Sunshine? Fun Time!

~ After a storm, the sun will shine ~


After the sadness of the last week whee have been wanting to share some good news and today it was hot a sunny so whee spent it in the garden with the hoomans. Nutty is still very sad so whee didn’t take any pigtures of him but I had lots of fun being cheeky and playing games in the hoomans, Mummy’s hat! She was cuddling me when I pulled it off her head and climbed in. I think it really is my colour!

How are you enjoying the sun? Are you using hats to stay cool or something else.

For tips on how to keep piggies cool in hot weather check this out.




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  1. That hat is perfect, B. I think turquoise is your color! I love sunshine and hot weather! Yay!

    Love and licks,

  2. Sending comforting thought to Nutty and the rest of you.

  3. That gives a whole new meaning to looking good “in” a hat 🙂 Hope Nutty feels better soon, I am sure it is hard!

  4. Basil that colour does suit you very well! and you can see how sunny it is! we have very cold weather here but this picture has warmed us up a treat 🙂 big hugs to you all 🙂
    Fozziemum xx

  5. Cute pictures, Basil. We’re still keeping all of you close in thought…’specially Nutty. Glad you enjoyed being outside a little while today!
    Love, Sundae

  6. The Wigglewhiskers clan sends their regards but does NOT want time in the sun, it’s been between 90°F and 115°F here for weeks. Hat or no hat, they’re pretty sure they’d melt. Any thoughts of a new friend for Nutty? Do either one of you guys get on with him? I had a joint custody thing going on with my three for awhile before Teddy died.

    • Me and Buddy have not been nice to Nutty. We only chatted through the bars but there was a lot of showing teeth and rearing up on our hindlegs. Mummy doesn’t know why whee hate him so much.

      The hoomans are now looking into the possibility of getting Nutty a new friend.


      • I think you hate him because you don’t have to like him, you probably out-rank him. Guinea pig herd dynamics are a complicated thing. I freaked out when my sister told me that she put one of Annie’s new babies near her sows Rose and Daisy. Rose and Daisy both out-rank Annie, so it was their call if they wanted to legitimately hurt (or kill!!!) her babies or not since they were born at their house on their turf (Rose and Daisy can be mean, and don’t even really like each other; they attack everyone else). Basil, to be quite honest, you’re so much of a troublemaker diva pig (but in the best sort of way), I’m surprised you have a friend at all. Either Buddy is more bossy than you and you take it, or Buddy’s cool with being bossed (except that day he let you have it and split your lip).

      • Buddy is the most laid back and relaxed little pig. He gets along with anyone and everyone. Usually he puts up with my naughtiness but he isn’t afraid to let me know when I take it too far. Nutty on the otherhand is a little more timid. Mummy says he needs someone as gentle as he is.

        The hoomans often say I would never get along with anyone else because I am such a troublemaker!


      • Buddy is like Wentworth, and Frederick too. The black boys are the peacemakers, the brown boys are the pyrotechnics. Frederick and Benwick are such BFFs that the three of them (daddy Wentworth too) get along just fine. Harville has always been biggest, Benwick has always been the tiny/scrappy one who likes to push buttons. Scrappy is a bad combo with the one used to being able to get what he wants. They are all very well-adjusted boys. I just wish the social rules for sows were as easy as Wentworth and Harville make them look among the boys, poor Sophie is always trying to figure things out and keep on her mother’s good side (Annie turns into a dragon sometimes, especially while asleep).

  7. You look very fetching in that hat xxx

  8. Hi Basil – I think that hat looks quite comfy on a hot day and it IS your color for sure! I’m so sorry that Nutty is struggling to find his way after losing his best friend and it sounds like maybe a new hutch-mate might cheer him up a bit. We hope so. Sending piggy huggies to you guys!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Whee are hoping to find a little piggy to be Nutty’s friend but as he is quite timid whee need to find a very relaxed or friendly gentle piggy. In other words, not one like me! Hehehe


  9. Instead the cat with the hat – you are the piggy in the hat . You should write a book :o)

  10. You look piggalicious in that hat. I definitely think its your color. So sorry Nutty isn’t adjusting well. Hopefully time will heal his broken heart. Stay cool and have a good wheek.

  11. Yup, your colo(u)r and now your hat.

  12. Awww Basil that shade really makes you look even more perky heehee. 😀 I hope Nutty will feel better soon! The sun will surely help and so will you and your hoomins!

  13. That colour does suit you!

  14. it definitely suits you Basil:-)

  15. Yow Basil dat shade of turquoise blue really suitz ya purrfectlee!! me won’t wear anyfing but Mum alwayz make shure da Condo iz in da shade n she haz a lite crowshayed blankie she usez fer a cover!!!!
    We haz grreat Mumz don’t we??
    Lub Nylablue xo

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