Apparently I will not be scarred for life and rocking a ruggedly handsome look. I has finally healed! Mummy helped me eating and drinking but today I look almost normal and so whee are able to show you the slow improvement as I got better. The scab fell off today and you can hardly see it anymore. I am bootiful once again!

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Luckily I didn’t need any pain relief or antibiotics but my food had to be cut up smaller and I wasn’t allowed anything acidic as far as veggies went but now I can eat what I would like to!

I am so happy to be better but really grumpy too because it keeps raining and whee even had hail yesterday! Where is our Summer?!!

Have a fabulous Friday!



ps. Yes, me and Buddy are good friends again!

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  1. Glad its healed up nicely Basil.
    BBC weather says its going to be dry for the rest of the weekend, but who knows with British weather lol!

  2. Thank goodness you will still be
    Quite beautiful!

  3. Good to see you all healed up Basil! I know what you mean about the weather we even came home a day early because of the weather and now we are home and its cold and so windy!! lets hope it gets better soon!xx Speedy

  4. Yep, you’re rockin’ the Harrison Ford look, looking as handsome as ever. I’ll trade you some rain for some muggy heat — at least rain means business, halfway burned off fog does no one any good. Annie, Wentworth, Frederick, Sophie, Harville, and Benwick send their greetings (The babies are fine, but I’m worried about Annie, she doesn’t have time to eat enough and us WAY too skinny!!!!!).

    • Oh dear, that’s not good. Have you tried letting her out and syringe feeding her separately just to supliment her food in take? Mummy’s friend had to do that with one of hers when she was super busy rushing round after her babies.


      • I’m going to have to, but this is bad news as she’s still stuck at my sister’s and time over there is not time spent here cleaning up so I can bring them home.

      • If you have critical care mix you can put a small bowl in the cage. Not only is this harmless for the others but really good cos’ it contains everything piggies need. Adding probiotic powder to water can also be useful. Hope she fattens up soon!


      • Yeah, even if she had it she wouldn’t have time to free-feed it. They’ve got pellets, free-feed loose alfalfa, cube alfalfa, and fresh treats (today it was cherries, and little white chins got stained a very silly pink). She got 2 tbsp of Critical Care today, I’ll keep her on it as much as I can get into her as I can get to her. The three boys will shift to daddy’s cage full time next week when she weans them, Sophie will stay put, so she should be able to recover, but when you’re outnumbeted 4:1

  5. That’s great news, Basil!!! You’re handsome as ever….!

  6. So good to see you almost back to normal Basil! You do have speedy powers of healing 😉

  7. Lookin’ good Basil! Appears to be all healed up nicely and I’m ALSO happy that you and Buddy have made up after the – er – um – “accident” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. Now you’re not so intimidating.

  9. You are always beautiful and I’m glad you are well again. Without a scar – great! Stay warm, it’s cold here too :o)

  10. Basil–in one of the photos–day 3 I think, I swear you look like the Abominable Smowan!! Just the camera angle I’m sure, but maybe that was what scared Buddy just for a second.

  11. thank goodness you are almost better and thank goodness you and Buddy are friends again! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • It’s amazing really. Apparently piggy lips have a very good blood supply which means that they heal very quickly. Of course, in the wild they would need to heal fast so they can eat. It’s fascinating though!


  12. Oh Basil! I’m so happy you’re back to your best! you look very handsome and you’ve obviously been very brave! Bisous Bailey

  13. Basil, you’re gorgeous again! I’m so happy you’re not scarred. Eating is the best fun! Enjoy, little guy.

    Love and licks,

  14. Yeah! So happy! That was a pretty nasty gash. Hang in there!

  15. Never doubted that you’d remain gorgeous Basil. Glad you’re all healed and can eat – nothing worse than not being able to eat 🙂

  16. Wowie-Kazowie you are beautiful. That really healed fast. Maybe I need to grow a moustache to hide MY scar. hehe.

  17. hello basil its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a verry kyoot nose i am glad it has heeld up nicely!!! thank yoo for koming to visit me i always like to mayk noo frends!!! my noo life coach mr nibbles the guinea pig sez hello too!!! ok bye

  18. You always looked beautiful silly!!

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