Somewhere To Be Sunday

Well it was nice while it lasted. The sunshine went away yesterday evening, making way for a horrible thunderstorm. Luckily whee spent some time out enjoying the garden while it was nice.

Mummy always thinks I look funny in the garden as I bustle around a lot, like I’ve got somewhere to be! What she doesn’t know is that I am like a guard. Just call me the Cavy Crusader! I am watching out for threats! Those mischievous magpies, sly sparrows, cunning cats (Sorry kitty furfriends but you have not seen the way next doors kitty Lucky McFluff looks at us! Whee are not lunch!) and don’t even bring up that troublesome toad. See, somefurry has to watch out and sound the alarm if danger approaches. I know Mummy sits out so she might see but two pairs of eyes are better than one.

I may have sounded the alarm prematurely sixteen a couple of times before by wheeking at the top of my lungs and sending efurryone dashing for cover when I saw shadows or something flew past but it’s better safe than sorry, right?!

I don’t usually stay still long enough for good pigtures outside but Mummy got caught me by surprise by hiding round the back of our tent as I made my perimeter checks. Of course this caused one of my false alarms and I don’t think anyfurry will believe me next time. It’s like that story of the boy who cried wolf cavy who squeaked cat.


Ah well, at least inside I have a better view of the entrances and exits. Nothing will get passed me in there!



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  1. Oh the “Basil Patrol” is on the watch! Good boy……everyone can sleep well knowing you’re at the ready!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  2. Better safe than lunchmeat.

  3. Wow Basil you are on the lookout indeed!! just like Doc ..he is alwas looking out for the Murdulator !!! glad you some fun outside..this weather is truly odd for all creatures isn’t it!
    Have a great day Basil hugs from Fozziemum xxx

  4. It amazed me that even at six hours old, my babies assumed the typical herbivore defense position where they were facing opposite directions lying next to each other to afford a 360-degree view of everything.

    Why do I think that if you were a squirrel you would be the type to throw whole fir cones?

  5. Great to know you are on the ball Basil!

  6. Hehehe…sound like a fun detail,Maybe you could come and visit me you could have a whole garden to patrol!xxSpeedy

  7. It’s always best to safe rather than sorry. Keep up your vigil dear boy!

  8. As a guard piggy I bet you scare away lots of potential danger!

  9. Basil you’re doing a top job! =^.^=

  10. False alarms are all part of being vigilant. Keep your eyes peeled, B. this is important work you are doing.

    Love and licks,

  11. You are a fabulous piggy-guard – even Kevin Costner will be green with envy :o)

  12. hello basil its dennis the vizsla dog hay gud job on patrol!!! trixie approovs!!! ok bye

  13. You are the bestest alarm ever!

  14. Yow Basil. You iz a pawsum guard cavy!!! Dat Lucky McFluff soundz like me befur me learned dat G-Piggz ARE NOT food!!! Me finkz Lucky needz sum edukatin!
    Mum sitz out wif me on da patio n me feelz seecure knowin she iz dere when me napz…..cause Cheekz da Chipmunk triez to sneek into me condo n bizit!!! Den dere iz Stacia da pidgun n she comez bery close to me condo n me wantz to pounce her….so Mum iz dere to keep all of us safe frum each other…..
    We had a nice day yesterday n den a BIG Funderstorm last nite which me watched by da patio door.
    Today it waz sunny out til about 3 pm n den it got all cloudy n sum wind 😦
    So me iz gonna go up on da cupboard n nap on me peellow!!!! HHrRMMPP!!!
    Lub to all of ya frum Nylablue xo

    • Whee have tried having a talking to Lucky McFluff but he made a really loud yowling noise and some other kitties arrived. Mummy shoed them off saying whee was not noms and whee has not squeaked to those naughty kitties since!


      • Oh Mousiez dat Lucky McFluff had sum nerve bringin mor ekittehz around to ya all!!! Me iz glad yer Mummy shoed him n da other nasteez off…me finkz not squeeking to demm iz a guud idea…if ya do dey may fink it iz an invite fer supper…n ya wuud be da meal!!!!
        if dem kittehz ever bother ya again let me nose n me will come over n *WHAP* dem guud!!!
        Lub Nylablue ❤

  15. Is your tent the thing with the paws on it? Doesn’t it remind you off a cats’ of dogs’ paws? Whee think it looks a bit scary. With all of that danger, whee can see you have Nacho as your double for stunts. Whee love your new banner, we enjoy seeing the furry you. Love Peaches, Daisy, Cinnamon and Snuggles xxxx

  16. If they don’t listen, you can always have fun later telling them “I told you so!”

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