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Ok, so today whee posted out the prizes for our Easter contest (you should get them soon!) and whee really want to share our Easter photoshoot pigtures but for some reason whee have had issues with wordpress. Anywho, here they are, finally! Enjoy!

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Please bear in mind Nutty was still a little under the weather so not looking his best. Though he has only a few days on antibiotics left now and then he is better. He seems to be back to normal so fingers crossed that is and end of it!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



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  1. Awww such great photos! I wish I could photograph Nibblet that well!

  2. The piggies look so sweet. I hope Nutty gets well soon. My piggies are still on a long vacation at my mum’s because I have been so poorly with a chest infection and then I pulled some rib muscles. I miss them so much and can’t wait to see them again.

  3. So pretty. Those are very springy, sweet pictures. Get well soon, Nutty. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  4. So pleased to hear that Nutty appears to be well again. It was a worrying time in one so small.

  5. Get well soon, Nutty!

  6. Great pigtures,yay for Nutty!

  7. What a great (and funny) collection of Easter photographs. I’d agree – you owe them big time for that! Glad to hear that Nutty is getting better.

    • Hehehe yep, whee were fidget bottoms through. It took Mummy ages to get shots that weren’t blurs or bottoms disappearing round corners! Definitely have a big blooper reel!


  8. What a great Easter photoshoot guys! You all look quite Springy and happy – even poor Nutty who’s had a lot to deal with…..I do hope you got some treats for being so good posting for your Mummy! Thanks for brightening up my day……

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. So it’s a wheek late-it’s still good.

    • Thank you! On a side note, our Mummy saw a doggy like you today and the owner was really impressed that she knew he wasn’t a husky! His name was Bear, like teddy bear and apparently he was a soppy fluffy doggy! Obviously not as cute as you but nice all the same! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Del the Cosmopolitan Piggie (wearily typing in sunny, ahem Swanley, Kent!)

    Good evening all, it’s Del the Cosmopolitan Piggie here, just wishing to reply to your wonderful site and blogs, on behalf of my owner and my G-Pig friend Phoebe. My owner and I were having a quick flick through the latest Small Furry’s Magazine Edition and spotted your owner Amy’s intriguing Article, about her four G-Pigs and her health problems (NEAD). We don’t recall hearing of that condition before but we were really touched when reading her incredible story, she sounds like a very kind, clever and brave lady! You are lucky to have an owner like Amy! I’m lucky to have my owner too, who is also very much like yours but she is a pain in the a*** too, at times! You see, my owner who is known as Tilley, well, she has a condition called Aspergers Syndrome. This means that she is on the Autism Spectrum, but towards the more intellectually capable end. She is very bright and talented but, she does have a high level of Anxiety most of the time and suffers from Depression, OCD and IBS. She gets tired and frustrated easily, finds concentrating for an hour or more difficult (unless it is an area of particular interest to her) and she never stops talking! Anyway, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much, I shall retreat to the boudoir now as it’s around 3AM and we are trying to get up at 7 to be out the door by around 9AM, A VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TASK, LOL!!! Take care now, all the best, oh and, SPEEDY RECOVERY FOR DEAREST NUTTY (YOU’RE A TRUE HARD NUT SO I HAVE PLENTY OF FAITH IN YOU) & HAPPY BELATED EASTER YOU GORGEOUS G-PIGS, YOU’VE GOT THE G-FORCE, BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!………… P.S~ Me thinks my owner saw an article about Amy and a G-Pig Dating/Adoption Website in her local newspaper sometime last year. My owner ofte reads the Kent Messenger (for the Dartford area) and cut the Article out as the Guineas looked sooo cute and it interested her very much. She thought that it was a fabulous way of completing a Media College Course and yet, helping raise the issue of the many abandoned and unloved (but lovely and cuddly) G-Pigs needing new, much more loving homes. We both agree that Amy deserves to go far as she is a saviour to lonely Guineas and Owners everywhere, HERE, HERE, FOR SHE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW AND SO SAY ALL OF US (Phoebe AGRHEEKS too!)!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Whee piggies are great therapy for hoomans and help them so much. Where would they be without us!

      Yes, you would have seen Mummy in the Kent Messenger, she enjoys doing things for animals so she has no doubt she will be in it again with another harebrained scheme!

      Whee hope you will follow and keep wheeking to us. Whee really love hearing from reader, especially with such wonderful, touching stories as yours.

      Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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