Black And White Sunday – Parsley Pilferer!

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I love me some parsley.




ps. Mummy has her Grandad’s funeral tomorrow and I’m a bit under the weather so going to the vet so they can take pigtures of my insides to find out what’s wrong. Whee are hoping to post something but whee will take awhile to reply to any comments and might not get a chance to visit your blogs. Sorry and squeak soon.

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  1. Parsley……I’m sure that’s a nice treat for you Nutty but I’m worried about you – hope everything is OK. And please give your Mummy a special hug from me and my Mom – sorry to hear about her Grandad. Dont’ worry about visits and blogs and comments and stuff….we’re always around!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • I have a sickness which keeps coming back and the think maybe my heart or lungs are being naughty. The great thing is, when they’ve done this pigture they can work out what to do to make me better. Mummy says I’m being very brave and I’m getting extra cuddles.


  2. Hugs and cuddles to you and to mummy Nutty …busy sad day indeed
    Luvs Fozziemum and gang xxxxxx

  3. Nutty, so sad to hear about your mom’s grandad and that you are not feeling well. I hope the vet is able to figure out what’s wrong so you can get back to the good stuff (parsley, of course!). Thinking of you and your mom. Much love, the Scottie Mom.

    • The good thing is I’m eating and drinking ok and Mummy isn’t helping me. The reason I’m eating the parsley in the pigture is because Mummy knows I would only turn that down if I was really really ill!


      • PARSLEY?!?!?!?!

        Got any extra to share?!?!?!?!?!


        Dear Mr. Nutty,

        How are you? I am fine. How is Nacho? I have 3 brothers like Nacho, 1 daddy, and 1 mama. I look like my brother Frederick, but with no colors. I am black and white. Please do not listen to my Mama. My Mama was rude. My Mama has not nice manners some times. We hope you feel better soon Mr. Nutty.


        Sophie Wigglewhiskers

      • Dear Miss Sophie Wigglewhiskers,

        It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You sound like a very pretty young ladypig. Consider your Mama forgiven, whee all have lapses occasionally when it comes to parsley.

        Thank you for your kind wishes and hoping you and the other Wigglewhiskers are in good health and spirits


        Mr. Nutty Nutkin

      • Dear Mr. Nutty,

        How are you? I am fine. It is Wednesday. My mom woke up. I am hungry. She gave us alfalfa. I am happy. My mama is happy too. My brothers are loud. We like hay. Monday we got cherries.

        Mr. Nutty, I am not pretty, I am just Sophie. My mama is beautiful and colorful and has a crest. My daddy is so colorful he has stripes and spots and patches and has the most interesting crest ever. My brothers Harville and Frederick have crests and colors too. Harville is very handsome like daddy with mama’s pretty colors. Frederick has a mohawk hairdo. My mom says Benwick looks like grandma Eleanor. Grandma Eleanor was one of the cutest pigs ever — she was fluffy. I am not fluffy. Benwick doesn’t have a crest, but he is tiny and silly and charming and cute. My mom says he looks like a teddy bear with a powdered wig and a bandit chipmunk face, whatever that means.

        I am just Sophie. God used up all the colors on my brothers. My mom says I look like grandpa Watson, that he is nice and also shy, and that she loves him. So, I am just Sophie. I only have two ears that are pink and white on the inside and black on the outside and a something my mom calls a checker board nose and waves in my fur that make me different.

        You are welcome for kind wishes, and I hope you are feeling better. My familiy is all fine and eating breakfast or asleep or playing. Benwick is being a sleepy water bottle dragon.

        Please also say hello to Nacho and Buddy and Basil.

        Have a good day Mr. Nutty!


        Sophie Wigglewhiskers

      • Dear Miss S Wigglewhiskers,

        I refuse to believe you are anything short of stunning! Our friend had a piggy she called Genie Rose who was black and white and she was the most bootiful of piggies. The simplicity of her colouring made her so very pretty. I am brown agouti all over and used to feel very worried that I was not as handsome as my furmily until Mummy sat me down and told me how special I was. Anyway, the saying about it being what’s on the inside that matters is so very true and I have to say you have one of the most bootiful and kind hearts known to pig!

