Many Reasons Monday

Hiya efurryone. Today’s post is going to be a little different because whee are letting the little hoomans and Mummy talk to you. Without further ado . . . the hoomans!!!

Hi there blogosphere. It’s nice to finally be posting directly to you without always being the piggies paws-on-writer. The reason I felt the need to write this is I have seen some people saying some pretty silly things about guinea pigs. People who really don’t know piggies and claim to be animal lovers but say these things: “Guinea pigs are boring” or “They’re not as much fun as dogs and cats” or “They’re not worth it”

So this post is about why I love my guinea pigs. You may or may not know, I spent the past eight or so years battling illness which was really tough and quite isolating, and the thing that really kept me going was coming home to those squeaky little fellas with their smiling lips and individual pigsonalities.


The simple answer to why I love my guinea pigs is; because they are my best friends. They listen without judgement, love without question, and are there in my moment of need. My piggies mean so much to me.

Any pet, big or small, smart or thick as two short planks, has the capability to change a persons life for the better. A few ways the piggies changed mine and reasons I love them are:

  • A reason to get up every morning. If they want their breakfast on time, there is no chance of that lie in!
  • Eating healthier. Believe it or not when I go shopping with my Mum we spend ages picking out and finding the piggies favourites and then look like we are on some sort of healthy eating kick when we pay! I do eat more fruit and veg than before now. But this also backfires as my Mum will be cooking and wanting to choose what veggies to have with a meal and I’ll say “you can’t have the spinach, the piggies will never forgive you” So it’s a double edged sword. Healthier eating as long as it’s not the boys favs!
  • They talk to me. No really!! Guinea pigs make so many adorable squeaks, wheeks, purrs, popcorns and when you have kept them for a bit you learn to recognise these noises and can understand them. I am sure they understand what I am saying!
  • They are intelligent. They can do some tricks. Mine will climb in and out of their cages and “go home” (get back in the cage) when asked. They will stand on their back legs to beg for food. When I put them on my lap, they wait till I give them a sign or say it’s ok before climbing up to their favourite spots on my shoulders. And best of all, they give kisses (little licks) when asked to “kiss kiss”
  • They give great cuddles. Unlike most rodent pets, they love to sit and be stroked and cuddled for long periods of time. Another sign of how clever they are is when they need to poop or pee they will stomp their back legs a few times so I can put them back before they make a mess.
  • And my Dad’s favourite thing about them is they make great lawn mowers. I am seriously considering hiring them out as professional gardeners!!

So those are the reasons I love my piggies. They are far from boring, completely worth it and just as good as any other pet!

What reasons would you give for why you love your guinea pig/cat/dog/rabbit/turtle/hamster/gerbil/etc?!

~ Amy

(Cavy Slave and Mummy to the Hutch A Good Life Piggies!)

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  1. Very sweet!!!! Big hugs to you!!!!

  2. You don’t need to justify it-it works for you and the pigs. If you’re so creative, maybe you could give me some reasons to keep those humans around.

  3. Way to go!! Mommy agrees to all of your points. We don’t find you strange at all. People that don’t like us piggies – we find “them” strange. πŸ™‚ XOXO – Bacon

    • Yep. Those strange people who don’t like piggies. Someone must have dropped them on their heads as babies! Hehehe


      • That’s the answer! Us piggies are a bunch of fun, loveable snuggable lovies. As my mommy says, don’t knock it until you try it! They are just missing out on some great loving. Don’t let that bunch worry you. Carry on my friends with your heads held high! XOXO – Bacon

  4. Every single creature has personality!! well said..i think I have met more humans with no personality in my life than animals πŸ™‚ I too have health issues and it would be easy when I don’t feel well to sulk and stay in bed..but the animals need me..and so they inspire me to get going when sometimes I just don’t feel like it..they do listen and they do respond to us..i hear people say the same about our sheep and how they are dumb! did you know sheep can remember up to 100 people that they meet! I think guinea pigs are beautiful little animals and if I could safely keep some where we live I would in a heartbeat..well said again and just remember there are far more people like us than you might think πŸ™‚ Big hugs Fozziemum xx

    • I know. Those silly few people are missing out on so much.

      And I personally love sheep. I have some adorable pics of some lambs I took at a farm day, I’ll have to dig them out and put them on here!


      • Loveeeeee lambies πŸ™‚ my big boys are fatties now πŸ™‚ but they are so smoochy..and yes they do miss out more for us to love πŸ˜‰
        Hugs Fozziemum xxx

  5. I agree! Every animal has so much personality, you just have to get to know them! I had a hammy who had a HUGE personality and he was the size of a golf ball! Also, YOU ARE IN THE FUTURE! It is still Sunday here, and you posted this on MONDAY. Are you….The Doctor?

