Confessions of Cavy Criminals!

Today whee have been naughtier than usual. So whee are in the ‘dog-house’ as it were. Currently watching the hoomans fussing and cuddling Nutty and Nacho and feeling a tiny bit jealous.

Whee feel that whee must confess our naughtiness to get the hoomans to forgive us so here goes.

Bad Boy Basil

IMG_4605 My naughtiness was from early this morning when whee were allowed out in the garden, before it got to hot outside. Mummy was keeping a careful eye on us as it was already quite hot. But obviously not careful enough because one minute I was sitting there in my tent looking angelically up at her and the next time she looked I was the wrong side of the run nomming on a particularly tasty patch of grass!

She made a high pitched very piggy like squeak which I managed to translate into “OMG!” and dropped to her knees and crawled commando style towards me cooing and reaching slowly.

Completely cool with this development I let her grab me where she cuddled me close muttering what a bad boy I was. It took her less than a minute to find the small gap I had dug out and squeezed under the run. Considering how chubby I am getting she was impressed I had managed to fit.

She borrowed a plank of wood to block up the gap and checked carefully for anymore before flopping onto the garden bench with a huff. She is not as impressed by my Houdini antics in the garden as she was inside when I broke out of my cage! Sorry Mummy!

Bit Bratty Buddy

IMG_4602My naughtiness tracks back to yesterday but Mummy only admitted it to her Dad (who is even less impressed than her!) today. The hoomans have been enjoying the sunny weather and discussing where they would go on holiday this year. I do not like the hoomans going away. Even though I get the bestest love and care from our holiday hoomans I miss my Mummy a lot.

So you see my crime has the best of motivations!

They had maps and brochures everywhere so when I had my floor time I crept up to one and within seconds I managed to tear off most of the South Coast! Try going on holiday now hoomans! I mean, I am very sorry Mummy.

Whee know Mummy will forgive us but whee can’t help being a little naughty sometimes!

Yours, the currently in disgrace

Buddy & Basil


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  1. They want to sneak off without you. They got mad at you for sneaking off without Them. Double Standard again.

  2. Ooh….sounds like a lot of naughtiness going on in your household. I’m sure your hooman will forgive you, though!

  3. Mums care a lot. A little less naughty behavior would help. Stay cool.

  4. tsk tsk tsk Buddy and Basil. You are going to have to double time in the snuggle department to make up with the humans. But if you are like me, you know just how to wrap those humans around your little paws 🙂 Am I right? Ya’ll are just the cutest little things! XOXO – Bacon

  5. Poor naughty piggies! But don’t you feel better now that you’ve confessed and apologized? Of course you do……how could Mummy stay mad at those cute faces for long anyway???!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Whee do feel a bit better for admitting it! She lasted maybe half an hour of being really cross with us. Whee knew she couldn’t stay cross for very long!

      Buddy & Basil

  6. You are the cutest criminals, ever! Sometimes, humans mistake fun-loving for naughty. I hope you’re out of the doghouse soon….

    Love and licks,

    • She managed half an hour of being cross before she gave in! Whee knew she wouldn’t last long. Whee think this post helped her know whee were sorry though!

      Buddy & Basil

  7. Naughty piggies! (wink, wink) We commit all types of travesties but we make sure Papa is at work (what’s that?) and Mum’s at this place called “the gym” (sounds dreadful!) If you are caught again just turn on the ole charm and pretend you want to cuddle. Mum always gives in. You’ll usually be sure to get a tasty banana bit or a crispy piece of fresh lettuce. 🙂

    Stevie and Squeaks

  8. Naughty piggies! I’m with Mum… you must have scared her something awful by tunneling out of your tent!

    • She was really scared. She thought I was going to run off down the garden or under a bush and she’d never see me again. Fortunately I had decided it was to hot to bother with all that but it did give her a nasty moment.


