Distressing Day

Hi guys. I’m still a bit shaken up, as is Mummy but I’m going to tell you about a scary accident I had at the wheekend. Mummy had been out all day because she is sorting through her Grandma and Grandpa’s things at their house. She says the house sounds odd now it’s getting emptier. When she got back, she came to check on us piggies and I was sitting very quiet and still in my pigloo. She knew straight away something was wrong and lifted me out. The inside of my pigloo and the fur on my tummy looked like the scene of a murder. There was a lot of blood.

Mummy was crying a bit because she was scared and checked my mouth first. Then my nose. Then my eyes. Then my ears. Then my fur. But she couldn’t work out what was going on. She lifted me up and then spotted it. On my back white paw, I am now missing one whole claw, right down to the toe. There was a lot of dirt in it and so Mummy knew what to do. Even though I was scared and it hurt, I lay down and offered out the paw for Mummy. She began flushing it out with little tubes of saline. (Saline is essentially boiled water with salt dissolved in it and cooled. In an emergency, you can make your own.)

When it was cleaned off and my fur was cleaned off and the bleeding stopped (you can use styptic powder which is available from your vet or some pet stores labelled as wound powder to stop bleeding) , Mummy sat me down on a blanket and cuddled me in front of the TV for most of the evening. Buddy has been trying to look at my foot and look after me but I am a little grumpy.

No one can understand how or why this happened. My claws were only clipped two days before so weren’t long at all and weren’t sharp. There was nothing in the cage apart from the pigloos and a cardboard tube because the toys were being cleaned this wheekend. Sometimes accidents happen that whee cannot prevent but they are really scary. Luckily, Mummy has the lovely hoomans on the guinea pig forum she is part of who were able to give her quick comforting, but she was very upset and feels guilty something like this happened.

I’m very quiet today and she is watching me carefully for any signs of infection, including:

– Pus or something coming from the wound.

– The foot feeling warm to the touch

– Limping and/or squeaking in pain

– Not eating or drinking, etc.

I am eating and drinking fine at the moment but I am limping a little. Mummy says this is understandable but as I still had the energy to break out of my cage, and jump out and run around, she thinks I will be just fine!

Has anything ever happened to you that upset your hooman and made them feel guilty? How can you make hoomans feel better about it?

Have a lovely Monday efurryone



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  1. Oh Basil, what rotten luck for you but it sounds like Mummy cleaned you up fine. She musn’t blame herself though as accidents do happen, however well you plan to prevent them. Heal quickly dear boy.

  2. Oh Basil how scary for you and mummy …these things can happen and sometimes they teach us a new way of caring for our precious ones.I had a girlfriend who worked at the shelter I used to volunteer at..she was a well versed animal person with rescued dogs,cats,sheep,chickens.geese….well you get the idea..she was in a terrible state one morning as she had lost her beloved doggie.He had found the big bag of dry dog food and could not get his head out and she found him suffocated..she was bereft with grief and guilt.I learned from this and our dry doggie kibble is store in big childrens wheelie bin toy tubs. Forrest also cut his thigh badly on some corrugated iron we had leaning against the house years ago..we felt terrible,humans are human Basil but we learn.I hope your little foot feels better soon big hugs to you and mummy Fozziemum xx

    • Whee live and learn. I have huggled the hooman and she is feeling much happier with me today because I was popcorning


      • Yay..you are a good boy Basil 🙂 we do live and learn..and nails can be tricky..even a little nail hooked in some fabrics can hurt..we had Docs dew claws removed because he ripped them so many times and we talked to the vet who said it was best to do it under an anaesthetic than have him do even more damage to himself..you can’t slow a fox terrier down..so we did this and he had no problems..i do hope your tootsies mend quickly..big kissies to them Fozziemum xx

  3. Once my dog friend Nikki broke one of her nails off. The vet did surgery to take the leftover nail piece out. It hurt her a lot before and after the surgery. Her mom also felt very sad that she could not have prevented this, but some things cannot be prevented. Nikki’s mom never figured out how it happened. Don’t worry, B. Your mom is smart and brave. She will take good care of you till you’re good as new.