        I am feeling a little better today, my breathing is not as loud and horrible sounding as before.

        Please pass on my kindest regards to your Mama and siblings


        Mr Nutty Nutkin

      • Dear Mr. Nutty,

        My mom says that if you didn’t have the gene for agouti, you’d be just ALLLLLLLLLL black. You couldn’t be Mr. Nutty if you were black, you’d have to be somebody else. I’m glad you get to be Mr. Nutty because you are nice, and am glad you are feeling better. My whole family says hello.

        Happy Thursday Mr. Nutty.


        Sophie Wigglewhiskers

  4. Aw…hope you’re better soon….and hugs to your Mummy. So sorry about her Grandad.

  5. No need to apologize, there are things that are much more important than a blog. Hope you feel better and so sorry about your mom’s grandma.

  6. We will be thinking of you and your mummy xxx

  7. Hope you feel better soon Nutty,and sorry to hear about your mummy’s Grandad,xx Speedy and Mum

    • Thank you. Tomorrow isn’t something whee are looking forward to, and its not good that whee have two not nice things in one day. Whee will have to do something super fun the day after, to cheer ourselves up


  8. Sending ((((hugs)))) to your Mum for tomorrow and sending healing thoughts to you that you will be feeling well soon!

  9. Nutty hope you are feeling better soon and all is well. Sorry about your mummy’s Grandad.

    • Thank you. Yes, whee are very sad about Mummy’s Grandad. He used to bring us tomatoes he grew in his garden and they were the most tasty ones.

      Hopefully I will be on the mend soon


  10. Sorry for your mommas grampy. That’s so sad. Good luck at the vet for you, Nutty.

  11. Not good. A funeral and a vet trip on the same day. Hopefully the day after will be a LOT better.

  12. Sorry to hear about your Grandpaw Nutty! Stay healthy! Woooooos tooooyoooowooowoooo, Ku

  13. We are sorry for your loss… and we hope you start feeling better soon 🙂

  14. Sounds like your mommy has a lot going on, and yet she still finds the time to give you parsley. Sounds like she needs a hug! Good luck at the doctor’s office.

  15. cascadiannomads

    Well, Hutch, that healthy parsley will help with what ails you! Please work on getting better and give your mommy our sympathies about her grandad.

  16. cascadiannomads

    Sorry! I meant Nutty!! It’s still so early here (for a Sunday!)

  17. Oh dear, Nutty, you and your sweet mummy will be in our thoughts tomorrow. Please give each other big hugs little kisses for us.

  18. Why do I hear your voice when I read your writing? It’s the cutest little scottish voice. 🙂

    I am so sorry about Mum’s grandfather. I am sure it makes her very sad. I hope she has some wonderful memories to comfort her as she says goodbye. I’m also hoping that they find out what’s wrong or at least help you to feel better. Good luck to you sweetie!

    • Thank you. Whee really appreciate it. And a Scottish accent? Hehehe.

      I dinnae ‘ken why ye’d say that?! 😛

      Nope, I’m a Kentish Piggy through and through! ^_^

      Nutty MacPig of Clan Hutch

  19. Awww Nutty :/ did they find out what’s wrong with you? You and your mom deserve lots of cuddles this week!

  20. Nutty, we’re sending lots of purrs to you and your mom. Sometimes life is just not very easy at all. That’s why we have each other. Isn’t it nice that you and your mom have all sorts of internet friends around the world now? The caring circle just keeps getting bigger and bigger and that’s a very good thing. 🙂

  21. Hugs to your mummy, sorry to hear about your grandad.
    And hpe its nothing serious Nutty xx

  22. I’m so sorry to hear about Mommy’s Granddad! My deepest sympathies go out to your family! And I sure hope that you are feeling better, Nutty!

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