Follow Up Friday

Hello furry friends. It’s Buddy, your intrepid reporter back again with a follow up Friday.


Last Friday whee discussed the zoos keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together and the reasons why whee believe this is dangerous, along with the facts to prove this. You can read the full post here.

Well whee have a follow up with RSPCA Rachel Roxburgh, giving us this quote on what they think of zoos who keep rabbits and guinea pigs together:

“Experts advise that the best companion for a rabbit is another
friendly rabbit and for a guinea pig is another friendly guinea pig. Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together is not an ideal combination,” said RSPCA rabbit welfare scientist Rachel Roxburgh.

“In the past, one reason for keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together was the desire to provide companionship for these animals when it was considered unsafe to neuter rabbits.  This is no longer the case since rabbits of both sexes and male guinea pigs are now routinely neutered safely. Therefore rabbits may more safely, and far more appropriately, be kept with their own species, and it is not necessary to keep them with guinea pigs instead,” she continued.

The RSPCA advises against keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together for a number of reasons:

“The two species have different needs so keeping them together is not ideal. For example, rabbits and guinea pigs have different dietary needs. Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs cannot synthesise vitamin C and therefore this must be provided adequately within their diet.

“Rabbits can cause injury to guinea pigs, intentionally or unintentionally, by kicking them with their powerful back legs. Rabbits may also bully their guinea pig companion, which can make the guinea pig stressed if he/she cannot get away from the rabbit. Additionally, if the rabbit should attempt to mate the guinea pig, the rabbit is likely to cause injury to the guinea pig’s back and may also injure the guinea pig by biting him/her on the neck, which is part of normal rabbit mating behaviour.

“The bacteria, Bordetella bronchiseptica,is the most common cause of respiratory disease in guinea pigs. Rabbits, as well as cats and dogs, can carry this bacteria which can be passed to guinea pigs and cause disease. Therefore, due to the risk of infection, guinea pigs should not be housed with rabbits, and should be kept away from dogs and cats.

“Rabbits behave and communicate in very different ways to guinea pigs, so if kept together they will not understand the other species’ behaviour and therefore do not make ideal companions for one another.

“We would urge zoos to look at their housing policies, and where appropriate amend them to ensure the utmost health and welfare of the animals in their care. However if there is a situation where guinea pigs and rabbits are already kept together and get on well, it is best not to separate them as this could also cause welfare problems,” Rachel Roxburgh added.

So you see, it’s not just us. An internationally recognized society for preventing animal cruelty agree.

What do you think zoos with rabbits and guinea pigs kept together should do next? Do you think they need to change? Or maybe they need to agree that in the future they should not mix species? Afterall, you wouldn’t do it for any other animal so why should rabbits and guinea pigs matter less?

Our next plan is, as a was suggested previously, to contact a local paper and see if they help us get zoos thinking. Whee will update you as soon as whee have anything new. Like a dog with a bone, whee are not going to give up on this!

Until my next assignment

Reporter Buddy


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  1. No don’t give up it is something close to your heart and education is key. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Proceed Buddy this is important and just because creatures are small makes them no less important which is human thinking sometimes…but all creatures are important and should be housed and treated according to whats best for them…today in the car hubby stopped by the side of the road for me to pop a miniscule little inchworm that I found on my sleeve onto the grass verge..i couldn’t just flick him out the window and the car is not a nice place to live …so one very very very small creature was given a good chance at life…so you follow up ! Hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. I didn’t know that Guinea Pigs where even at the zoo, I have two of my own and I would never put them in the same cage with rabbits because rabbits tend to be aggressive to smaller animals; I did try to make friends with my rabbit and hamster the process failed miserable for, the rabbit never grew to like my little hamster so, rabbits are best to be alone or with other rabbits.

    This is something that many should consider when making friends for the animals, guinea pigs and rabbits sometimes do not mix.

  4. I think it is not good to mix up species, if they would fit together they would life together in nature too. I’m anyway not a fan of zoos. If I can help or support you with your plan, please let me know.

    • Whee will. Whee are currently appealing for any furry who knows of other places keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together in the UK so whee can target them all. Whee already know of a few farms who will be experiencing this cavies claws!


  5. Looking forward to how this plays out. Blessings for your weekend. 🙂

    • Whee took your advice and contacted two of the local papers, as Mummy’s Dad is a journalist he helped her phrase it in a way which will hopefully get their attention!


      • Hopefully it works. When the media work well, their primary function is to raise awareness.

        Unless you live in Los Angeles…

        The story that is all over the place today is how a guy bused a bunch of homeless people from Skid Row downtown (Los Angeles has the most sprawling Skid Row and the worst homeless problem in the U.S.) to Pasadena with the promise to pay these people to buy iPhone 5s for him. Fights broke out in line, the police caught on to the guy’s racket, he was arrested, and is refusing to pay the people or get them back downtown.

        What counts as news in L.A. is sensationalist or insane, unless something is on fire, then bring in the helicopters.

        But seriously, these critters deserve better, and my hunch is that badly housed rabbits/guinea pigs is the tip of the iceberg here. The rat thing actually disturbs me a lot more.

      • I’m in the process of researching rats and how they are kept because although it made me uneasy I really have no idea about keeping rats so I couldn’t ask more about that. That will be the next thing I tackle though. I’m finding out there are far more places keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together than I thought and I’ve got a real bee in my bonnet about it!


      • I’m betting they use those rats for food for bigger animals. Anytime you have a space full of rodents freely breeding? That’s bad news. The fact tgat you saw a sick one just underscores it. I’m only sorry my friend who died isn’t around, she knows — er, knew — a lot about keeping rats AND was a zookeeper.

  6. A rabbit is not a guinea pig with long ears.

  7. So many in the UK keep rabbits in with piggies, Pets at home over the road from us does.. Some people keep them in small hutches together. Good luck and don’t back down 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  8. keep at it guys you’re doing a great Job!xx Speedy and Rachel

  9. da tabbies o trout towne

    buddy…keep up de grate werk…thiz iz how change comez about……one step atta time……we hope everee one haza grate week oh end…..:)

  10. You stay on that, Buddy, but take a little time off to enjoy the weekend!

  11. Great report there Buddy.

  12. Good reportin’ there Buddy!! I thinks you should keep fightin’ the good fight. Maybe you can convince these zoos to divide the habitat into different sections for each (one for the wabbits and one for the piggies). Maybe you can gets volunteers to help and fund raise for the cost. I thinks some animal organizations would be willing to help with their time and knowledge!
    Great work!!! ☺☺
    Ruby ♥

    • The most frustrating thing is they have two pens side by side with rabbits and guinea pigs together in both. If they just put the piggies in one and the rabbits in the other there wouldn’t be all this fuss. Whee think they are just being stubborn now.


  13. EEowww Buddy yer reeportin iz pawsum!! me n Mum haz learned alot frum yer bloggiez n we fink Zooz shuud bee building propurr placez fer Bunnehz n propurr palcez fer da G-Piggiez. It wuud not cost alot n den all cuud be safe n healthy! Just makez guud sense to us!
    keep up da guud werk.
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

    • The most frustrating thing was there were two pens of bunnies and piggies so if the put all the bunnies in one and all the piggies in the other, whee would be happy.


      • Yow how STOOPID iz dat to mix da G-Pigz up wif da Bunnehz??? DUMMMM!! We areez dere shuud be one pen fer G-Piggiez n one fer da Bunnehz n eberybody stayz well n healthy 🙂
        Nylablue n Mum too!!

  14. My hubby is a journalist and it is amazing the power of the media. Keep up the good work x

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