A Furfriend In Need

Whee don’t often (see, ever!) ask for favours involving money but whee would very much appreciate if you could visit this page on the blog of our furfriend Savannah, on Savannah Paw Tracks. Her pawrents are foster caring for a cat charity and they have taken on the care of a very unwell kitty called Leo. Leo needs a lots of vet treatment which of course costs money. On the linked page you can see how to help and donate. They would so appreciate it. However much you can give will help.

It’s times like this whee remember how truly fortunate whee are and it also reminds Mummy to add to what she has nicknamed the ‘CC’ fund. (Cavy Curing Fund)

Illness, disease and accidents can strike at any time and all pet owners should have insurance or some money set aside to cover this. Too many times you read of very sick animals being given to shelters because the owner couldn’t not afford, or did not seek veterinary care quickly enough.

Now in comparison to most other pets whee are relatively cheap to treat when ill but if it is something serious (and with us it really is all-or-nothing!) then investigations to find the best course of action can be expensive. Just because whee are small and sometimes cruelly thought of as easily replaceable does not mean we are not entitled to care when sick. People are far to quick to give up. One vet trip, oh I’ll try some antibiotics . . . end of course and nothing has changed and they don’t go back. Why? What makes us less worthy?

This is a rant whee often have. If your animal is sick you get treatment whether they are horse or stick insect. Otherwise it is cruelty and illegal.

Right we went off on a tangent there but it really bugs us. Anywho, please visit Savvy’s blog and help her pawrents help her foster brother.

Also please give us your views on setting money aside and lack of love for small furries when sick.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


ps. Buddy has been up to mischief today which whee will tell you all about tomorrow!

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  1. you are the bestest cavy furriends a kitty can have!! You are so very kind to promote Leo’s great need. Thank you from me, Mom Linda, Dad Peter and Leo. And of course, I think it should be a crime for anyone to have an animal living with them and never bother taking them to get check ups and receive medical care when called for. But, too many peeps we know think it is a waste of money. Makes Mom and Dad so upset they usually can’t speak to that person again….sigh…paw hugs, Savvy

  2. That’s a lovely post boys – I’m sure Leo, Savvy and her parents will be most appreciative of any help people are able to extend for Leo’s care. I think that ALL animals deserve a chance – no matter what size or what kind or where they may be – if it’s within the power of we humans to do something in their time of need most especially receiving medical care, then we should. Sadly not everyone can afford to help as they wish but that doesn’t mean they are uncaring – just unable. There’s a big difference. Fortunately I’ve NEVER known someone who didn’t love their pet and sacrifice whatever it took to get medical attention when it was needed – they certainly wouldn’t be my FRIEND if they did. You’re good friends to try and help Leo!

    Pam (with Sam’s total agreement!)

    • Unfortunately Mummy can name three cases she knows of where small furrries didn’t get treatment they needed and because each of those cases were friends of hers or the family all she could do was advise. She even offered to pay and take one to the vet but some people won’t listen. Whee hear the phrase ‘it’s just a guinea pig’ far too many times. In the UK there is a charity called the PDSA who actually give free vet care to animals of people in poorer families. The cases whee know the people weren’t poor, they just did not care and that breaks Mummy’s heart.


  3. What a wonderful thing, posting for Leo. Well done. I truly hope that all works out well. Very glad to hear that you guys are well cared for. I agree, it doesn’t matter how big or small, all our creatures deserve our love and medical care when required.

  4. What a great idea to post for Savannah’s fosterkitty Leo. Hope Dr. Ellis can help him …

  5. I hope Leo’s health will improve! How nice of you to make this post! 🙂

  6. Such a lovely post xx

  7. Great post piggies and we are in agreement with you,xx Speedy and mum

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