Wordless Wednesday – What’s That?!

What is this pepper you speak of? I do not trust it!

What is this pepper you speak of? I do not trust it!

I am suspicious of new food! Are you?



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  1. I’m rather picky about food and always have been….but that pepper looks nice and fresh and crunchy Nacho – give it a go!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Nacho I will try anything..after I have given it a good sniff of course 😉 enjoy your pepper the red ones have more vit c than oranges ..very good for you ..
    Big hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. I eat first and ask questions later.

    Love and head-licks,

  4. Cute picture, Nacho! So…..did you try it???

    • After 5 minutes of coaxing I took a small nibble but I wasn’t too keen on it. The hoomans did put some in the cage later and it was eaten. But they don’t know if it was me or Nutty, or both of us!


  5. It looks good to me, I’d give it a go 🙂

  6. I’m only suspicious if my stomach feels bad later.

  7. Hope it is not a jalepeno pepper!

  8. I’m always suspicious of new food… Boomer and Dottie not so much… I hope you liked it!

  9. Me too .. How was it? Love your mom’s yellow lime nail polish. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. oh me too, terribly picky…but those red peppers are homy

  11. Aww Nacho! I am suspicious of new food and I am a human. An old human. New foods are not to be trusted. Tried eventually but not trusted.. 😀

  12. Me too Nacho – since I ate this free sample with wings :o)

  13. Oh my! Your have the cutest lil nose! Bet you love it – give it a go.

  14. The first tine Eleanor had red pepper, she buried it in the FAR corner and gave me very suspicious looks. Eventually she learned to like them.

    The consensus was as follows…

    Wentworth: I am suspicious of new foods, but my mom super-duper loves me, so I know it’s okay.

    Annie: If you’re giving away food, I’ll take it. Some other pig has been trying to steal my food forever. If they don’t want to eat it, more for me. Like Wentworth said, our mom super duper lives us, so it’s fine.

    Harville: Wait, where’s the food? I like food? Do you have food? Did you want to share your food? I could eat it for you if you thought eating it might be too hard. Let me know.

    Frederick: I am always the first one to try something new. My fur grows in a mohawk on my head, it”s an outward sign of the deeper truth that I have always been a pig to do my own thing.

    Benwick: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    Sophie: Hi! I’m Sophie! I like new things. I have three brothers, two very much always bigger than me. Gotta try new things before they eat it all up. fMy mama too, she doesn’t wait AT ALL — if I don’t be a brave girl, she’ll eat everything without apology.

    • Well it sounds like it’s fun at dinner time in your hutches!! Hehehe. Sophie you sound like my sort of ladypig. All the other piggies here are bigger than me too! Maybe I just need to man up!


  15. That’s such an adorable photo! Love it!

  16. Nacho,
    We have picked up peppers off the floor while serving as sous chefs for mom. They weren’t that bad. However, we don’t blame you for being skeptical!

    Bella and DiDi

  17. I love all food-new or familiar. The only thing I wouldn’t eat is a pepper from His garden. I’m surprised that the fire department hasn’t shut that pepper garden down.

  18. It’s good to be suspicious – that’s how you survived in wild 😉 trust this human though as she would NEVER give you anything that isn’t good for you and tastes delicious 😀

  19. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the name of yours!

    Happy WW!

  20. Oh little nacho its okay. My kitten boo loves to get his nose and paws into new stuff.

  21. It’s a strawberry!!! I might get to try new foods soon! Mom is going to try and have me go mainstream with my cat food because we don’t think my allergies are caused by food! YAY! My Sheltie brother will eat ANYTHING!

  22. I’ll give practically anything a try. If you don’t like something, you can always spit it out and the humans will pick it up. 🙂

  23. Did you like it?? Rita is SO fussy. You’d think a dog who was formerly living on the mean streets would accept any food offering, but nope. She sniffs everything I offer her with great suspicion, and if it doesn’t smell like something she’s interested in, she won’t even give it a try!

  24. I will go after ANY human food. Mom gets annoyed when I’m fussy with my own dog food though. I’m not a great morning eater, I guess. I LOVE red peppers! Good stuff!

  25. Alfalfa says don’t trust any red fruit or veggies.

  26. Nacho, Motu baby is just like you… i’ve tried giving him mango, banana, guava, mint leaves, egg plant, apple but all he loves eating is cucumber (number one on his food chart), carrot, and bread (i know it’s not on your food chart but he has to have bread at 3am.. nothing else will do…), and grass i am eagerly waiting for him to try cabbage, kale (looking for it in the markets), spinach… *fingerscrossed*… like you he will snif it and in some cases he will just turn his face away from the food and refuse to even look at it… i try not to push him but i just want him to eat healthy food…. having said all that i agree with you Nacho about being very careful than being sorry later!
    Motu baby’s wednesday was great… he cuddled with me ofcourse just because he knew i hid the food inside the blanket 🙂

    • Awww Motu, some new foods are nommy. The best herb to try is curled parsley. Mummy has never met a guinea pig that didn’t like it and now she grows it herself so whee are never without that precious treat! Mint leaves are something whee love or hate. Small pieces of orange or chunks of celery can be good things to try and small quantities of broccoli go down well here.

      Hopefully he discovers some other foods he likes!


  27. I’m suspicious too sometimes, but not if it’s fish! Woooowooooo! Nice to meet you! Ku

  28. I’m like that to but then when I have the nommy again I gobble it up,xx SPeedy

    • I did the exact same thing today. The hoomans were baffled. They offered me a little piece of pepper and I snatched it and ate it super fast. I’ve learnt that I do like it now!


  29. Twiggy is with you. New food = suspicious. Onyx, on the other paw, will eat anything. Anything! 🙂

  30. Me iz bery discernin too Nacho…n sniff eberyfing carefully befur eatin it. Wif da Bowel Disease me haz a purrty strict diet now so me not havin to sniff weird food 😉
    Happy snackin!!
    Lub Nylablue xo

  31. Henry and Oscar are absolute fuss pots, but Archie will eat anything LOL

  32. princess guinea and ariel

    the guineas don’t like strawberrys either

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