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Ok this is a slightly sadder than usual post for us so let this be fair warning. Whee were inspired by Princess Zena who has been getting her hooman to go posts about animals she used to have. So Mummy has been looking back to see the fur and feathers that made her who she is.

The very first furry was a little black toy poodle called Katie who belonged to her Grandad. Kate was very old by the time Mummy was born but she remembers being very little and curling up with Katie in her doggy bed. One of the most special things about Katie was she was totally blind in her old age and despite being very fragile she still took good care of our hooman and gave her a love of animals which has stayed with her. Whee so wish whee had a pigture to show you but they are all at Grandad’s house!

Next came Anastasia and Cinderella, fondly known as Annie and Cinders, two little gerbils! Mummy’s first rodents! Mummy was very excited to get them. Here is her with one of the little hoomans and them when they arrived at the house! Looking back she remembers being very excited about buying the biggest pink cage in the shop but that was 1998 and now she is not so sure its that great. She called it Cinderella castle! But wee are so glad cages have improved since and things are so much better in terms of making nice homes for furries. They were very cheeky and loved digging. They were nearly lost down the side of many a sofa cushion! Though its not clear from the photos they were black all over with little white patches on their tails  to distinguish one from the other.

our very little Mummy who is only for and a little hooman with both the little gerbils!

our very little Mummy who is only for and a little hooman with both the little gerbils!

Anastasia and Cinderella the gerbils, Annie and Cinders for short, with us for 3 wonderful years

Anastasia and Cinderella the gerbils, Annie and Cinders for short, with us for 3 wonderful years

After this Mummy got a feathered furfriend.

A little blue budgie. Now this is actually a slightly funny story. Originally named Barney this was one very grumpy budgie. So grumpy in fact Mummy’s Mummy took it to the vet thinking something must be wrong! Well nothing was discovered as far as illness goes but the vet did tell us Barney was in fact a Barbie. Yes their little boy budgie was a little girl budgie. With permanent PMT apparently! Barbie spent her few years with Mummy being a bit of a biter and quite naughty.  She passed away very sadly and suddenly of a mysterious illness when she was four. Again Mummy was sad to remember how small the cage was. It was the biggest available to them at the time, but it still looks too little to her. So thankful things have improved.

Barbie the budgie, passed away aged 4 after a mystery illness

Barbie the budgie, passed away aged 4 after a mystery illness

After that Mummy had a very long wait before she was finally allowed pets again and got  the lovely Nibbles and Nugget. Nugget who whee called chicken nugget was a very cheeky chappy who passed away due to a heart condition aged three. He used to love being put at one end of the garden and dashing all the way to the other end. For a chubby little chap he could move at quite a speed!

Nugget, left, passed away aged just 3

Nibbles is clearly still with us but now with his new furfriend Nutty. Next came Buddy and Bingo, who were both with us at the start of this blog. Unfortunately Bingo was very ill and whee lost him when he was only 9 months old. And so Buddy is now with little Basil.

Bingo, sadly put to sleep after battling illness his whole life aged just 9 months

This post does have a bit of a point which whee are finally getting to! Whee are opening a little rainbow bridge page to remember those whee have lost with some poems. Whee would love for you to be able to go to that page and post a little comment about a furry you would like to remember.

Whee hope whee haven’t made you sad, all the memories Mummy has of them are so happy and she can finally look back on them fondly, without bursting into tears. All these animals have made our Mummy who she is and though they are gone, they will never be forgotten!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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  1. What a very very sweet bunch of stories about furries your Mum has loved and lost. We also think it’s a lovely idea to start a rainbow bridge page – so many furry families have experienced loss and while we honor them all in our hearts, having a special page to honor them is a dear thing to do.

    Big Hugs from me and my Mom

  2. Those that have gone on are making way for the rest of us at the Rainbow Bridge. It’s gonna be a heck of a party when we all get there!

  3. They still remember their friends fondly.

  4. I think it’s good to look back and not forget our furpals. It is sad when they die too young Like little Bingo or even Nugget, but even those short times are precious to us. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I think it is great remembering past pets 🙂 Your budgie is quite cute. I hope to have a little bird again one day. I had one in middle school. Birds are tricky creatures… they hide their illness VERY well and can die so suddenly…

    • Mummy was very little so she didn’t understand birds very well but her Mummy was pretty sure something was right with Barbie from the start. I guess whee will never know.


  6. I have been raising guinea pigs for 23 years, and we’ve always had a herd (my current herd keeps me busy — to busy to tell, but my 4 week old babies have the personalities of: a hippie surfer dude, a drama queen diva, a U.N. Ambassador, and a movie star/politician). One of the little girls in the family I live with loves animals (they don’t return the sentiment..if you know the character Elmyra from “Tiny Toon Adventures,” “Animaniacs!” and “Pinky and the Brain,” this little girl is Elmyra to a T). Anyway, one night I was babysitting and she would NOT go to sleep…it’s frightful how long we spent going through literally hundreds of photos of dead guinea pigs in all my Facebook albums. Much loved and much missed, but never forgotten.

    Love from Annie, Wentworth, Sophie (drama queen), Frederick (Ambassador), Harville (“Peace out and hang loose”), and Benwick (Mr. Adorable®).

    • Awwww. Whee know our Mummy likes sitting down and going through pigtures of all of us. It’s therapeutic. When the remembering is not so hard it is nice to look back on those who have passed.


  7. It’s nice to remember back the pets we’ve had. I suppose they never really leave us. 🙂

  8. June 12 is national pet memory day so I think its fitting to talk about pets that have come into our lives. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks for this post. I think all our friends deserved it that we remember. And this post was a wonderful tribute to your beloved friends.

  10. So sweet 🙂 I know cages standards have grown leaps and bounds since I was a wee one in the 80s! I think of what I kept my critters in back then and cringe. But as a kid at least I spent even more time playing with them – free ranging in my bedroom – than I get to do now as an adult. So maybe it evened out a little.

    Loved all the pictures ❤

  11. This post made me cry. i love animals so much and would hate it if anything happened to any of my four piggies. They are my life and world.

  12. It’s great to look back and think of all the good times!

  13. Big tear for Basil 😦 xxx

  14. Such a lovely post. Mummy is now reminiscing over her past pets too xx

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