally & Sammy

  19. Dr. Bud Bud, maybe you should start your own column on how brothers are supposed to take care of each other. Mom keeps reminding us that we should take care of each other but we don’t always listen. We chase each other around instead. Shakespeare had a manicure and pedicure the last time he saw the doctor man and Mom found out that he yelled lots. Mom told him that he wasn’t being killed, but he didn’t believe her. At least you could tell Basil that he would be ok and because you were lovingly taking care of him, he believed you. Good job!!!

  20. Your a good big brother Buddy do take care of your younger siblings okay?

    • I take good care of him when he is sick. And they say animals don’t feel anything! If whee didn’t and it was just survival of the fittest, I wouldn’t be taking care of him so much.


  21. Oh man! How did I miss this?? I’m so sorry abouts the paw!! It looks FABulous though! You rock Dr. Bud Bud!!! It sounds like you like your claws clipped as much as I like mine cute!! BOL
    I also go to the vetties to have mine done! Just this last week. They do a pawsome job there!
    You are a PAWSOME brudder!
    Ruby ♥

  22. The recent past has been unkind. Big problems with the N’s. Now, problems so soon with the B’s? Unacceptable.

    • It has been very unkind. Luckily things do look to be improving now. Aside from Basil’s paw which is still a little sore whee are all relatively happy. Trying to find positive thoughts helps a lot!


  23. That’s so sweet of you, Buddy!

  24. Good job Dr Bud Bud,xx Speedy

  25. Whaaat fetching him pieces of food? That’s so sweeeeet Buddy! :3

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