Who Scoffed It?! Sherlock Saturday!

Well the hoomans had strawberries and whee got to eat some of the left overs! (Mummy admits that she leaves lots so whee can get some! Good cavy slave!)

Whee wish whee could tell you whee got them from our garden but ours still look like this:


Actually while whee are on a garden update whee would like to call upon our Sherlock Skilled furfriends. Something has been scoffing our little ‘unlucky cucumber’. The cucumber was called unlucky due to the fact it was dropped twice on the way home and reduced price because it was smaller than the others. Now it  has been scalped, something has turned it into a tough skin head cucumber plant! Whatever it was has stolen our basil plant too, as there is nothing left where it should be now!?

What do you think nommed on our little unlucky cucumber? And who stole our little basil plant?! Who dunnit?!

Whee will do some investigating and reveal who it was tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday efurryone.



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  1. Snails and slugs its that time of year again and the wet weather is bringing them out either use some slug pellets or put vasaline around the top of the pots and tubs and look out for caterpillers too,xx Speedy’s mum

  2. Yup, those narsty snails and slugs have done for your dinner 😦

  3. my goodness, you are so cute with your widdle nose and widdle teeny lips. HA. Hey, is there a squirrel in your yard? They sometimes sneak things.

  4. Indeed those nasty slugs and snails can devour a veg overnight! A small dish of beer does the trick. They much prefer the beer to the plant (amazing!). If it’s a squirrel who’s the culprit the beer would probably just make him tipsy while he enjoys eating the plants! HAHAHAHA

    I’m sure you guys will figure out who the TRUE culprit is!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Maybe it was a squirrel. They always look like they’re up to no good.

    Love and licks and it wasn’t me – I promise,

  6. I think this brown snails killed your plants. You need some ducks – they will eat this snails :o)

  7. If it were here, I would definitely blame rabbits. Anything like that has to be grown in big pots that the bunnies can’t get at.

  8. Better find that sneaky thief, piggies!

  9. Ohhhh nose close-up! 😀

  10. I agree with Speedy, its likely the slugs:-(

  11. Yow cuud ya guyz bee any cuter?? Me finkz NOT!!! Doez strawberriez look yummy!!
    Nylablue xo

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