Silly Situation Saturday

Whee have a bit of a silly situation here . . . If you follow us on twitter you might have seen it already but whee had a card through the door when the hoomans got home. It was from the Royal Mail, telling us they had tried to deliver a package but whee weren’t in. Well whee were but our paws wouldn’t reach the door handle.

The package is addressed to a Nacho Williamson and though whee are pretty sure whee know who it is from whee now have the silly part. The note would like us to bring proof of Nacho’s identity in the form of . . . a passport, drivers license, credit or debit card etc.

How does someone tell a postie-man that the package is for a guinea pig, and more to the point how does one prove it?! Maybe Nacho needs some id? As his guardian it is my duty to find him some:

cavy rocks coffeecia nacho

Do you have any id cards? How do you think this is going to go down in the post office? Well efurryone else think Mummy is bonkers already so what does she has to lose?!

Happy Saturday



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  1. mollieandalfie

    LOL that’s royal mail for you.. Take down one of the ID cards and let us know what they say LOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I think she should just bring you, and a few blog posts or YouTube videos.

    I used to keep track of attendance at my church in the city where I used to live. My best friend knew this and used to sometimes write “Wentworth Wigglewhiskers” on the attendance pad.

    • Hehehe. I had to go to the vets this morning because I am feeling sick again and Nacho came with me so he did go into the post office with Mummy on the way home. Mummy doesn’t think she will ever be able to show her face in the town again!


      • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about you little friend, and seriously hoping you feel better soon. I’ve taken guinea pigs random places for having to run errands on the way home from the vet, I totally understand.

      • Nutty is definitely not doing so good right now. Paws crossed this new treatment helps because Mummy is pretty frightened for him.

  3. Take Nacho with you,I’m sure he’ll enjoy the outting,xx Speedy

  4. Oh I agree with Speedy – take Nacho along to the post office so they can see how silly that notice was! By the way, I suspect that’s MY package to Nacho they are holding hostage at the postal center!! Tee Hee

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Well, good luck. I agree, your mommy should take YOU in person (pigson?) to the post office. And take pigtures! Can’t wait to hear what happens!
    Purrs, Sundae

    • Nacho did come along with me going to the vets and Mummy took him into the post office on the way home. She was too embarrassed to get pigtures but whee will tell you more later!


  6. Maybe if Nacho was a little taller, he could take a drivers’ test and get a license for ID. I have a photo ID card from my Home Again Microchip. Now if only I’d get a package……

    Love and licks,

  7. I would like to see when Nacho makes his signature at the post office :o)

  8. Now that is a wonderful idea for piggy ID cards. I think all Nacho needs to do is leave a paw print to sign for the package.

  9. Just don’t chew up your id cards on the way to the post office!

  10. Good grief..that’s a crack up!! go in person..and make your case on the counter hahahaahhaahhah hugs Fozziemum xx

  11. Bring Nacho to the post office! LOL!

  12. Oohh we are excited to hear more about this story hahahahaha heheheh!

  13. Heheh i’d imagine if I were a postman or lady that would make my day. 😀

  14. If you don’t get your package, let us know and we’ll all attack the place and the inhabitants. Nothing says fury like dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, birds, etc. Besides we’ll literally eat their lunch.

  15. Wheek n meow Nutty… diz iz a deelemma of big purrporshunz…we LUBZ da ID but fink da Postal peeple may fink yer Hu’Mum iz compleetlee bonkerz…me finkz pickture ID shuud werk n Mum’z ID wif da last name…..
    Dat iz why we need da Hu’Manz name on da parcelz so no prublemz occur at da Postal place ’cause dey iz not alwayz da happiest bunch of Hu’Manz!!!
    Guud Luck gettin yer parcel Nacho!!
    Lub to all frum Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  16. I am in big trouble if that post person wants ID for “Savannah”…I get more packages than Mom and Dad!!

  17. LOL, I laughed at the second ID card. That’s an great profession ! I see it’s from Sammy and Pam, how fun is that? Hope to see what it is….so curious now!

  18. Thinking good thoughts for Nutty – I’m sorry he isn’t feeling well.

  19. Hilarious would love to be tree when you explain 🙂

  20. Basil and Nacho look just like my former guinea pig. Following you now via Bloglovin. Looking forward to visiting often.

  21. We’ve had the same problem a few times. And although I went to collect my parcel in person the sign on the door said no dogs bol. Luckily daddy knows the guy in there so he was able to get it. Hope you figure it out

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