    Love and extra licks,

    • She brought up an interesting point — it might get ingrown and nasty without vet help. At least it’s not a bumblefoot though — I’ve had two of those, they are a crash course in serious wound care. :/

      • I’ve not dealt with bumblefoot but I’ve heard horror stories. Paws aren’t usually an issue for me so this is something a bit out of the ordinary. The last time I dealt with something similar must have been about six years ago when Nibbles broke his claw, though not as much off as this. I rushed to the vet in a flap that time and they calmed me down. Honestly, Nibbles hardly reacted. It was me making all the fuss not him!

        ~ Amy

      • I have a few horror stories to add to whatever you’ve heard about bumblefoot.

      • I shudder to think. The lady I know who dealt with it said her piggy would squeal in pain when it walked, the poor thing.

        Basil’s toe looks pretty good this morning. It’s clean, a normal colour and shape. It just doesn’t have a claw. It’s the oddest thing to look at. He won’t stop popcorning even though I’m trying to get him to rest it for now. It’s like he has springs in his feet today!

        We’re off to the vets later so that should be fun. Last time I went with this pair. Basil tore up a vet nurse’s paper apron and Buddy flung himself around dramatically, bashing his head into the vets chin!

        How is everything going with the piggies and the move?

        ~ Amy

      • I never had it that bad because I was always diligent to keep them super clean, which could take up to two hours a day to carefully disinfect. One old guy got it because his arthritic claw grew sideways into the pad.

        Glad things sound better today.

        Move went okay, though my entire herd stampeded on Sunday (thank you Frederick and Harville) and Benwick took a flying leap out of his box (his daddy’s son for sure) and landed — very confused — on the bed. My friend found him cuddled against the pillow. All seems well, though Wentworth and Benwick were driving me nuts last night because Bee was yelling at Dubsie because Wentworth was super happy to see me again (they’d been here by themselves since Saturday).

        The bed is too soft, I have no furniture, I don’t want to unpack, I really don’t want to clean, but I think it will be okay when I have my own furniture and such and it feels like home. It is too quiet here though.

    • Thank you. Mummy is thinking about popping me to the vets on Tuesday evening with Buddy who needs his claws clipping but it too difficult for anyfurry at home to do it.


  4. Feel better soon my little friend! Love you!

  5. All of us Mommy’s take everything so personal, that’s how we are! We care so much for our animals that we wish nothing but good, but other things do happen and the best way to handle them is to be calm and take care of business. Your Mommy did just that, as she is a great Mommy who cares a lot about you. Even though you don’t know how your little accident happened, your Mommy knew what to do, and that is a good thing! Keep up the good work Mommy and don’t feel bad. Glad you are ok Basil!

  6. Oh Basil you poor thing! I hope it heals soon and you get lots of extra treats in the meantime! Bisous Bailey

  7. Poor Basil! What a mystery that you could hurt your little claw somehow so badly but I’m so happy your Mummy knew just what to do. I’m sure the cuddle you had with her helped both of you get over the unhappy and scary incident. Hopefully your little foot will be better today and no infection will occur…..perhaps you got your claw stuck on something and in trying to get “unstuck” you pulled just a bit too hard and it tore your claw and toe right off? Gosh Basil – I am so happy you’re OK. Give your Mum lots of cuddles today so she knows you’re alright.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Fortunately Mummy knew what to do as this had happened with Nibbles when he was a baby, about five or six years ago. She rushed him to the vet and was taught how easy it is to care for something like this. It is much better today and has clotted over on the end really well with no dirt in it which is good. Whee can’t find the missing claw which Mummy thinks would give us more of a clue as to what happened but some things are just mysteries.

