Tired Out Tuesday!

Well yesterday the weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit windy but nothing whee can’t handle! So whee spent most of it in the garden and today whee are tired right out! Just look at me, in my highly attractive and comfortable looking sleeping pose:

IMG_0275Just to give you a glimpse of the funs whee had, the little hoomans and Mummy filmed us playing out there. My favourite part is the end bit with Nacho popcorning in the tent! The green spaghetti is very disappointing at the moment, all dried out thanks to the sunshine and our munching so Mummy let us eat our vegetables out there to cheer us up. Yes, whee piggies had a PIGnic! I can tell you is super jealous!

Did you have a fun time in the sunshine? Are you tired out today? Do you like my sleeping position (provocative but not showing to much ^_^)?!

Have a terrific Tuesday



ps. in the video the observant of you will notice Nacho closing his right eye a little. He has seen the vet and is having eyedrops (which he is very brave about) to make this better.

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  1. Annie used to sleep with both front paws out straight in-front of her, and both back paws out straight back when she was a baby.

    Looks like you guys had a fun day. Love Nacho’s cute sticky-uppy ears, I was noticing them this morning. Happy Tuesday to you all. 🙂

    • His ears are huge! The hoomans call him little Dumbo and whee joke he might never grow into them!


      • Wentworth’s ears are just the same (go back to Feb 2013 or look under guinea pigs in my tags to find pictures of him), and I can’t remember which of his kiddos got his ears (hard to tell in the recent bath photos I’ve not yet posted, but I think it’s Sophie). He will grow into them just fine. Meanwhile, you could put him on lookout for whatever crazy capers so he can let you know to put your innocent faces on, run away, or hide.

  2. Oh you guys are so adorable I could just eat you! Hehe only joking just a funny phrase! Those carrots look so scrummy! And look at the sunshine and your purrfect place in the shade! I love your sleeping position Buddy, when I lay like that with both my legs out at the back my mum calls me a slug but it’s cooler like that on the floor! =^.^=

  3. Ya’ll are just most adorable piggies!! I loved watching ya’ll eat. It reminds me of someone. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Here, you’d have to have the pen have a top. We have hawks and owls who want to meet you up close and personal.

  5. Oh goodness..is there room for me!!!! what a fun pignic you had and such beautiful table manners!! Little Nacho is really well settled in with his new family…I just love your video and that sleeping pozzie..wooot wooooo ‘Hugs Fozziemum xxxxxx

  6. Wow! That’s a big bowl of treats. Can we come ummm…visit you guys in the UK? Our mum isn’t that generous with the tasty food.

    xXX OoO

    Squeaks and Stevie

    • Our hooman often wonders if she gives us too much but the vet said whee are a normal size so whee think its ok! Just out of interest, how much veggies do you guys get?


  7. Buddy I love your sleeping style.. Motu baby slept in various cute styles yesterday evening 🙂 Can’t watch the video from my work but can’t wait to go home and watch all of them!

    • Whee hope you likes watching us! Whee always have lots of fun playing outside!

      Motu should have a pignic like us soon!


      • Motu baby is alone at the moment.. i am thinking of getting a playmate for him in a few days time (need to convince me parents)


      • The best way to do that is explain it like our Mummy did:

        Even though he has company of us humans he is essentially alone. Guinea pigs are herd animals and need companionship. Imagine you are him. It is as though you have been taken to a foreign country where you don’t know the language and even though everyone is very kind to you and you want for nothing you cannot speak to anyone or fully understand them. Having a friend helps him learn basic skills such as when it is right to play, or sleep or how to behave when feeling threatened. A new friend would mean so much for his wellbeing.

        Hopefully that helps and there are plenty of places online that will explain why piggies need friends too.


  8. Oh I think you guys are ever so lucky to have such a yummy dish of stuff to munch on and the BEST part is that you are such great pals already. YAY! Nacho, we hope your eye is better real soon……and we LOVE your ears as well as the rest of you……….:D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hehehe Nacho’s eye is nearly completely better today. He may have been closing it more because it was pretty windy out there! But he is such a brave little piggy. Mummy said there was a time when she wondered if I would ever grow into MY ears! So I guess it’s a baby pig thing!

      Have a great day


  9. Since our weather has cooled off we are having much more fun walking and playing in the yard. You piggys sure have a nice life!

  10. Typist loves the way guinea pigs eat, and loves your blogs – it brings back so many memories of the guinea pigs she had as a child! Hope Nachos eye is soon all better!

    • Whee are so glad Typist like our blog. Whee try to include all the best bit of cavy slavery so the hoomans who don’t have piggies can imagine what it is like 😛

      Nacho says thank you, and his eye looks much better today ^_^


  11. Aaaaa you guys are so twitchy and all over the place in the grass :3 eeeheeehee. LOVE the new layout of your blog by the way.

  12. Thanks for this funny video – it was great to watch you! Hope your eye is ok soon, Nacho.

  13. I’m a vegetarian too and I love carrots. But I don’t munch quite so fast. I thought that was so darn cute watching the green leaves being munched down so speedy LOL

  14. Speedy munches quick too,its been to wet here for fun in the garden,xx Rachel Speedy’s mum

  15. Fabuluss ‘pignic’!!! Me haz bin out in me Condo ebery day diz week n iz bery reelaxed frum all day fresh air!!! Mum sayz, enjoy it Sweet Feet ‘caus Winter will come soon…Yow!! Dat iz not a nice thought…so we gotta get all da Summer time we can right G-Pigz???
    Lub ya all, Nylablue n Mum too…

    • Whee love the sunshine but when it gets super hot whee has to hide inside with lots of fans. Whee like it when there is a little wind so whee can play outside and not get too hot!


      • Same here me sweet furendz…if it getz too hot n humid out me haz to come in where da fanz are n stay cool. me LUBZ a nice breeze too….say maybee me iz a G-Pig in mee soul???
        Nylablue xo

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