Let The Sun Shine!

Finally, Summer might be here! Whee had snow on Thursday but today Mummy said it was warm enough for us to play in the garden. Whee were so excited. It did take a little while to set up (those of you with us for a long time may remember when the car exploded outside our house and scared everyone. well there was still glass from it on the patio so Mummy cleaned it before whee were allowed out)

Whee had so much fun. Whee just love Summer sun and whee have been coming up with competitions and fun things to do this year. It’s going to be great. Anyway, here is me enjoying the sun.

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I love running around and playing. What’s your favourite thing to do when the sun comes out?




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  1. Wow — Sunshine AND green grass? Sounds wonderful. Sigh. We’re expecting more snow tomorrow (9 to 13 inches). Spring is a slow-poke here. Enjoy your afternoon outside!

  2. We’re already getting sunburned.

  3. Basil, my purrsonal favorite thing to does on a hot sunny day is to roll in the dirt!!!

  4. So pleased that you can get some sunshine. One of the lovely things about living in OZ is that we get sunshine most of the year. In the winter we can get a little more rain but Spring is really our rainy time. Sometimes the winter sunny days are much nicer than the summer sunny days which can get very hot for a dog with a lot of fluff.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  5. Yay for sunshine! When the sun comes out here, it’s usually too hot to do anything unless it involves water or staying in the air conditioner!

  6. It was lovely yesterday, I helped Daddy in the garden, first Sunday wez been able to get out there 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. It’s taken a while to get here!! Looks like you had so much fun though that it was almost worth the wait!

  8. I like to roll in the dirt. (Especially after Mom just paid to have me groomed, makes it more fun that way) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  9. It was quite nice here yesterday too Basil but today is WONDERFUL! It’s almost 80 which is quite warm……Mom and I were out early this morning and she’s taken me out two times since – I had a bit of a lie-in on the front porch in the sun AND ate a bit of fresh green grass just like you guys did! Enjoy your Spring……I’m SO HAPPY it’s finally here!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Hi Basil…Savannah here. And I luvluvluv my sun puddles of course. We will be in the 80’sF later this week. We have been leaving screen doors open and I like to get the interesting whiffies. Paw pats, Savannah

  11. oh I can’t wait to go outside to play. My favourite thing is to ride my bike.

  12. Mummy and me had fun in the garden on saturday as it was warm and sunny but not yesterday or today,you look like you had a lot of fun!xx Speedy

  13. It was beautiful here too !! And a car exploded ???! Wow!

  14. Lovely weather we are in our element finally being out rather than in x

  15. It’s still chilly here. 😦

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