      Have a great Monday


  8. O no, poor you and mummy what a nasty thing to find. Sending a big hug to you all!

  9. Oh no poor you Basil. What a scare. We send healing vibes and lots of POTP. Take it easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Oh my Basil!! What a scare! Thankfully your Mom kept a calm head and knew exactly what to do. I am hoping you are well soon, you have a smart Mama and she shouldn’t feel guilty. My Mom gave Dakota processed popcorn this past week and he got sick and Mom felt like an idiot. We aren’t completely sure it was the popcorn that made him sick but that is the only thing we can think of that did it. Mom felt BEYOND GUILTY!! We don’t think your Mom did anything wrong. Accidents happen. Sending much love!

  11. Povodone iiodine’s the thing to keep around, it’s the best disinfectant (not only is it antiseptic for bacteria, it’s also antifungal), and I find if I soak the pad of a bandage for me then blot the extra off the back, it works better than antibiotic ointment for most things, and will actually draw the would for something like an ingrown. Betadyne is the brand they sell here. I worked on a ranch long enough to roll my eyes at “For Vetrinary Use Only” because the equine aisle of a a tack and feed store is a pretty great place to get stuff for a first aid kit. I say get it checked out by the vet because that’s the kind of thing that could go septic quickly, and guinea pigs can be the worst for hiding that they’re sick until it is too late. An injection might be all that’s needed to sort him out, but if there was dirt in it, iodine and vet would be my plan.

    That…and lots of hugs.

    Feel better soon Basil boy. My herd can’t say hello, but they actually stampeded yesterday when I opened the door, and poor Benwick took a flying leap and ended up cuddled and hiding on the bed. Like father, like son is an inderstatement — Wentworth once did that and miraculously was unhurt by the seven foot fall off the top bunk of the bed. Had to “fish” for him with a baby carrot clipped to a pants hanger clipped to another tubular clothes hanger…for an hour…before I could grab him. Today’s final moving day, so hopefully it goes well. Blessings for your afternoon cute pigs!

    • Whee haven’t heard of that stuff but Mummy will do some research and see what they have that’s the same here. I’m much better this morning but Mummy called the vet-man anyway and he said I should go with Buddy tomorrow evening when he has his claws clipped so I can get it checked. Buddy is such a diva they have to get the vet to clip his claws, at least I’m good about letting them do that. It’s the only time I do behave!

      Hope the moving all goes well and you have a great Monday


      • It’s the same kind of iodine vets and hospitals use. You can buy it for people at the drug store…or you can get the exact same stuff (in a bigger size) for cheaper at a feed store. I usually subdivide it to smaller bottles for first aid kits and such.

        It might be fine, but if it isn’t trimed right,it might be ingrown when it grows back.

        It’s easier when they knock out their teeth. :/

  12. Great your mum has other blogger to turn to for advise – huge hugs xxx

  13. Oh, poor Basil! Checkers once cut herself on a nail sticking out of the fence and Mommy didn’t notice it until it was too late to stitch it up. Mommy felt so guilty, but it healed good as new anyway and Checkers didn’t care! Don’t scare your mummy today, Basil! Keep eating and drinking and let her snuggle with you

  14. Oh no, Basis, that’s so sad. I had such an accident once too, it was awful. I hope your little paw is better soon and you are a happy piggy again.

  15. Oh Basil your poor little baby!! Thank goodness your mommy knew exactly what to do to make everything better. Get better soon my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  16. Poor baby. I know that had to hurt really bad. I am sure mommy will find the nail and solve the mystery.until then you take it easy.
    Your poodle friend
    Carma poodale

    • It seems it will remain a mystery, no nail was tracked down in our cage clean out today. Luckily I’m behaving more normally now so Mummy is less worried

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great wheek


  17. Basil you poor little guy. We hope you are feelin better now. We know your Mummy was probably really scared seeing blood on you. Kitteh hugs and kisses to You and your Mummy. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

  18. Oh Basil, I had a little eye injury accident at the doggie park this weekend. I hope you heal up all nice really soon! Woooooowooooooooo!

