Thankful Thursday – Two By Two

Just like Noah’s Ark had the animals go in two by two, this Noah also knows that piggies are happier in pairs!

As promised here is the video of our furry first meet up.

You will notice it is in a place whee don’t often show, our hallway. Where neither of us had ever been before, what is known as neutral territory. Whee have two shoe boxes, both with two holes cut in different sides to allow for escape. Then the shoe box lids are filled with hay and herbs which provide a perfect piggy buffet! Although whee must confess to playing with out food and throwing it around! Whee also had a loofah chew each, a bowl of vegetables, a small bowl of food and our hoomans close at hand to watch over us. There is an excellent page on the guinea pig forum which taught the hooman efurrything she knows about recognizing signs of dominance and how to bond piggies, however the site is currently down so whee cannot link you to it this time!

Whee hope you are as happy as whee are with the outcome of our ‘date’. Whee are so thankful to have one another this Thursday.


What are you thankful for?

Have a great day efurryone

Nacho & Noah


ps. This is the last day to enter our Don’t Parsley Me By Pigture Contest

pps. What do you think of the latest header drawn by one of our little hoomans?


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  1. Yay Yay Yay! What a gorgeous pair 😀

  2. You two look so happy and comfortable together. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  3. Oh you really do the best videos! I’m so glad you have each others back. It’s pawesome! I have a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy now! And tell you little hooman they are very talented, I love the new header! =^.^=

  4. We are so pleased you are getting on. Onwards and upwards. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. What a great video – and it sure looks like you guys have bonded already and will be the best of buddies. Noah is so little and I love his furs – he looks like a little punk rocker…. 😉 We couldn’t be happier that little Nacho has a new friend…..can’t wait to hear more!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Mummy says he is really little because the other little piggies he was with before me picked on him and wouldn’t let him eat which is mean of them. Whee will soon feed this little punk rocker up!


  6. Yay! I knew you would have a chum in no time Nacho,We are very thankful for you!xx Speedy
    Don’t for get to bring Noah with you to my Party!

  7. P.S Mummy sent you a pigture for Don’t Parsley me by too,xx Speedy

  8. Looks like things worked out well! So happy for everybody!

  9. That video is awesome! I LOVE the music and the captions! You’ve got a smart human, Nacho! And a cool new brother! Have fun. xoxo

  10. So happy! Love the video and the new header. I’m not sure if Motor Mommy’s going to have time to send in pigtures of us today — she’s busy getting ready for a wedding in our yard this weekend… but she’ll try!
    Love, Sundae

  11. aww – tissues!! That was wonderful my friends. I absolutely loved it. I have to go show it to mommy now. Good luck you best friends! XOXO – Bacon

  12. Cute video Hooman. Noah is going to be a special little friend, happy to see them bonding. Very awesome cartoon too, the carrots look so tasty. I especially like the piggy noses shaped like hearts.

  13. That is some piggly-tastic boar bonding fellas…whee are so happy for youz guyz…Leo

  14. The nose kisses were very cute!

  15. The header is fine, but it doesn’t fit you. Where’s the female piggy with the pink ribbons and pink shoes?

  16. Woooohoooowooooooo! So happy for yooowoooowooooooo! xx, Ku

  17. That is great. Being alone is no fun!

  18. I am so happy for Noah and Nacho. This video made my heart smile. Love the header your humans drew and I love coming here to see what you are all up too.

  19. da tabbies o trout towne

    nacho & noah…..yur videe oh iz rockin !! we bee veree happee ya both haza grate friend now in each other ~~~~YAY !!!!
    N yur small purrson human did an eggs cell ant job on yur new header…we see artist….way kewl !!!

    pea ess….we never new piggies could mewve THAT fast !!!

  20. Yipeeeee, Nacho found a new best furrend. We iz so happy for you. Noah iz a hansome piggy. We luved your video. It’s wunnerful to have a bestest furrend. Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T. S)

  21. Oh, I LOVED THAT VIDEO!! You guys look like you were havin’ a PAWSOME time!
    Yea!! Noah looks like a FABulous furiend!
    Ruby ♥☺

  22. Ooooh, I forgots….LOVE the header!!! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  23. We’re SO glad Nacho is looking happier with Noah! We can NOT believe someone said that Noah was ugly! Just unbelievable!

  24. AROOOOOROOOOOOOOO we are SO happy for you Nacho!!! We think Noah is pawsome and we just LOVE his colouring.

    We are thankful that you two found each other.

    Wally & Sammy

  25. Wow, I didn’t know that guinea pigs could move THAT fast! What great best friends you’ll be – I’m so happy for you and your family : )

  26. Typist goes away for two weeks and I can’t help but feel I am missing something, or her memory is suffering from two weeks of being lazy??

  27. princess guinea and ariel

    the cutest thing ever!

  28. Piggies have a cute way of walking. Also, looks like a great date!

  29. yay besties in the making:-)

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