Man Down! Auction Up!

Well today the bidding wars officially begin for Leo the poorly kitty. Get over there are get in before all the bargains are gone! Whee just managed to sneak a little something in for you to big on but it was a close thing because one of us had a little accident last night . . .




Yes, the drama. Unfortunately Buddy and Basil had a little argument last night and one of them got hurt. It was poor little Basil (whee say poor but he is suspected of starting the fight in the first place) Usually they say that if they draw blood you must separate guinea pigs immediately but straight after they were cuddled up together with Buddy caring for Basil so Mummy decided it would do more harm than good to separate them.

Basil had what is a quite nasty deep cut which goes all the way through his lip and is a little over 1cm. Mummy called the out of hours vets last night in a bit of a panic for some advice. Whee have to keep it clean and let it heal on its own unless he shows signs of an infection. So whee are keeping a careful eye on him. Mummy is giving him some special food called critical care and probiotic water just to keep him going in case he is struggling to eat or drink. After the way he attacked veggies this morning whee think he is ok but Mummy is just being careful. This morning whee got a pigture so whee could show you guys the damage and believe it or not this is actually a hell of a lot better than it was last night!

Please send healing wheeks too Basil and he requests from his sickbed that you buy lots of things at the auction as it is for such a good cause.

Have a mellow Monday



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  1. Oh Basil!!!! You will look just as adorable with a scar as you did with your perfectly kissable lips believe me! I hope it heals up REAL quick with no infection or anything. You better behave yourself young man – getting in a fight is not the way for a guy to behave!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • He has been acting like a baby all morning. Trying to curl up in the palm of Mummy’s hand like he used to when he was little. Think he is feeling a bit sorry for himself! Such a naughty piggy. Mummy says he is the naughtiest piggy she has ever had. I’m glad she has chosen to forget my pillow destroying incident as a baby!


  2. Basil you look rather rakish with your scar…:-) But seriously hope you’re OK and that you and buddy are pals again xx

  3. Awwww Basil that is naughty,but get healed up quick,xx Speedy and mummy

  4. Awwww Basil!!! That is a nasty cut 😦 I am so glad that mummy is there to baby you to good health!!! And here is positive vibes that their spat is over with for good!!! ❀

  5. Please get well soon Basil – I’ll bet it’s invisible after a short while…hmmm… I’ve heard about catfights but piggiefights?

  6. Wow that is a nasty cut – but if anyone can pull it off you can pal!

  7. Oh Basil – that does look nasty! Heal quickly dear boy.

  8. Healing wheeks being sent!

  9. We hope you feel better Basil!

  10. Is this your Harrison Ford look, Basil? Haven’t had a piggy fight in a long time. Boys are fiercer, but girls fight forever. My sister has two sows that have been having an ongoing very slow fight for a year or two.

    • Oh dear. Whee don’t often fight. In fact Mummy has dealt with only two big arguments in seven years of piggies but this third one really takes the biscuit. She was quite upset as there was quite a lot of blood. Hopefully whee are all friends again now!


      • The worst fights we’ve ever had were among unrelated males, brothers usually have it worked out who is in-charge. My sister’s hand ended up in the middle of a fight which also resulted in two torn ears (one each). Worst fight ended with a pig who needed staples (on a major holiday when only emergency vets were open).

      • Gosh that’s awful. Whee had one open wound on Nibbles’s back when he and Nutty argued but this is the only other time there has been blood. The other time was a bit of fur stealing!

        Certainly keeping us on our toes!


  11. So Basil is starting a life of crime and has renamed himself Scarface?

  12. Poor piggie! Get better soon Basil! Xoxo

  13. Poor Basil! We will all love you even if you get a scar. It will make you look tough and dangerous.

    Love and healing licks,

  14. Good golly, 1cm is big on such a tiny little face. What can you do, there’s always sibling rivalry. Sending all my healing wishes Basil’s way and I hope the two of them remain friends hereafter. Poor wee thing!

  15. Poor Basil….hope you feel better soon!
    Purrs, Sundae

  16. Basil! My beautiful Basil! I’m sure it was a misunderstanding, an honourable duel or a fight to prevent something worse. Don’t worry Basil, just look after yourself and mend, the scar will make you more handsome.

  17. Poor little Basil! Hope he gets better soon!!!!!!! maybe some extra cuddles will help;) xoxo kirby andleah

  18. OH dear, well you know you’ll still be totally loved. I know from experience. I have a very similar scar in the EXACT same place. TRUE STORY, except I was bit by a very bad doggy.

  19. Tag you’re it come and Play with me!xx Speedy

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