Water Torture Woes

Mummy was the Queen of Mean today when she put us out to play in the garden like normal. When getting us in she first took me, and I discovered what she was up to. But there was no chance to warn the others as I was put straight into my cage afterwards. They were then subjected, despite valiant protests, to the same water torture. Yes, I am talking about none other than the piggy bath! Below are my bath pigtures (yes they capture evidence of it, truly shocking). You may notice I am looking a little skinny, I have seen the vet and they can find nothing wrong with me, I am just very sad and lonely since whee lost Nibbles so the hoomans are searching for a new friend for me and making sure I eat.

Next whee have Basil who really looked hurt through the bathing but protested a lot at the drying!

And finally Buddy who started out rather enjoying it but got quite cross when the hoomans took longer to dry him because of his extra fluffiness and . . . voluptuous figure!

To add insult to injury they then decided it would be a good idea to trim our claws. My reaction to my back claws being done was to curl my body so I could look at them and occasionally lick one in horror. How often do you put up with such tortures? When is your next one planned or don’t you know? Is it a sneak attack?

Have a great Thursday



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  1. aaawww.. sorry you had to go through all that.. but on the brighter side you all look handsome 🙂 Motu baby got a quick bath last weekend.. this weekend his claws/nails will be trimmed.. and i know for a fact he isn’t at all a big fan of either one of these… so you guys aren’t alone..

  2. Why this humans are always obsessed about the water-torture? You should call the United Piggies Security Council :o)

  3. Oh you poor things. Such humiliation! Litchi gets bathed outside, so we’ll wait for summer before putting her through the nightmare. She hates (and I truly do mean HATES) the water. I always feel so bad when I bath her. PS – she met her first guinea pigs over the weekend. They were at the flea market. She LOVED them. Wanted to play with them, doing the play bow and all in a desperate attempt to get their attention. They would have non of it!

  4. Poor tortured piggies! However I must say all three of you look very fluffy and squeaky clean now and I just bet if truth be told you FEEL better too! Here’s hoping you get a new hutch mate very soon Nutty so you can relax and get to know another piggy friend who will keep you company…..

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Well whee do look fluffier but its very annoying. Mummy is getting upset with me now because I won’t eat for myself and I keep spitting out the syringe food. I’m very uncooperative when I’m sad.


  5. But you all look so beautiful after your baffs!

  6. I had no idea a Guinea Pig needed to take a bath…poor little ones! I love water but I despise baths!

    • Whee don’t need full baths often. Usually just ‘bum baths’ using wet cotton wool to keep our naughty bits clean but every so often whee are stinky enough to need a bath.


  7. So that is what piggies thinks of baths. Miss Piggy, our piggie gets showers but her but was stained so Ma watched a youtube video on how to give piggies a bath and Miss Piggy got one yesterday. Her bottom is now all nice and clean. She has front nails that are curly due to her owner before us never clipping them, Do you have any advice for correcting that or will they always be curly?
    I learn so much from you all. Sure am glad you are my friends.

    • Not sure what colours her claws are but usually you can see the ‘quick’ which is the darker bit the veins are up to. If you cut them back as close to that as you dare and repeat every fortnight that should get her claws back in order. However as whee get older our claws do curl a little more and make clipping more difficult. If in doubt ask a vet to do it. Whee usually get the vet to do ours but Mummy can do them too.

      How old is Miss Piggy?


  8. Ha ha ha – real squeaky clean 😀 sorry guys, couldn’t resist that. How often does this torture happen?

  9. Ohhhh….you guys look so fresh and clean and adorable after you’ve been bathed!

  10. Oh my! I’m outraged on your behalf! Torture in the meanest form! It’s true that you all look very handsome now though on the plus side! I only have a forced shower if I’ve been swimming in the sea because the humans say that I can’t clean myself if I’m salty. They can’t clean themselves at all though so what would they know?! =^.^=

  11. oh my! I never even knew that pigs had to have baths! You poor thing!

