Well you would not believe what I have been through! There have been many accusations over the past couple of days over the cause of a ‘smell’ around the living room. Mummy pointed out that the smell appeared most often when I was out of the cage. To my outrage I was the subjected to a sniff test where all the hoomans stuck their hooters in my direction and sniffed loudly.

Buddy, of course found this hilarious but I was appalled. Such treatment did things to a little chaps ego. Mummy declared I would be having a B.A.T.H. I did not know what this was but now I do, I can assure you that these things must be avoided at all costs. Soaking me and covering me in some fancy stinky shampoo is really going to damage my reputation.

So what if I am fluffier, brighter, and whiter at the end of this? (below are my after bath pigtures, I look at bit stunned after meeting the hair drier for the first time – its a monster!)

How will I ever recover my dignity?!

Basil – The Bashful Piggy


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  1. But you’re SOOOOO cute!!!

  2. I’m with you-I hate the ‘b’ word. You don’t have much fur-I have to undergo the ‘g’ (for grooming) also.

  3. Do not let the hoomans know that guinea pigs can swim and that it’s really cute to watch.

    You are super duper handsome though Basil. If you were a boy pig in my herd the “B.A.T.H.” comes with the automatic condition — a given — that you would also have a certain unmentionable part of your anatomy carefully cleaned out to deal with clogged up scent glands.

    If it is any consolation, Annie and Wentworth are due for baths just as soon as their babies are born and Annie isn’t nursing anymore.

    Whatever you do, don’t ever get mites, that requires baths every day or every other day to make the itchies stop (after the vet gives you the first of several shots).

    • I have had hay mites before. Not fun!

      As for my boarly bits . . . Mummy does a special bum bath every couple of wheeks with cotton wool. It’s horrible! The humiliation!


  4. We think you look so gorgeous now! However, please don’t tell our Mom about that B.A.T.H. stuff!!!

  5. Basil! What a turn of events! I have been through a bath or two (or fifty). They are heinous. And you endured the dryer as well?? You have earned some extra special treats and cuddles!

    Love and licks,

  6. Poor baby! You smell so good now though. I can smell it through the computer!

  7. Oh basil you clean up really well. I think the ladies will like the cleaner you.

  8. I bet you smell so awesome, cute too

  9. Dude the ladies will love for it,xx Speedy

  10. Basil we have entered into an agreement with our dad in order to secure couch privileges…we have to be b.a.t.h.e.d more often so that we are clean and couch “friendly”…the things we have to endure to keep our hoomans happy!
    Wally & Sammy

  11. The end result is glorious but the experience must have been traumatic! Bet you’re getting even more human cuddles now though 😉

  12. No I didn’t know guinea pigs were subjected to such torture too!!

  13. Basil I have to admit that you look fluffier after your first ever bath AND now that the trauma of the event is over with, I bet you even FEEL better don’t you?! Just think – no more having to pass the “sniff test” either…nothing worse than a hooman nose getting a bit TOO CLOSE for comfort!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. Basil that smell could NEVER have been you!

  15. I hate this bath-torture… but you look beautiful now… I know, you are always beautiful and I’ve never seen a piggy like you :o)

  16. I feel your pain Basil, I had the Bword 😦

  17. Oh you poor, dear thing! What have those humans done to you. You do look adorable though and I’m sure they’ll be giving you lots of loves and attention to make up for it. PS, if you know of anyone else who could vote for Pixels, your help would be greatly appreciated. Horror of horrors, she’s dropped down to 4th place and voting ends at midnight (Fri 19th – South Africa time).

  18. You’re very brave Basil. I am used to the hair dryer now but to a little fellow like you it must be very scary. Just one word of advice – don’t go near the vacuum cleaner those things can suck and you would definitely need a bath if you ended up in it’s belly.
    PS: This advice is not through experience

  19. You look gorgeous. Bath time can be great fun for you and a great excuse to get more treats as a reward.

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