  9. Oh you boys are naughty!! Your hoomans going away isnt that bad though because you get to come and spend time with the gorgeous US!
    Piggy kisses,
    Poppy and Clover

  10. Uh oh piggies! That Basil sure is a little escape artist hehe. I’m sure your hoomans can forgive you, but it’s nice to apologize 🙂

  11. Running away makes life worth living. I have to live with my brother Harville in a box with very high walls. He’s great and all, and we have a lot of fun, but I enjoy changing it up a little and trying to jump into other cages to visit my mama and sister or my daddy and my other brother Benwick. For some reason my mom gets all bent out of shape over this. Look, I have a mohawk and am almost bigger than my grandma ever was even at thirteen weeks. A pig’s gotta do what a pig’s gotta do. Gotta kerp the humans in line. If we don’t train them right it just causes so many more problems later.


    • The hoomans need to understand one thing

      *ahem, starts singing*

      ~ Oh hooman dear you know you’re still number one
      But piggies, they wanna have fu-un! ~

      Buddy & Basil

      • I don’t sing. I am an ar-tist. I am going to be a very big pig when I grow up, so I need to practice my quiet dignity and withering stares now. Singing is for my runty siblings Benwick and Sophie. You may sing though, if it’s your thing.

        Have you mastered the “Don’t patronize me,” look yet?


      • Nacho definitely has. The hoomans are always saying how snooty he looks. He is a baby and has a good frolic around now and then but a lot of the time he has his nose in the air!


  12. Some really nice jewelry was heisted over there somewhere and you seem to be a tricky piggy. You don’t have some sparkly stuff tucked under your straw there do you?

    • *coughs* Whee know nothing of this! Anyway what whee piggies do with jewelry? Sell it off to the highest bidder and buy lots of veggies?! I mean it’s not like whee would mistake gold carrots for real carrots and heist it . . .

      Yours, the innocent

      Basil & Buddy

  13. I just found this blog, I LOVE IT! I love animals, and these piggies are adorable, and I love their writing style 😉

  14. Hehehe you guys just crack me up with you Naughty cheeky stunts,thats what mum calls Cheek not Naughty!hehehe,xx Speedy

  15. BOL I love it! Just remember to stay safe!

  16. I didn’t think you little cute selves were EVER naughty!

  17. If you were always well behaved your humans would find you boring. As long as you don’t do any harm, a bit of naughtiness is fun 😉

  18. Next time, make them offer you a tasty treat before you give in. We don’t want the human to think we’re easy. – Alfalfa

  19. My biped says she thinks she’d forgive Buddy quite quickly, but it would take longer to forgive Basil a scare like that!

    • Hehehe Basil does lots of escaping. Inside and out. Mummy panics less inside as the room is piggy proof apart from the sofas to hide under. She did panic about the garden though. Her Dad has added extra wood to the run to prevent follow up escapes *sigh* Spoil sports!

      Buddy & Basil

  20. We still think you are adorable. Why do our humans think we have to confess when we’re bad? They don’t do any confessing to us!

    • Whee remember when Mummy forgot our veggies and gave us them four hours late. Whee made her confess on here. Tut tut hooman. She hasn’t forgotten since though!

      Buddy & Basil

  21. Ohh Basil you are such a little trouble maker luckily your too cute for your ma to stay mad at you for too long 🙂

  22. Haha you translated that squeek nicely. It probably was an OMG! I never knew for sure how to proceed when my pets escaped.. you can’t go running over and panicking because that just scares them off! But you don’t want to give them time to go further either! D:

  23. You have a good mum Piggys 🙂 x

  24. Yow Buddy n Basil…ya shure got in trubble B-I-G time!!! Me haz dun ‘Houdini’ out of me Condo n Mum waz almost hissterical….but she kept calm n talked baby talk n den scooped me up n took me in da apartment…aka da ‘doghosue’ for dat day!
    Shredding da map seemz like a guud idea to me!!! I have bin known to scratch n shred to keep Mum at home too……..
    Hopefully ya both get outta da ‘doghouse’ fer da weekend!!!
    Lub n nose kissez frum Nylablue xo

  25. Uh oh guys! but I’m sure mummy will forgive you in no time 🙂

  26. You’re too cute to be bad! I just know you’ll be forgiven!

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