Can I Help You?


Recently whee have had a couple of questions about guinea pigs in general and although whee have done this before whee would like to hear any questions or problems you might have that whee can help with.

Those questions you never desperately wanted to ask.

The issues you need advice on.

Whee can try to really help you! Just comment below or tweet us your questions or email them to

Wanna-Be-Piggy-Doctor Basil


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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. What a wonderfully helpful little crew you are 🙂

  2. Dear Wanna be Dr, Basil,
    As I see in your photo , you are outside in a must be piggy play pen. My fur guinea siblings have their own outdoor playpen also. They enjoy going to for a few hours a day. Is it ok for them to eat the grass and the clover? They have been doing it and don’t seem to have any gestational problems but I am curious. I get in trouble for eating grass but ma says they can eat it.
    Concerned Carma

    • Dear Concerned Carma,

      Yes, I am outside in my lovely playpen, enjoying the brief sunshine! Whee go out for about three hours in the morning, and then come in during the heat of the day and then have another three hours out.

      Piggies are allowed to eat both grass and clover. Clover is however very rich and can cause upset tummies if too much is eaten. But whee piggies are pretty smart so usually whee stop ourselves.

      Grass is one of our favourite ever foods so its definitely okay to eat!

      Hope this helps


  3. I need help but you can’t do it. You’re not a psychiatrist.

  4. Great work Basil,keep it up piggies!,xx Speedy

  5. Hmmm I just can’t think of any questions although I’m sure there are lots of things I don’t know about piggies. I will let you know if I think of anything!

  6. You always snap the best pics for with the subject of your post. 😀 I don’t have guinea pigs but great call-out!

  7. My only question is: How can SO much cuteness be squeezed into such a tiny body??

    Love and licks,

  8. Dr Basil your generosity to others is outstanding. Why are piggys so helpful? X

  9. guineapigsarelife

    dr. basil, can you tell your hooman to check her email? make sure to mention that it is important! sorry to bug you!

  10. Dr. Basil I have a question: Why did my kitty girl try to eat Pookie the G-Pig I brought home 2 Summers ago??? She went totally mental trying to get into Pookie’s hutch/cage & I had to surrender him to the local Shelter. He went to his new home that very night & is doing great….I just don’t get why Nylablue was so aggressive over a cute G-Pig…any thoughts??

    • Well as whee are rodents whee are naturally prey to animals like her. Whee smell much like mice or wild animals she might like to try catching. It would be instinct for her to try to nom on us, not that whee like the idea of being nommed on. Some cats are very laidback and able to relax around piggies but most do find us infuriating.

      Maybe its our adorable fluffy charm intimidating them!!

      Dr Basil

      • Hallo Dr. basil…you sure are a wise G-Pig!!! i never thought of your species as prey for cats!!! I have a feeling Nylablue would be a ‘natural’ mouser & birder & the way she went for Pookie Pig was shocking!!!
        I so wished she was going to be laid back but Pookie lasted in here 15 minutes then my neighbor & I carried his hutch out & I had another friend drive us to Shelter…..turns out the Shelter Operator’s children were looking for a new G-Pig & they feel in love instantly!!!
        Pookie WAS fluffy n charming & I bet Nylablue was having NONE of that!!!
        Thanks for your insight….you are one clever G-Pig!!!!
        Sherri-Ellen xo

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