Mummy’s Boys?

Would you like to star in a video? Whee decided, maybe three minutes ago now, that whee would like to make a Mother’s Day video. Whee are just picking a song now.

So what does this have to do with you? Well whee are asking you to please send a pigture of you to . You can include a little message for your Mummy if you would like to and whee may include some.

Whee particularly want group pigtures or pigtures with your hoomans or just you looking adorable. Maybe even causing trouble you know your Mummy will forgive.

By entering it here you are giving us permission to use it in our video which whee do plan to put on youtube.

Please get them to us by midday tomorrow to give us time to work on it. Whee know it is short notice!

Thank you and Happy Mothers Day.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

ps. Whee have finished our little break now and are back for good. After the sad loss of our Mummy’s Granny whee were struggling to come on here but whee really are back now!

pps. It has just been pointed out that not all of you will celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow like us but you are all welcome to join in anyway. Any excuse to pamper the hoomans and improve the treat chances!

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  1. You are so creative

  2. Me and Nellie are sad to read of you mummy’s loss, but We are glad you are all back.

  3. Hi guys, so pleased to see you back 🙂 but there’s no way we will be able to get a photo into you on time..Sorry..We are all most banished from the computer for Mothers day..You have a wonderful one :)xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. We are happy to see you back. Hope you are recovering from your loss. Snuggling should help.

    Love and licks,

    • Snuggling is of course the only way to deal with anything. They are out of coffee . . . have a snuggle. It’s raining . . . . have a snuggle, it won’t keep you dry while you fetch our hay in from the shed but whee might feel like whee have helped anyway!


  5. Wo relieved to hear you are back, had to check up on your blog earlier today to see if we’d been missing your posts. A very sad time but relieved you all feel up to putting on a show again. Good luck with the video – what a lovely idea 😉

    • Thank you and its good to be back. Whee are just hoping whee have battled through all the bad stuff this year with Mummy’s illness and Nutty’s illness and now Granny. Bad thing come in threes so whee have had our share now!


  6. I guess Mother’s day in the UK is soon. Here it is the second Sunday of May. Do US canines get to pawticipate?

  7. So sorry for you loss but I’m glad you’re back xx
    I’ve sent you a pic, hope its not too late!

  8. I am so sorry for you loss. Keep your chin up. We love your blog and I am sending you lots of wheeks, hugs and xxxx

  9. Or…………..we could share your video on OUR Mother’s Day in May 🙂

  10. OMD I am so sorry!! We forgot to say we are sorry for your loss too ((((hugs))))

  11. We’re sorry about Granny also. You didn’t say how the piggies were doing.
    I don’t do hooman pictures-They crack the camera lens.

  12. I’ve missed you all like crazy. I’m so sorry or your loss and send you my condolences. XOXO – Bacon

  13. So sorry about your Granny. We have been thinking of you.

  14. Hi Piggies I’m so glad you are back,Mummy and me have missed you all!we are sorry about you granny but we are glad that you and your family are ok,I have sent you a pigture too for you video,xx your pal Speedy

  15. Sorry to hear about Mummy’s Granny, but glad to hear you are back!

  16. My condolences to your Mom. What a hard time. Glad you are back though. Sadly, I’ve only managed to get onto the bloggie today, so I’m too late to join in the fun video – what a cool idea though.

  17. Oh piggies you have been missed but now we know why we haven’t seen you! So very sorry about your Mummy’s grandmother….Hopefully now that your Mum is better, Nutty’s better and life is settling back down we will see more of you – you’ve surely been missed. I have a photo of me and my Mom that I can send……I do love my Mom like you guys love yours. Where would we be without them?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

  18. Sorry to hear about your mum’s grandmother. 😦

  19. *hugs to your mum* I am so sorry for your loss. Glad to have you back piggies. Happy mum’s day to you.

  20. I feel sorry for your mom’s granny – that’s so sad. Please give your mom a hug from me.
    I will send you a pigture-of course ;o)

  21. So sorry to hear of your mummy’s loss. I know that you are giving her lots of love and support! Welcome back too!

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