  6. I have been disabled for several years and I can honestly say that guinea pigs may have saved my life. My pigs have never judged, belittled, criticized, or critiqued me. They love me without judgement and greet me every morning with peeps, squeaks and squeals. Some mornings they are the only reason I get out of bed. Most days they are the only beings I talk to. I love them so much. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  7. hey amy,
    i agree with every single word of yours. i was asked the same question by a rather good friend ‘is it worth all the trouble- waking up in the middle of the night.. giving them their mess… sacrificing your sleep?’ and i was too furious to answer and instead i just gave him the look and said ‘yes it is’
    they’ve changed my life too.. they’ve changed everyone’s life at my home. my mother who is SO NOT AN ANIMAL person.. i think even she has grown a soft corner (although she doesn’t admit it) for them. i still remember the first day when i got brought them home and how mad she was at me and now she is okay with me taking up more than half of the vegetable section in her refrigerator filled with grass and cucumber and carrots and other snacks that i buy for them (well it’s just Motu baby at the moment)…
    the country/city i live in doesn’t have much piggie accessories let alone pet accessories in the shops… so every time i go shopping i try and pick up things that i can make best use of for my baby.
    and you are SO right about them being intelligent… the female piggie (cchoto baby) of mine had three squeaks – one to clean up her pee/poop, one to feed her, and one to just sit by her for as long as she wanted… motu baby has his share of smart stuff he does.. he gets up on me for his evening snacks.. jumping around on me and squeaking and giving me nose kisses after he gets his snacks… he’s SO smart he knows when he’ll be locked inside his cage every morning.. he’s good at reading signs.. and he’ll know exactly when i’ll be doing what..
    he talks to me.. no matter what people say.. my piggies communicate with me… they not only tell me when they want food.. they tell me where they want me to put their food – indoor cage or outdoor cages..
    oh boy i can go on and on writing about my babies.. bottom line is that those who say mean things about piggies or any other pets for that matter are clueless they’ve NO idea what they are missing out on!
    continue being the awesome mom amy and inspire us to be the same.. bigg huggs to you and your piggies…

    • They really are so clever. I adore them. My Dad was furious about me getting piggies to start with. Now he will hold them, cuddle them, joke about them being professional lawn mowers and talk to them. They charm anyone who says they don’t like animals.

      You mentioned you don’t have many places that sell piggy toys so I’m going to do a little post in the future about loads of home made piggy toys I have come up with over the years!

      Give Motu Baby a whiffle for me!


  8. You don’t have to convince me! I love guinea pigs too, which us why I follow your blog. I just can’t handle their short life span any more, so I have dogs, cats, and parrots now. Guinea pigs are so innocent and loving — you just can’t go wrong with one!

    • The losing them is really hard, but in some ways in makes the time you spend together that much more precious. I do understand though. Like any pet they have good things and bad things


  9. I wholeheartedly agree! I’m so sorry to hear you have had such a tough time but it’s fantastic how your pigs helped you. I moved to Manchester four years ago with my husband for his job, away from all my family and friends. Being so isolated, my pigs really have been my best friends too. I do think people think I’m bonkers!

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean. I get some funny looks when I get my purse out and I have pigtures of my piggies in there! The great thing about it is the piggy community. The forums, the blogs, the twitter pigs. You get to interact and learn so much. I never stop learning with piggies


  10. Friends are friends – no matter if dogs, cats, birds or piggies. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. said Henry David Thoreau, I think he is right :o)

  11. Hi Amy! I would not let the “haters” get to you. We all love our animals in our own special way and we should not judge anyone because they don’t have the “same” animal as we do. Some people are dog people, some are cat people, and so on. You should never have to justify to these haters why you love your piggie so much, because if they bring you joy, that is all that matters. Long time ago, I used to care what people thought or said about me, now that I am older, I don’t let things like that bother me. Just let it roll off your shoulder, as my Mom would say. All of your followers know how much you love your piggies, as it shows in each of your posts. {{huggies to you}}

  12. Oh I suspect that people who say piggies are boring or not as good as/fun as other animals simply don’t take the time to get to know them. They seem very clever and smart, creative, cuddly and while we never knew anything about guinea pigs until we met YOU, we have learned here that they are wonderful little companions and friends. We’re so happy to know you and your little guys – we look forward to hearing about their adventures – God made so many lovely creatures and anyone who doesn’t realize that guinea piggies are just as precious as any other pet is – well – wrong! πŸ˜€

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy and his Mom

  13. Awwww how great that they love to be stroked! I loved my hamsters but they wouldn’t sit still. Ever. 😦 And whoever says they hate an animal, any animal needs to get in touch with him or herself before everything goes downhill because those people are not in touch with the world or themselves for that matter. It pains me to hear someone talk crap about animals as well, I just want to go slap them. Then again that’s not a very peaceful solution and I think you handled it amazingly!

