Saturday Stars!

As promised, a video of the ladypigs dancing. Coming to a stage near  you . . . Poppy and Clover, the burlesque guinea pigs:

After making this whee found out that Clover has been taken ill so whee would love if you could send lots of healing wheeks and whiffles her way.

Have a great Saturday

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. Poppy and Clover look like they quite like those green beans – enough to sit up and ask nicely for MORE! Cute video and music – purrrrfectly dear way to start our Saturday. So sorry to hear Clover isn’t feeling well though. We’ll send happy thoughts to her for sure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Cute piggies! Prayers and happy healing thoughts for Clover. xo

  3. so sorry to hear that Clover is not feeling well, hope she is better soon!

  4. Oh dear, hope it is nothing serious???

    • Thank you. They think it’s a urine infection but she is really not herself. Hopefully the antibiotics and other meds the vet gave will have her back to normal soon.


  5. That’s a very cute piggielesque! All my best wishes for Clover – get well soon, Dancing Queen.

  6. I hope that all Clover has is the piggy-wiggy blues.

    • Hehehe. They think it is a urine infection but the symptoms mean it could be a number of things. Paws crossed the antibiotics and pain meds get her back on her dancing feet soon.


  7. Get well soon, Clover. I’m sending healing purrs your way.

  8. hello hutchizens its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a verry kyoot viddy-o!!! dada sez it sownds like it wood be a gud samba song!!! we ar all sending tail wags for clover!!! ok bye

  9. Awww, they are just so cute. Will be sending up prayers for sweet Clover. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. great video,hope clover feels better soon,xx Speedy

  11. What an adorable video!! Great job as always, Mommy! 🙂 And Taylor and I will definitely be sending positive thoughts your day for Clover…please get well soon, my dear!

  12. All of you rock so much!!! Great dancing!!! I will keep Clover in my prayers!!! I hope it is nothing serious!!! Fingers crossed here!!!
    Sherri-Ellen (Nylablue is out in the condo & did NOT see the video!!!)

  13. Poor Clover, paws crossed and comforting (gentle) licks sent her way.

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