Cavy Caption Contest – Watching & Waiting!

Hiya guys, well whee have another pigture for you to caption. It’s from when whee were  playing in the garden. You’ll notice how bootiful I look having my portrait done but who is that nosy piggy in the next door run?




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  1. Nibbles, you do indeed look gorgeous 😉 We think the nosey parker might be Basil?

  2. ” Ever had the feeling your being watched? ” Looking gorgeous Nibbles xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I’m so bootiful I cast shadows over the competition.

  4. “I know my brother Basil’s got my back……literally!”

  5. “Basi, does this light make my butt look big?”

    • “You’re butt always looks big, that’s why I got in this pigture to give efurryone something nice to look at” Basil

      *gasps in shock* “Go to your hutch and think about what you have said young piggy.” Nibbles

  6. “Mooning Basil”

  7. “Don’t look now but the curtain twitchers are looking” xx Speedy

  8. Nibbles quit looking at the camera all seductively!

  9. “Pardon me… But, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

  10. “pssst, Nibbles……over here, I’m cute, I want to be in the pigture too”

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