Why Can’t WordPress Feel The Love Tonight?!

Ok. Now this one had better work. Believe it on not furfriends this is a third attempt to post! Our first try was a funny little story about Basil. Our second try was a slight strained attempt at a humorous story about Basil. Now whee are on the third try and not feeling funny but whee will do our best.

*deep calming breath*

So, today I thought I had fallen in love. Love at first sniff. Cuddled on Mummy while watching the morning cartoons is one of my favourite things to do but this time was different. As soon as I was in her arms I could smell it.

The overwhelming aroma of luuuuurve! I snuffled around getting more excited by the minute. Had my hoomans gotten me a Valentine gift. Another piggy (male or female, I wasn’t fussy!)?

My excitment was throughly squashed though when Mummy laughed and explained that it was Nutty I could smell. No new piggy. Suddenly I felt rather embarassed by my outburst. My squeaking and purring and popcorning and snuffling seemed a bit much. It did feel a little over the top now that I thought about it.
“I knew that.” I wheeked at Mummy, “I was just admiring the texture of your dress.”
She kept laughing till she put me back. The cheek of it.

I mean whee all make mistakes sometimes. Help me feel less alone. What has been your biggest/most embarrassing mistake ever?


Ps. With WordPress being awkward whee aren’t going to risk trying to add the pigture whee had so please forgive us for that!

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  1. Once, I begged Her for my dinner not realizing that He already had it for me in my dish. Was my face ever red. I should have inhaled the dinner in my dish and THEN begged for more.

  2. I was a rookie back in August when I first got started in blogging with WordPress. My best friend is a guru at such things and was instrumental in getting me to start blogging. I respect his free time so I worked my way through learning to do things myself. I’m a fast learner as I’m a computer guru and photography guru. I’m sure you’ll learn with time and there are lots of experienced bloggers willing to help. Hang in there & just have fun. I’ve never felt more free to express myself.

  3. I (Wally) once tried to lift my leg to…you know…have a whizz and I fell over. I’ve never tried again.
    Wally & Sammy

  4. Oh Basil I guess we’ve all been embarrassed a time or two – I daresay your Mummy may have been too (but don’t EMBARRASS her by asking!)……as for me? I suppose I was rather embarrassed when I was at the V-E-T with my Mom a few years ago and horked up my breakfast on his exam table. Honest! I didn’t MEAN to! It just HAPPENED!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Nibbles ALWAYS embarrasses Mummy at the vet. Pooping, peeing, farting, biting, clawing, chewing, snapping at and intimidating. It is a wonder they don’t give him a restraining order. He could seriously end up being the only piggy to be banned from a vets!


  5. Were you having trouble with paid WordPress or regular? We use Free WordPress and didn’t have any trouble…well, at least not YET!

  6. hmm….probably when I was little and I pooped in class! I was busting and when you gotta go well you gotta go!

  7. ….where to begin… I confused my waterbowl with moms glass – unfortunately it was Schweppes inside -uuuh that was bitter…I had to sneeze for hours….

  8. Oh dear, I definitely know the feeling with attempting multiple posts and comments. Hope it all works out soon. Poor Basil, having his mistakes displayed to everyone in blogosphere. At least when I make mine, I can keep them as quiet as possible.

  9. I get a little shy sometimes,xx Speedy

  10. I looooooove guinea pigs. Unfortunately, we lost ours two weeks ago. She was 8 years old.

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