Monday Memes

I am not happy to see you Monday. Not happy at all. All the little hoomans at school and the big hoomans working . . . It’s madness! Madness, I tell you! Anyway Mummy got this pigture of me looking furry cross and pouting like no furries business! She made these memes which whee hope will make you smile this mean ol’ Monday.

image image

image Together furfriends whee may get through it. Monday . . . I order you to go away very very soon.

What would your meme for this pigture of me be?



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  1. you sure do look grumpy yet you manage to look HANDSOOOOOOOME! xxx

  2. Oh, I love that last saying the best!!! Happy Monday, Buddy!

  3. “You May Approach The Throne, Lowly Human”…….(I think Buddy looks very regal in that photo of him!!!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. I’m not real good at captions. We don’t mind Mondays since Mom kinda works all days of the week and usually from home.

  5. I’m with Emmadog. He works nights, wheekends, whatever. Monday is like every other day. I guess that gives me the right to have a permanent pout and sulk.

    • Hehehe whee just miss them not being around in the wheek. It’s no fun that your hoomans works wheekends. You should sit on them and refuse to let them leave. If whee could get out of our cages whee would!


  6. Do you know about Grumpy Cat?

    “My ‘happy place’ involves the camera leaving.”

    “Keep Calm and Go Away”

    Quotations from “The Devil Wears Prada” would fit here.

    • Whee love keep calm and go away. That made the hooman giggle.


      ps. Mummy thinks she has found a furfriend for Nacho. Whee are hoping things work out but he is very odd looking and his mean old owner called him ugly! Whee need to call on your expertise on what breed he is. Think he is a crossbreed. Very cute and quirky. Whee will do a pigture of him in the next post ^_^

      • Wentworth is — from a breed standard perspective — one of the ugliest guinea pigs I’ve ever had (his sweet face redeems this somewhat). He is also the best-tempered boar I’ve ever met (this redeems it completely).

        Reading this, I was thinking that Eleanor was the last pig I had who knew her own cuteness — how in the world did I get six guinea pigs and no divas? The two pretty boys are 0% aware that they could get what they want via cuteness.

        I look forward to meeting the guy who might be your new guy soon.

      • Buddy is a total diva. Basil is in too much trouble all the time to be considered a diva though he does work the puppydog eyes to his advantage! Nacho doesn’t realise how adorable he is and new baby is too new to know his pigsonality. He seems really sweet though.

        I can’t believe anyone could call him ugly! I think he is part Abyssinian, he has three rosettes kind of in the wrong places and a ridge like a shark fin. He is just lovely though. I like how unusual he looks!


      • When you outcross Abbys you get rosettes in weird places. Wentworth has ONE apart from his crest, it’s in the middle of the top of his pelvis, and it makes all of the fur grow backwards on top of his body…until it crashes into the crest thst is every color BUT white.

        Sophie has waves in her coat from remote Abby ancestors, and Frederick has a mohawk on just the top of his head. Miss Mo was the preschool guinea pig at the church where I worked a few years back, and she had an entire mohawk ridge on her back.

        Abbys can be sheddy, but Annie is sheddier than them all. Whenever I ask her excuse, she tries to lick me to death.

        Two more memes…

        “British pet, playing to stereotype”


        “If you have to explain why it’s art, it’s not art.”

      • Both brilliant memes! Mummy says she has always liked abys and now she might be at least half way there!


      • Well? I am actually very allergic to guinea pigs, and abbys have some of the worst dandruff ever. I still prefer them to long-haired breeds though, but really? I love them all. The brightness and sweetness of these creatures makes the container rather irrelevant in my mind. In 23 years, I’ve had a little bit of everything.

      • Mummy says the same thing. She loves all breeds but says long haired one’s require a level of care and grooming she doesn’t know how to give so an aby is a good compromise ^_^

        It really annoys us when hoomans say an animal is ugly. No pet is ugly, only the hoomans perception of beauty is wrong.


      • The short answer as to what to do with long-haired breeds is scissors. If you’re not showing, there is no need for a matted mess. I kept mine trimmed shorter than my sister does — everything from the shoulders back was down to ½”, and I’d trim the sides about ¼” above ground level, also trimming under around (and between) back legs. They looked like escapees from some kind of guinea pig monastic order for a couple weeks, but a nice fur trim bought me time between baths. My sister just trims to ¼” above ground level.

        All the bathing, trimming, and blow-drying would take a minimum of two hours per pig (at one time I had three long-haired, two who put up a fight — can you blame me for wanting to put as much time as possible between baths?).

        Ugly is an ugly word, truly, but there really is no thrill in my heart for most dogs and cats. And I’ve met animals who were not as relatively cute as others. Some (like Wentworth) were ultimately better for it.

  7. da tabbies o trout towne

    buddy…onlee reezon we like monday iz coz de food serviss purrson wented ta werk N we can cause all kinda trubull ina emptee houz !!! like get online which we iz knot a loud ta due on de week oh end !!! enjoy yur day ~~~~~~~!!

  8. “When I get up in the morning I brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” (Dorothy Parker said dat.)

  9. So funny! You made us laugh, Buddy!

    Love and licks,

  10. princess guinea and ariel

    this is my monday face! seriously though, that kinda is.

  11. “Release the hounds!” cause you *might* look a little like grumpy ol’ Mr Burns from The Simpsons…hehe Still cute though 😀

  12. “I don’t Like Mondays..tell me why I don’t like Mondays!” sings Speedy!

  13. Slave, did you bring the veggies?

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