4th July Furries


Happy 4th July American Furfriends!! Stay safe with those scary whoosh bangs and have fun!



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  1. Hi Guys! Thanks for the Happy 4th wishes – it WILL be happy if it stays quiet (for me anyway) because I just hate loud scary noises. As long as Mom is available maybe I can try to be brave???

    Have a super day……….
    Patriotic Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Don’t you look dapper there, Buddy??! Thanks for thinking of us on our special holiday.
    Love, Sundae

  3. Fireworks are one of the few things I am NOT afraid of. Mom says I’m weird!

    Love and licks,

  4. Let’s all have a great day even as foreigners! Lol!

  5. Love the photo!! Have a happy 4th!!

  6. That’s a very cute birthday card for the U.S. :o)

  7. Wheeky 4th of July! Love the photo! Thursday’s Tail wags

  8. Woohoo to all our US friends!xx Speedy

  9. Happy 4th you guys!

  10. Happy 4th my friend! XOXO – Bacon

  11. Super cute and festive 🙂 Happy 4th!

  12. We’re so far out in the country that the only booms come after lightening.

  13. Very cute picture!!! Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Love the pic! Hope you have a great day

  15. Happy Independence Day! Bisous Bailey

  16. I made sure to be home because 5 of my Wigglewhiskers six-pack haven’t been alive long enough to experience the neighbors illegally blowing up the neighborhood. They were unfazed, playing or asleep.

    A super scary thing happened in my hometown over the hill however:


  17. Hi guys when you feel up to it I gave you an award in my busy week post from 30/6/13,xx Speedy

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