  14. Mummy and daddy used to live in a flat and weren’t really allowed pets, but they ‘inherited’ a hamster from a friend. They named her Lilo and for 3 years she was mummy and daddy’s baby. They loved it when she crawled all over them, crashed around in her ball and generally having a great time. She was in no way boring and mummy in particular was devastated when she died.
    All pets are special. People who brand smaller pets boring obviously don’t have a clue!

  15. STRANGE do not know the meaning of the word πŸ˜‰

    • ^_^ I think all animals are special. People can call me strange if they want but I like being that crazy guinea pig girl!


      • You’re gonna have to share that title my friend, I am the Guinea Pig Whisperer and the Jane Goodall for guinea pig observation. I have a friend who is the crazy duck lady, and I joke that we need to find the crazy turtle lady so we’ll have all three Wonder Pets covered.

  16. You know it’s funny, guinea pigs were supposed to be the transitional pet to see if we could handle responsibility to get a dog…

    My sister and I never transitioned, we both still have guinea pigs, and I’ve decided doggy temperaments don’t really work for me.

    They really are hilarious (how is it you missed how hilarious they are?) and have such funny quirky little personalities, especially in dynamic duos.

    I’ve spent over twenty years learning the ins and outs of behavior and communication (which kinda surprises people sometimes). Maybe you “get” that the things you notice about their behavior are things most people would miss.

    (I bet there is a lot about Basil’s behavior he wishes you would miss)

    Love your little Nutty meme. I bet Nutty would get on well with Wentworth. Wentworth was never happier than to have his little boys, though Benwick has proved to be his permanent companion — Wentworth is the only one who will put up with B’s antics and enthusiasm, not even sister Sophie will put up with him any more without a fakeout scare tactic “THAT’S ENOUGH!!!” teeth snap.

    One of these days I’ll finish my post with the bath pics. The overwhelming events of my actual life have eclipsed my ability to write/edit much lately. Blessings for your day. πŸ™‚

    • Of all the piggies Nutty is absolutely my baby and always will be. He will run over to me, want to talk to me and just be around me rather than anyone else. Each of the piggies seem to have a favourite human and they have such different funny pigsonalities. Basil is a complete nightmare but I wouldn’t have him any other way. Unless it was slightly less escapy!

      I absolutely get piggies now. When I’m watching them in pet shops they will freeze with head in the air and I can see they are scared when people are saying, “awwww they’re looking at me”

      It’s so strange but me and my mum really understand them so well now. I can tell easily if something is wrong long before outward symptoms.

      I just love piggies so much and please please please do posts on your piggies. I love cooing over pigtures!

      Hope you are well


      • Maybe I will post again soon, the sudden death of my childhood best friend of 20+ years has hit me, my friends, my roommate (also a friend of 20+ years) extremely hard. They just don’t make a greeting card for this kind of thing. Obit. came out today, funeral is Wednesday. If you’ve read my stuff, most of what I write about is through a Christian theological lens. *Someday* I will finally get to school and finish school, but I’ll likely keep writing and teaching until (and beyond). It’s hard to know I’m holding the line on a theological worldview that has no place for the humanistict/naturalistic cosmology of my friend (and many people I love dearly). Life, death, heaven, and hell are easier discussions when it’s about serial killers in the news, not when it’s about one of the kindest people all who knew her ever knew. How to address this without seriously ticking people off is one of many things keeping me up nights these days.

        I always swore I wouldn’t play favorites with Annie’s babies (it was easy to avoid that problem with Eleanor’s babies, Wentworth was the only one!), but Benwick is so ridiculously over-the-top charming? I probably don’t stand a chance. Wentworth is a very special little pig — Eleanor and I were his whole world until Annie came last fall. Annie is arguably more special. You talk about the pet store thing? Every other pig and bunny in the place was cowering quietly under varios shelters, but Annie? She was standing on her hind legs trying to get to me (at about 4 weeks old), and spent the better part of an hour begging to be picked up.

        Two days in a row.