  19. Gosh how scary,its good you’re ok Basil,Mummy’s are always such worry worts aren’t they,hope it heals up quick,xx Speedy

  20. da tabbies o trout towne

    basil….furst off we iz sorree….we noe that haz ta hurt…sendin de blessings oh St Francis yur paw heelz reeeely quik….ya mite a caught it on sum thin< N tried ta pull free purrhaps…..N tell yur mum knot ta bee two hard on her self….itz knot her fault N her did a way awesum job makin sure ewe wuz aye oh kay !!!

  21. Wow. Mom had a dog that ripped out a claw on a walk, it was a bloody mess. Wonder how you did that to yourself?

    • The hoomans are guessing that I was trying to do one of my escape acts and got my claw hooked on something, panicked. and pulled hard enough to break it off.

      Mummy has combed the cage for clues, but so far nothing.


  22. feel for you Basil, I did that the other day AGAIN.. Now when I run it bleeds. Humom always feels guilty but we do heal quick.. Take it nice and easy xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  23. Whee are sorry to hear of your injury basil, whee hope you get better soon. It’s not your mum’s fault what happened and she shouldn’t feel guilty. Our mummy still feel guilty that she didn’t get Peaches’s to the vet the night before she died, she is still very sad but it won’t bring Peaches back.

    • It’s always the “what ifs” that hoomans seem worried about. As her pawrents told Mummy, I am alright now, and I’ll be fine. Whee cannot change anything whee have done, only what whee will do.

      *hugs to you about Peaches*


      • Thanks. Still grieving lots over Peaches but going to see a guineapig tomorrow as a companion for Snuggles. Grandma guineapig has had to put a guineapig ornament in her cage to Snuggle up to for now, as she appeared to be lonely.

  24. princess guinea and ariel

    poor basil, at least Noah can cheer him up!

  25. OMG I can only imagine how scary that was 😦 especially if you don’t know where it’s coming from.. it’s scary to touch your little animal then because you’re afraid you’l hurt it. I never had the guts to hold my hamsters too tight even when something was wrong, scared i’d give them more pain and make it worse. You guys are just seriously EHBO specialists, I love how you respond to piggie emergencies… all the best healing wishes for Basil!

    • Thank you. I have a bit of experience after keeping piggies most of my life so that helps. The worst part was his in-pain squeak as I was holding him. It’s the most awful whimpering-high-pitched noise and breaks my heart. I was as gentle as possible while I tried to work out where it was all coming from and it was scary picking him up but I didn’t have any alternative so I tried to be brave.

      I was shaky and had a good cry about it afterwards but I felt happier knowing I had helped him and knew what was wrong.

      ~ Amy

  26. Basil – you were so brave to hold your paw out so Mummy could clean and disinfect it! And a big hurray for Mummy for her first aid skills. Even if it ws heartbreaking to hear Basil whimper, at least he was not as scared since it was you who was helping him. Basil – glad you re better! Were you dancing too much?
    p.s. I had a bunny who ripped a nail off also and it was pretty bloody. The vet gave us antibiotics and wrapped his paw in a bandage and of course, he tried to chew the bandage off!

  27. Oh poor sweet Basil and your Mommy. MollySue and Annabelle are sending healing vibes and warmth.

  28. Aw Basil…we are sorry to hear of your ouch 😦 We are so glad that you have such a pawsome mummy though. Hope you feel better and heal up quickly.
    Wally & Sammy

  29. Poor Basil, I hope the wound heals fast. It wasn’t the fault of your human, but I can understand how she feels. I sometimes feel guilty if an accident happens. But we can’t prevent or foresee all and everything.

  30. Oh noes, sorry to hear about your ouchie. Sounds like one of those things that is no one’s fault. Hope it heals up soon

  31. BinkyBunnyHouse

    Oh Basil! How scary! Hope you’re on the mend soon little chappy x

  32. That sounds painful. I think you should work on her guilt and get extra treats!

  33. Awww feel better baby!

  34. Respect for your mom who knew what to do! I’d probably freak out and try not to faint.

  35. AWWW…. poor Basil! Gentle licks from me and Krissy… xxx

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