Flashback Friday – History Repeating Itself

All of a sudden I understand exactly what Buddy meant . . . Baby piggies are exhausting! Sometimes you just need space! This old pigture of Buddy and Basil looks suspiciously familiar to a certain scene the hooman saw today!


Buddy & Basil


Me (Nutty) & Nacho

Ranger’s flashback Friday – Click the pic to go to his blog and see all the others blogs connected to this!



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  1. You are a great mentor 🙂

  2. There is a very distinct reason why my pigs haven’t seen a pigloo since the day the babies were born, and you’re exhibiting it beautifully Nutty. The last thing I need is escaped piggies, especially since they would fall many feet off the top bunk if they did get out. Poor Wentworth is sick with some sniffles (vet Saturday I hope), and he’s been a super grump with busy Benwick.

    Annie is a sow, the rules are different for girls because they are bossy and moody. Poor Sophie walks on eggshells always. One look, one shift in weight keeps Sophie in line.

  3. How soon we forget! It’s tough raising kids….

    Love and licks,

  4. Yep Nutty – sometimes a guy just needs to get away and have a NEW (higher) perspective! Keep nice and still up there and Nacho will forget you’re up there! Tee Hee

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Nutty – pawsome snap there little piggie. Thank you for joining my blog hop.

  6. It appears you chew cardboard boxes like my parrot, Kismet.

  7. Aww you guys are soo cute! =^.^=

  8. But babies a cute and good fun!xx Speedy

  9. Hahaha we were all babies once, he’ll be grown up before you know it!

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