Nutty’s Guide To Bringing Up A Naughty Piggy!

You probably all know that Nacho, my new cage mate is furry young. Between 9 and 10 wheeks old in fact! Well like most babies he is causing a lot of trouble and it’s up to me to keep him under control and teach him all he needs to know . . .

Nacho?! Nacho, What are you doing over there?!! Behave!

Sorry about that, now where was I? Oh yes. There are many lesson he must learn, like, how one should eat the green spaghetti in the garden really really fast then look up at the hoomans with the hungry face

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper's not half bad!

Speed nomming, the whippersnapper’s not half bad!

And how to bounce around in a cute way so the hoomans go “D’awwwwwww”

How to wheek at the top of your lungs to make the hoomans hurry up with the noms, be it hay, veggies or breakfast! He’s not to great at this one, whee will have to film it because it’s quite funny! When he gets really excited he actually can’t squeak, he just puffs out lots of air and dashes around. Whee got the vet to check this was ok on his first ever vet trip and she said there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just super duper excited!

And how to share a tent . . .


Ok, so he hasn’t quite got the hang of that one but these things take practice!

The final art I have been working on with him, is the art of adorable snuggling on the hoomans . . .


He’s getting good at this one! Wait! Nacho! What are you doing? Where are you going kid?! Naughty Nacho!!!


Ah well. Whee might need to work on that one too!

What other lessons do you think efurry young piggy or pet should learn?

Happy Monday efurryone!



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  1. Oh Nacho! Nacho! *shakes head*

  2. Nacho’s supper cute and so little. Better be careful not to squish the little fella. New pets have to learn not to chew on stuff. I had to teach my kitties to only scratch on place. Sometimes they forget πŸ˜›

  3. The first thing to learn is how to beg for food. Everything else is secondary if you’re hungry.

    • Very good point. Whee have got the begging going well. In fact he might be better at it than me!

      It melts the hoomans hearts to see little him all hungry more than it does to see chubby old me begging!


  4. Dear nutty, young uns need to learn etiquette – good thing you are around to teach Nacho how things should be!

  5. Does Nacho know you don’t have a milk bar? That last photo makes me wonder…

    From the antics of 23 years of piggy friends (do NOT let Basil read this…)

    Mastering the art of hiding veggies and duping a second human into believing you never got anything (Sam and Maurice had quite the little con going on for a few months when my mother and sister would get home from work).

    Insisting that your water be chilled in the fridge and standing in-front of the water bottle screaming in protest if it was not (at one place the water was in a fridge filtration pitcher, so when we moved and I switched to filtered bottled water from a filtration store I stored at room temperature, cantankerous Teddy pitched a fit).

    Mastering the art of using a toilet paper tube as a ninja weapon before killing it.

    Learning all the hiding spots that will require humans to need to disassemble furniture (Wentworth, queen sized mattress and box spring, I don’t want to talk about it).

    Remembering that all injuries should be scheduled for major holidays when only the emergency vet is open.

    Chewing on ceramic dishes whenever you don’t get what you want (Cecily would hear me coming up the walk and would start this while I was still outside; the sound has all the appeal of listening to tile cut with a circular saw combined with a jackhammer on concrete).

    That kicking dirty bedding outsiide the cage after digging everything up makes them feel better about their job security as your slave.

    Smouldering adorableness sometimes covers a multitude of sins.

    Inventing an imaginary friend and claiming total ignorance to whatever mayhem because you didn’t do it, it was __________ is useful.

    • Wow what great tips. Whee like the ninja tube one! Whee have been throwing our willow twigs at each other so much Mummy doesn’t really let us have then anymore!

      Whee have defintiely got the poor and dirty bedding throwing part. The hoomans don’t know what’s coming. Mwah ha ha ha ha!


  6. The top lesson is learning about cardboard boxes – how to push them around when you are super excited and how to “taste test” one to see if its the right thickness for nibbling and gnawing.

    xXX OO O

    Stevie and Squeaky

  7. Aw what a good teacher you are Nutty! Nacho is going to grow into a fine guinea pig in no time!

  8. I think you’ve covered the most important food-related lessons. Tent sharing (and cuddling) is kind of important, and will be good practice for lap snuggling. You’ve got this well in control, B.

    Love and licks,

  9. Seems to me that the baby piggy training is coming along nicely……and I’m sure you’re being VERY patient with little Nacho…..I’m glad you two are happy together and no doubt Nacho is picking up tips from his wise older brother Nutty and soon will be just as good at getting the trained hoomans to do his bidding as you are!! Tee Hee

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. He is pretty big for being so young…I guess you piggys grow up fast!

  11. O that sounds so cute!! Typist just wants to give you both a big hug!

  12. I think it’s important to learn how to make the perfect “It wasn’t me-face” :o)

  13. Nutty the other important thing to learn is how to do naughty things so it looks Cheeky rather than naughty….like I do…hehehe,xx Speedy

  14. I think Nacho needs to perfect his innocent look πŸ™‚

  15. He’s very cute, so he’ll probably get by!

  16. Nacho shure nose how to snuggle under doezn’t he?? MOL/SOL!!!
    Me iz shure he will grow up n bee a guud Piggie!!! He haz ya to menter him! πŸ˜‰
    Lub Nylablue xo

    • I am trying my best. He seems to be convinced that I am his Mummy sometimes even though I tell him I don’t carry a milk bar under me he has to go and check. Silly baby! ^_^


      • Yow me finkz diz iz a compleemint cause he feelz safe enuff to go underneath…what do ya fink Nutty?? He will figure it out as he getz older πŸ˜‰
        Nylablue xo

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