  12. Hehe piggy baths. Sorry sweetie.. love the pigtures. I am so sorry about nibbles’ passing.

  13. I have to have a bath every 2 days. They have to marinate me in medicated soap lather for ten full minutes. I’ll take the pig bath schedule. This should be over in another week.

  14. Hehehehe just think what the ladies will think of you now….Just saying….hehehe,xx Speedy

  15. See now, if you are my piggies I start with the flipping over and tummy rubs as early as possible, but definitely by three weeks. My babies have had their claws clipped twice already AND have all been to the vet AND have been treated with ivermectin…orally…twice.

    No fuss.

    Are ye not boars of courage?

    Baths soon, haven’t decided when, with six pigs it will be an all day deal.

    Also, you’ve not met the horror that is a shower sprayer — you can run, but you can’t escape!!!!!

    • The shower gets us too worked up. Now the hooman uses the ice cream tub and jug! Whee are such troublemakers about all of it. Mummy wishes she had us when whee were 3 wheeks old, then maybe whee wouldn’t have been such trouble makers!

      As for baths, it took about 20 minutes a pig to bath and dry, apart from with Basil the naughtiest piggy ever who took a little over half an hour!


      • Why does it not surprise me that Basil is the naughtiest?

        I used to have three long-haired pigs who took over two hours EACH…plus the two Abbys I had at the time — daddy Teddy and uncle Scruffaluffagus to Felix and Greggy.

        My sister named Scruffy (who was, indeed, scruffy looking). Instead of the Sesame Street character “Mr. Snuffaluffagus,” he was “Mr. Scruffaluffagus.”

        Everybody should have an Uncle Scruffaluffagus.

        Felix was AT LEAST as much trouble as Basil.

  16. Just like mummy, we are quirky, as we love to be bathed and blow dried. We like to smell great and for our coats to be shiny and fluffy. We always feel better after a bath. Love and wheels, Daisy, Cinnamon, Snuggles and Peaches.xxxx

    • Whee hate being dried off the most and whee always run away in the bath. Whee is such naughty piggies!


      • Whee love playing in the bath and sit there enjoying the hair drying, thinking that’s the way it should be, we are the masters of our home and mummy should indeed pamper to our fluffy needs. Lots of wheeks
        Peaches, Snuggles, Daisy and Cinnamon. xxxx

        P.S. Whee even got a mention in the paper that mummy was in, whee are the news, wheek biz beckons.

  17. Yow ya piggiez have to watch yer Humanz it seemz!!! Me only haz to have tushie bath when me haz da nastee die-a-rrea (ick) n da toeziez only get clipped when me goez to da Vet as Mum can’t hold me down to do it herself!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue xo

  18. Oh no …bath face times three victims!!!!! you do however look terribly spiffy afterwards though 🙂 and as for the piggie-cure you had to have well…outrageous!! 🙂
    Hugs Fozziemum xx

  19. It’s the nerve that they blame me for needing the bath in the first place! And the worse bit – they always use one of my treats to lull me into the bathroom grr!

    • They lure you in?! Such fiendish trickery!

      Whee are too little and no matter how hard whee try, whee can never escape!


      • I escaped once mid bath and ran around getting everything as wet as possible, visiting as many rooms as possible, and dropping and rolling on every carpet to show my displeasure! Still got chucked back in when I was caught!

  20. AIIIEEEE! I know mine is gonna have to be a sneak attack cuz I don’t like being picked up…and my claws are llooooong! I heard Mom and Dad plotting…they can take Leo to the vet because they an pick him up. Mom has to do mine while Dad holds me captive..Ugh! Paw waves, Savvy
    And thank you so very much for the award…I do already have it but will post about it this weekend

  21. Those cruves need extra wooork! Love the paw-spreading heehee. Been watching kitty bathing videos too today. Awww those squeeks. Us hoomins are horrible. -_- BUT IT’S JUST SO DARN CUTE

  22. I feel your pain guys. I had a bath a week or so ago *shudder*. Daddy tried to cut my nails yesterday but I only let him do one paw – i just hope he doesn’t try again anytime soon

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