Nacho’s Nose And A Shopping Mission

Yesterday whee showed you a pigture of a little nose under a tent. The naughty little mischief maker who pawtied all night! Yes it was Nacho Nose! A lot of you guessed right and you get to take this badge of honour!


Now whee tried something a bit different for the next one. Somefurry on twitter asked what our Mummy gets when she shops for us. Bearing in mind what a deadly mission it is, whee armed the hooman with a camera and sent her off! This is our first, sort-of-half-attempt at a vlog which Mummy has wanted to try to do for awhile. Please let us know what you think ^_^

What does your hooman get you when they go shopping? Have you ever been shopping with your hoomans? Was it fun?

Have a great Sunday efurryone!

Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. Oh what a WONDERFUL video of your Mummy and the little hoomans getting ALLLLLL the supplies they need to keep you piggies happy and healthy! First of all, my Mom loves your Mum’s silvery shoes (tee hee), and it was fun walking with you around the stores getting lots of great stuff for all of you. How lucky you are and I bet you can hardly wait to sink those teefies into that yummy food and treats and enjoy the cuddly fleece things. That was WAY fun…..thanks for sharing your Mum’s shopping adventures with us.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. That song in the background! Hyuna, Bubble pop? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Loved the haul-video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great video guys,I knew it was you Nacho…hehehe,xx Speedy

  4. Mom buys us food and snacks, sometimes new beds, you never know what she might bring us. We get to go along sometimes, but not as much as when we lived in Germany, since dogs aren’t allowed many places in the US.

    • Mummy met a greyhound doggy in one of the pet shops and a Labrador in another. They are pretty good in pets shops here in the UK but the normal shops only allow guide dogs and assistance dogs.


  5. We think the neck cushion is a great idea! We’ll tell Mummy to either make one or buy one.

    Stevie and Squeaks

  6. What a WONDERFUL video! Squidgy and durable are important qualities. We love the cuddle mat and Nutty’s face in the neck pillow! Hilarious! Two days ago, Mom bought me a bag of food kibbles, some freeze dried chicken, some freeze dried cheddar cheese, and an orange polka-dotted stuffed bone from the 2 for $5 rack.

    Love and licks,

  7. Wow, you got lots of cool stuff! Woooowooooooo, Ku

  8. What a cool video, even with Donkeys. I love the style you read that magazine :o)

  9. 99p store? You get better stuff. With the exchange rate-we’re stuck with stuff from the 99 cent store.

  10. Love the video! And the music makes it feel like i’m watching you go on a quest haha! Would love some narration but that’s just a request, if you’re not comfortable with it I totally understand! God do I understand. I wouldn’t dare vlog. But I love others’ vlogs hehehe. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mummy is trying to get brave enough to do some narrations in the future. She really wants to but she gets nervous! Silly hooman! If whee can’t convince her next time, one of the little hoomans has offered to do it so hopefully that will happen in future ones! Thanks for the feedback ^_^


  11. top quality production you made there with flipping page corners, music and printing too. Very nice. I like how you also drive on the other side of the road from us….I’d be crashing up for sure.

  12. Oh! Love the video your hoomans made! Fantastic!

  13. That was a great video! I like the donkeys! It was neat to see what you got, and also to see you use some of it!

  14. That was fun to see what you can buy in the UK. Is there hay in the bag of forage or do you buy hay separately? My rabbit is very picky about his hay, but he likes dried flowers, willow, and apple leaves. I bet he’d like the forage! Thanks for taking us on a shopping trip, sandy

    • You can by hay with herbs in it but Mummy likes to buy them separately, and then mix them herself. That way whee can all have our favourite herb mixes because whee are pretty fussy too!


  15. What a brilliant haul! Just need some Harringtons next time ;0)

  16. Oh I think we said Buddy lol

  17. I had no idea y’all ate that kind of stuff. You learn something every day. Thanks for sharing. Wish my peep could figure out how to make a vlog.

    AROOOOO! Stuart

  18. Fantabuluss Vlog G-Piggiez!! me LUBZ da neck cushun…what a grreat idea!!! N dat little mat iz purrfect. Dem yummy snackz look guud too!! Yer Hu’Manz are da best!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

    • Mummy saw the neck cushions and thought they would be perfect. They are just the right size for a piggy to snuggle on!

      The people on the tills gave her a funny look when she admitted it was for us piggies!


      • Me finkz dey iz a pawsum idea fer G-Piggie fur-nee-ture!!! me even finkz me wuud like one fer da Condo…
        “Oh Mum can ya get me a softie neck cushun like Buddy n Basil n Nacho n Nutty haz, purrleeze??”
        Wheek wheek eeowww…..
        nylablue xo

  19. That’s such a cool idea!

  20. Hello, Friends! Please let your mummy know that her video is super adorable!!! I love her creative use of your new neck pillow!! As for us, Taylor sometimes tags along with us when we travel to our local pet stores, though we always run the risk of having our arms pulled out of our sockets because Taylor always pulls at the leash in her attempts to travel to the aisles with the good smells!!

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