Follow Da Leader!

Well whee had another lovely sunny day today and me and Nibbles discovered a brilliant new game when playing in the garden. Whee follow each other round and round in circles! It’s super fun and whee love it!

Dee dum dee dee a diddly dum de day . . .

What’s your favourite game to play on a sunny day?



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  1. Lots of grass to nibble 🙂

  2. my favorite game is give me treats 🙂
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. My boys are on rotation with daddy Wentworth, Sophie lives with mama Annie…which leaves the problem cage with two unsupervised baby boy pigs not required to have manners. There was some high-octane “follow the leader” going on at 3:00 AM here this morning in the form of a game of tag that seemed to have cross-purposes as cross-training for the Piggy 500.

    Did I mention it was 3:00 AM?

    My set doesn’t have a way to go outside, but do much enjoy sniffing fresh air and sleeping in sunbeams.

  4. As every mum says, “if Nibbles goes off the cliff, does that mean you must go off the cliff also?”.

  5. That’s the littlest, tiniest parade I ever saw!

    Love and licks,

  6. You’re so cute on the pictures!

  7. Very sweet. My favourite game outside? Lying under the shade and watching the pup play and do stupid stuff!

  8. Wow that grass is so lush, better get munching.

  9. We LOVES a good game of zoomies…butt our favourite thing to do on a sunny day is snooze!
    Wally & Sammy

  10. Looks like great fun!!

  11. What a FUN game! Follow the leader is a great idea…….Nibblesis the engine of the train and Nutty is the caboose! Woo Woo!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  12. Awh that’s so cute! We have had a few sunny days haven’t we?
    Never know what this weather is going to do x3
    Lovely pigtures :):)

  13. Oh and is there any chance I can ask a fellow piggy lover to ‘like’ this Facebook page for me?
    I design and sell pet beds for small animals.
    It’d be great if I could find more support from animals lovers like myself!
    It’d mean a lot to me 🙂
    Here’s the link;

    • Whee are actually not on Facebook. (The hoomans keep meaning to set it up but never get round to it!) Whee will have a look and let the people whee know on a guinea pig forum know about a cool new place to get pet beds!


  14. Squeaky and Steve love that game too! What fun!

  15. Aw cute, they’re playing their own form of ring a ring a rosies

  16. to play soccer in my back yard – that’s always the best

  17. Somehow that song reminds me of starwars!

  18. hehehe you guys are fun,I like to play binky zoomy,xx Speedy

  19. I like to play ‘what are you doing? And can I help?’ which involved sticking my face in the way of whatever they are trying to do 🙂

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