        I couldn’t not get her, especially since Eleanor seemed to be sad (but was actually terminally ill). She’s still hilarious. Every time I try to catch Sophie, Annie runs over and shoves herself under my hand. She’ll kiss you to death forever (so will Wentworth).

        Their kids are amazing.

        Best escape stories ever?

        One of my sister’s — Maurice — broke out of his cage and climbed the pile of girly decorative throw pillows and stuffed animals she used to have on her bed as a teenager; she woke up to find him on her chest saying “Hello!” Other best story was that another one of her’s, Mr. Skeffington (the one who died a few months ago), broke out…and took his carrot with him. We think it was an ill-thought-out plan to go try to visit her three girls. He figured out how to get out of his box, but not how to get back in.

        My little nightmare diva pig was Felix. His worst bad habit was barbering (which usually left his brother looking like a mental institution escapee or the victim of a three year-old’s unauthorized use of scissors).

      • My heart really does go out to you. It is the funeral of my Granddad this Monday so I do understand what you are going through. This is partly why I love my piggies so much. They are always there for me, apart from when Basil is half way down the garden on another Houdini mission!

        They are such a comfort and a great distraction. I love them to bits.

        ~ Amy

        ps the description of Felix’s treatment of his brother really made me giggle!

      • Basil is probably a secret agent, perhaps an animagus.

        Human hair is identical to guinea pig hair — Felix got a mouthful of mine the day he was born and it must’ve suited. Trouble was, their daddy was an abby and their mama was a silkie…they were a surprise, and their coats were an unruly mess of partial rosettes under extremely long fur. Having random patches of fur chewed down to ΒΌ” is not exactly endearing. It did take me a year or two to figure out why Greggy’s fur would never grow as long as Felix’s though.

        I’m not ready for the funeral Wednesday.

      • I don’t think anyone is ever ready for a funeral. *hugs*

        You will be ok. You are a strong person.


      • But sometimes I don’t want to be strong. Sometimes I need a break to be myself. The pigs help. When they were over at my sister’s in May I was going nuts. Blessings for your Tuesday.

  17. CH, the husband, and I didn’t have any human children so our pets have been our kids. We never had the pleasure of having a guinea pig as a member of our family but we did have 7 hamsters and we loved them. Small but mighty in fun. We have had horses, cats, a dog, hamsters, birds, and fish. We loved them all and they all made our life better. I enjoyed your post and think your piggies are sweeties!

  18. I’ve had at least one rabbit living in the house with us for over 20 years now. I’m always surprised when people ask me if they know their name because we animal lovers know how smart our pals are. My rabbit makes me laugh, even when he does things that mean I’ll have to spend extra time cleaning up after him. He’ll shake his head or butt when he ignores me or tells me off – or he’ll “present” his head toward my hand for head rubs. Sometimes I’ll be at the farmers market and someone will ask “how do you prepare that dandelion?” and I’ll admit that it isn’t for me, but for my rabbit so I get those funny looks that you get. My cat is used to the rabbits being around, although the current rabbit resident chases him out of his room because the cat wants to eat his hay (then he often throws up which is a different story!). Thanks for a great post!

    • I have admitted to many a shop assistant that the vegetable haul is not for me but for my guinea pigs. Their reactions are usually hilarious but one time one of them didn’t so much as blink and just said, “I didn’t know piggies could have melon, I’ll have to grab one before I go home.”

      Animal lovers are everywhere!

      ~ Amy

  19. See, you’ve proven that pigs are not only good roasted (just kidding, but they are goos roasted too lol)
    Doggy keeps me sane, that’s enough of a reason to love him.

  20. The same is said about bunnies too…oh they are boring all the do is poop and eat with no personalities and just sit in their hutch all day….so wrong a bunny needs an area to run around in everyday min 10 foot square,they need social interaction as they are social animals who live in large groups in the wild….personally I don’t think a pet rabbit should be living out side anyway as they are prey animals and because you miss out on a lot of fun,plus a rabbit is more loyal the a dog or a cat as it take longer to gain their trust just like your piggies,xx Rachel Speedy’s mum

    • Exactly. I very nearly had rabbits instead of guinea pigs. But they were an accidental litter from a friend and were unfortunately born dead (bad breeding thanks to mis sexing at a petshop) but I think bunnies are great.

      Every animal has a personality it’s just whether a person is willing to take the time and effort to care and get to know them. If they don’t then it’s their loss.

      ~ Amy

  21. You’re adorable. We like all animals, they’re all cute and special in their own way. Pawkisses for the weekend πŸ™‚

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