Green Thumb Thursday – Some Successes

Well, Mummy was slightly offended after my last garden post explaining her many foliage failings. So this time I have some pigtures of the things that do look nice in the garden. Admittedly it is her Mum growing a lot of them but I have to be fair! Here are our sunny successes!

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Like our furfriend Sammy the cat whee had lots of butterflies in our garden till Mummy wanted to get pigtures of them so whee only managed one moth-y thing!

How does you garden look? Any furry had any progress? Any vegetables ready for munching?

Happy Thursday



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  1. Your “moth-y thing” is a type of butterfly called a skipper. There are many types of skippers, though I wouldn’t know to guess what kind yours is because all my field guides are for North American butterflies. All skippers rest with their wings folded like that.

    If you want more butterflies research what butterflies live near you and what their favorite host plants are (each species of butterfly has a unique individual plant — and only that plant — on which it will lay its eggs). If you have feeder plants — host plants are for caterpillars, feeder plants are for butterflies — as well (one here is butterfly bush), you will always have a garden full of caterpillars, chrysalids, and butterflies.

    Also, Nutty, you are a very handsome boy. 🙂

    • Whee never knew that! The hooman says that she likes the pretty white butterflies or the multi-coloured ones. She visited a butterfly farm recently so she knows lots of flowers the butterflies like for next year’s planting up. Paws crossed whee do better!

      And I am pretty handsome if I do say so myself.

      Give my love to Miss Sophie and all the other Wigglewhisker’s.


      • See, butterflies are one of my favorite things, and now I’m curious…

        There are many flowers that attract butterflies, but I don’t know what can grow where you live (many annuals other places are perennial here). The best way to have a nice butterfly garden is to not just plant feeder plants, but to plant host plants for the caterpillars as well.

        There is a strikingly beautiful endangered butterfly that might still live near where you live called the Adonis Blue. It’s host plant is a nitrogen fixing legume called the horseshoe vetch. That might work well for a part of the garden resting for a season. Ants actually firm a vital part in the Adonis Blue life cycle, it’s fascinating. They pupate in the soil though, so if you went that route your plot would be off limits to cultivation. You could also make a designated butterfly meadow plot.

        A couple fo good sites I found for butterfly gardens in your area were:


        That last one even has a list of all the host plants!

        Mr. Nutty? Hi from me and my family. Me and my brother and my daddy got hugs this morning. My brother Frederick almost fell asleep. I got to cuddle with my mom until I missed my mama. My daddy was cuddling after, but he sneezed guinea pig boogers all over my mom’s face and her bed, and either he or my brother pooped.

        Cuddle time was over then, because sneezy boogers don’t make our mom feel cuddly. Squished poop is also not cuddly.

        I hope you are having a great weekend Mr. Nutty pig. Say ‘hi’ to Mr. Nacho too, okay?

      • Whee know that wildflowers are good at attracting wildlife but Mummy didn’t know that flowers with double blooms are too hard for the flutterers to get into. Cosmos is good for the butterflies as is lavender which whee know grows really well in the area. There is a variety called butterfly lavender which the hoomans have planted out.

        Nice to squeak to you Wigglewhiskers! ^_^


  2. mummy say’s that your mummy shouldn’t feel bad some times thing don’t grow the way we would want them to,xx Speedy

    • Whee had flowers that never flowered this year! Naughty plants! Hehehe


      • Soil can make a big difference. You sometimes have to play with soil amendments forflowering plants to make sure there isn’t too much nitrogen. Lots of nitrogen is good for stuff like lettuce where the leaf is the part you care about, but too much nitrogen can mean plants put energy into leaves and not flowers.

  3. Well those roses are really beautiful so SOMEBODY in your house has a green thumb that’s for sure……and as long as you boys get nice green grass and fresh veggies from SOMEWHERE (even if it’s not your own garden), at least you can enjoy someone else’s garden success! As for us – we’ve already had the last tomatoes from “my” deck tomato plant and the rest of our fresh veg comes from the farmers market. Enjoy your out time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. The flowers are pretty, but let’s face it, Nutty – YOU are the prettiest thing in the whole garden!! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  5. Nutty mummies roses are beautiful!! and look at that grass!!!! It has taken us two years to get grass!!! we have beetroots doing well and turnips which I cook when small but also use the leaves..rosemary grows like a weed around here which is lovely,my cumquat tree has little fruits,globe artichokes getting along ok apple trees almost ready to bloom along with the plums and peach tree,garlic struggling along,lemon tree trying to do it’s’s a bit hodge podge 🙂 Have a great day Nutty and what a beautiful face you have Hugs Fozziemum xx

  6. We just have the lawn which is getting a bit dry with all the hot weather but I’m sure you could still munch on the grass.

  7. Very pretty flowers! Mummy has had success with some apple trees, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Hopefully, Mummie can buy more berry bushes next year so we can have more treats!

    Xxxxx oooo
    Stevie and Squeaks

  8. Our garden has lots of different plants in and once we tried to grow carrots and they failed but I don’t think the huwmans would have given us home grown ones because any small yeild we got would go to them, which we think is pooey. Luckily we have lots of dandelions!

  9. The flowers are very pretty. We grow herbs – you’d probably enjoy a good munch on them!

  10. I’ll share my habaneros with you-I have two ripe ones now.

  11. Those are some gorgeous successes. You just look so cute munching the grass. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    nutty…yur garden iz way awesum N we even like de grazz !!! YUM 🙂 ~~~~~~~

  13. Cutest face!!!! Lovely flower pics too!!!! Happy Thursday!!!!

  14. Your roses are so perfect – thanks for sharing!

  15. the flowers are lovely and so is the close up of your nose! 😀

  16. Love all those roses, the blushing pink one is my fav. Good one on the Bumble Bee in action!

  17. Nutty we sayz it in one werd: DEESASTUR!!!!! Mum’z garden (such as it waz) iz dun!!! Dere are no rosez bloomin at all! Yerz are gorgeeuss!!! All we haz iz Ivy n Hostaz dat look like dey waz strangled….We iz embarrassed to even show pickturez on our blog!!! Mum cuud not grow dirt!!!
    Lub ya, Nylablue xo

    • Whee think the hooman should stick to grass. It’s the only thing she hasn’t killed yet. She should leave the rest to her Mummy who clearly has green fingers


      • Yow da grass here iz pawfull too!! Dat iz cuase dere iz so much clay in da dirt…we can grow guud weedz tho’. Mum sayz she is gonna have to reethink the garden fer next year….whatever THAT meanz??? Me finkz she shuud get sum flower seedz n just bury dem n see what comes up…it wuud be easier fer her 😉
        Lub Nylablue xo

  18. Our garden is a complete mess lol

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